Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 135 - Radiating Brilliant Lights

Chapter 135: Radiating Brilliant Lights

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On the 17th of July, the 15-day closed-door enhanced training was over. In that evening, led by the teachers of the Provincial No.1 Middle School, 12 students headed to the capital city.

None of the students had visited the capital of their country before… From the 19th to the 23rd of July, the five-day, extremely-difficult exams were held before the excitement of the students subsided.

It was not until they arrived here did they realize that while every province sent the eighth and ninth grade students to take the exams, the top schools in the capital city sent both junior and senior high students.

After the first day, four of the 12 students from the township middle school were out of the competition. Three more were out on the second day, and two more on the third day. In the end, only Ye Jian, Ye Ying, and Gao Yiyang remained in the contest.

The atmosphere in the exam room was rather tense. After four days of a series of challenges including the written exams, oral exams, and vying to answer questions, Ye Jian, who was usually calm, had sweat in her palms.

But whenever it was her turn to accept the challenges, she would stand straight and stare at her rivals with composure in her eyes, and then she would answer the teachers’ questions swiftly.

There were 14 teachers of physics, chemistry, and math in the exam room. Each of them had gained the title of ‘National Outstanding Teacher’. They took turns to quiz the students.

The exams were not held one subject after another! It was an exam combined with all subjects!

“Correct answer!”

“Correct answer!”

“Correct answer!”

Every time Ye Jian gave consecutive answers, the voices of the invigilators sounded especially loud. After 16 challenges, this pretty girl with a pair of intelligent eyes ranked at the first place with 100% accuracy!

She even outperformed the two senior high students who participated in the Science Olympiad three years ago!

Undoubtedly, Gao Yiyang was rather brilliant. His accuracy rate was among the top three junior high students. On the contrary, Ye Ying made frequent mistakes in the session of the combined exam.

“Wrong answer. Three wrong answers in a row. Ye Ying of the Fujun Town of Southern Province, out.”

After 30 minutes of vying to answer, Ye Ying sat in the exam room, pale-faced. Without blinking, she stared at Ye Jian who was competing against the seven students of the top schools in the capital city.

She eliminated a student easily. When an English teacher asked her questions, she answered like a native English speaker without any pause!

She really could speak English! Damn it! How come Ye Ying had never known that!

Every teacher in presence smiled approvingly… at Ye Jian!

They were smiling at that wicked girl who she had always looked down on!

Her sharp nails pierced into her palms, but Ye Ying did not feel the pain. All she could feel was that… Ye Jian was so brilliant standing on that podium. How she wished she could get rid of her!

How could an orphan girl stand here and get the attention of all the teachers and win the appreciation of everyone?!

If not for Ye Jian, she could definitely pass the exam!

It was her! It was the damned Ye Jian who had given her tremendous pressure, making her fail consequently!

After answering the English teacher’s questions on the podium, Ye Jian smiled. The perseverance and confidence in her smile attracted the attention of everyone in an instant.

“Her memory exceeds every student at present. We have no reason to stop an outstanding student from going abroad. Ye Jian from the Fujun Town Middle School of Southern Province has qualified.” After a brief discussion among the senior teachers, the first student who qualified for the next round was from the rural mountains rather than from the capital city.

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