Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 134 - You Should Not Move Around

Chapter 134: You Should Not Move Around

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Hunching, Ye Jian crawled into the room calmly through the window which had no wired fence. Gawked by the dumbstruck Liao Jian, she bent over to pick up the camera.

During the process, Ye Jian didn’t talk to him at all. After picking up the camera, she stepped on the desk and jumped downwards with her back hunched. Just like that, she disappeared from the room.

Eyeballs frozen, Liao Jian didn’t move at all until she jumped from the window. Shuddering, he came to himself and sped to the desk. Hands resting on the desk, he looked down and saw Ye Jian waving at him under the road lamp…

Liao Jian’s face became pale. He shrank his neck and dared not look any longer. Bang! He reached out his shaking hands to close the window. He collapsed to the ground alongside the desk.

Jumping from the seventh floor… How did Ye Jian do that?!

And how did she climb to the seventh floor from the first floor in the blink of an eye?!

An unprecedented fear pervaded the air in an instant. Liao Jian had already regretted his promise with Ye Ying. He came all the way to the Provincial No.1 Middle School to spy on a person out of his league!

He must return to the town tomorrow. He must not let Ye Jian find him again!

Downstairs, Ye Jian said something to Xia Jinyuan. Glancing at the window that had no trace of light, and with a bit of fierceness in his thin lips, Xia Jinyuan said in a deep voice, “Your sister is up to something. Ye Jian, if you suspect that she is doing this to prevent you from qualifying in the competition, you must be careful in the school!”

He had witnessed the feud among girls. Their tricks were unpredictable and they fought against each other stealthily!

The next day, Ye Ying stared at the camera on her desk while she was sitting in the classroom. Although there was a feigned calm look on her palm-sized small face, her trembling eyelashes betrayed her emotion.

“I’m sorry that your thing is broken. Please do explain to Liao Jian when you meet him.” said Ye Jian in a cold voice. Her pure eyes stayed on Ye Ying, who kept her head low due to guilt. “I assume Liao Jian would not ask me to compensate him if it is you who return this broken item to him.”

Lightly, Ye Ying closed her eyes. As she raised her eyes, there was a shadow in them. “Return it to whomever you took it from. What do you mean by handing it to me? Go away! I need to study!”

“I want to return it to Liao Jian in person. However, I don’t think he dares to see me at this moment after he experienced a scary night. But he would definitely come to you.”

Ye Jian gently knocked her fingers on the desk. Her calm tone revealed the indistinct chill that made Ye Ying’s heart palpitate. “If you don’t want any accidents before the exams, Ye Ying, you’d better behave.”

It was evident from the icy look on her face that she was threatening Ye Ying. With her heart beating, Ye Ying bit her lower lip without saying a word.

Meanwhile, she felt relieved.

Luckily, they both needed to take the exams. Otherwise, the wicked girl would have avenged her.

Realizing that Liao Jian was an unreliable helper, Ye Ying cursed at him furiously and smashed the camera, which was worth thousands of RMB.

Liao Jian intended to warn her about Ye Jian. However, after being lashed out at by her, Liao Jian just wanted to slap her in the face angrily. So, he left without saying anything.

He will not warn her! If she is capable, she can get it done on her own!

After the accident, Ye Ying dared not play any tricks anymore.

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