Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1400 - Report, Complete

Chapter 1400: Report, Complete

The morning exercises of the military school were organized into teams. As they listened to the morning exercise commands, they jogged to the designated location of the various classes in an orderly manner. Then, the students on duty checked their attire, counted the number of people, and ran into the field.

When Ye Jian arrived at the gathering location, she quickly counted the number of people. As teams came one after another, the entire Class Three gathered in three minutes. There should be 46 people in attendance. There are 46 people!

“Dress right dress!” Ye Jian, who was standing at the front, commanded loudly. As the sound of friction between the shoes and the ground was heard, the entire class had finished assembling. She walked to the right of the first row and started leading the team into the venue.

The sun had already risen. It was only morning but the heat waves were already blowing on them. Class after class, they entered the huge field.

As the on-duty students shouted their slogans, all the classes gathered and straightened their backs facing the morning sun. After the on-duty students reported the number of people to their leaders, the thirty-minute morning exercise began.

“One, two, one, two, one, two, three!” The uniform and monotonous voice of the command sounded throughout the field. The students in their sports attire and shorts started their morning exercises.

The wide field was filled with youthful figures. The grand chants were like huge waves that poured down from the sky, spreading across the entire military school with a grand and majestic aura.

Their hearts pounded furiously. They felt the different kind of morning exercise. Their orderly steps seemed to have the power to destroy everything. The strictness of the cadets and the might of the cadets could be seen from the morning exercise.

After thirty minutes of morning exercises, it was breakfast time. The senior brothers and sisters from the second, third, and fourth years had their breakfast and returned to their classrooms for lessons. However, the freshmen couldn’t. They still had their morning training.

Just like what their fourth-year senior brother said, their hard life had just begun!

The sun was shining brightly on the field. The heat was so strong that it burned their faces and arms. Everyone stood still under the scorching sun.

The instructor in charge of line-up training walked past every student and corrected the students’ incorrect positions.

“Did you eat too much breakfast? Suck your tummy in!”

“Your legs need to be 60 degrees apart. But they’re at least 70 degrees here. Do you not remember the military stance? Recite it again. You, you, and you are the same!”


The students’ bodies tensed up when they were called. They straightened their backs and rectified the military stance. “Toes 60 degrees apart, heels together. Calves straight, lower abdomen slightly tucked. Chest out, shoulders back. Arms naturally hanging, head upright. Neck straight, mouth closed. Eyes look forward. Report, completed!”

“It’s not orderly. Again!”

“Yes!” Without a word of refutation, they immediately recited it again.

The instructor walked to the front and stood beside the model soldier, Ye Jian. He shouted in a cold voice, “There’s a model soldier in front. Those who don’t know how to stand or feel tired, raise your eyes and look at the soldier!”

“As long as you can stand like her, you don’t have to come tomorrow!”

The model soldier, Ye Jian, stood facing the entire class. Under the sunlight, she maintained her military posture even after an hour. The students at the front saw sweat flowing into her eyes. She didn’t move. She just blinked lightly.

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