Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1404 - Other Than Top Students, Still Top Students

Chapter 1404: Other Than Top Students, Still Top Students

“There’s a trick, but it’s very difficult.” Ye Jian remembered the trick Principal Chen taught her when she was doing military postures. She said to He Jing, “Prepare some paper as thick as poker cards. I will tell you the trick tonight.”

There were only three girls in the class. All of them had good personalities and were excellent students. Although Ye Jian only interacted with them for a week, their friendship had already been established.

The boys who were closer to them naturally heard it too. They rubbed their faces and looked at each other. No matter what… they couldn’t lose to the girls! They need to practice more tonight.

The whistle sounded once again. The freshmen finally made it to lunch.

When it was time to eat, even the instructors couldn’t delay it. This was because the military school had a rule that there would be no food after mealtime was up!

Hence, the instructors couldn’t delay their mealtime.

After dismissal, the students from Class Three could finally head to the cafeteria. They walked quickly, afraid that if they were late… the meat would be gone and all that would be left was the vegetables and the soup.

Every step the boys took, they could hear their stomachs rumbling. Then, the other classes rushed over from all directions like long dragons and headed for their destination.

With a ‘mark time’ command, on-duty student Ye Jian stopped moving forward and started the slogan training.

The slogan training during mealtimes was the time when Ye Jian wanted to laugh the most. To enter the cafeteria earlier, the slogan was shouted with all their might. The instructor once said that the mealtime slogan was ‘shouted with all your life’. It was true.

They were all shouting with their lives. At that moment, the slogan-shouting outside the cafeteria got louder and louder.

This was the military school student’s mealtime. From the first year to the last year when they graduate, it would be the same.

Thereafter, when Ye Jian came back to her alma mater after graduating for a long time, she looked at the young faces that already emitted soldier-like auras and said to the guards beside her, “Every time I come in, I will immediately take a look at the dishes. I will choose which dishes I want to eat, which dishes look good, which dishes I don’t think I can snatch… I still remember fighting for the dishes for four years in military school.”

The sun rose and set. Ye Jian passed the eighth day of school. Her life was so fulfilling that she felt like a fish in water. She got used to her military school life earlier than any other of her classmates.

At night, all the students were dressed neatly and had to wear their military caps. Their belts had to be tied properly and every button had to be buttoned properly… If they were not properly dressed, once the officers saw them and their name was announced, it would definitely be tragic.

The classroom was quiet too. There wasn’t a single teacher on the podium. No, it should be said that they hadn’t seen any teachers guarding the classroom at night. They just followed the rules.

Those who could enter the military school were either top students or top students. Their memory was outstanding. They remembered the thick book of rules and regulations very quickly. At the end, they closed their books and recited the rules, Pass!

He Jing didn’t plan much for herself tonight. She still needed to ask Ye Jian for the military posture trick.

It was also forbidden to walk around the campus at night. Of course, if it was to get additional training, you wouldn’t have to worry about being caught.

“Put the book on your head. When we’re standing, don’t we need to lean forward slightly and place gravity on our forefoot? When your forefoot step on the stairs and your hindfoot are suspended in the air, do you feel that your center of gravity is leaning forward?” Ye Jian demonstrated. “Give me the paper you prepared.”

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