Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 133 - Flirting Is A Delight

Chapter 133: Flirting Is A Delight

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Since the car could not drive to the back gate of the school, it stopped under a residential building. In the sealed vehicle, the breathing sounds of the two people were clearly audible after the engine halted.

Ye Jian unlocked the car and jumped off. Smiling at Xia Jinyuan who was seated in the car, she said, “Nice try, Captain Xia. Bye.”

Similar to all the other top schools of the province, the Provincial No.1 Middle School was surrounded by tall residential buildings. Built in the 1980s, the rows of seven-story-high buildings behind the back gate were only one-meter-or-so away from each other.

Every night, Xia Jinyuan stopped his car here and walked Ye Jian into the school. Tonight was no exception.

While Ye Jian was smiling, he got off the car elegantly and closed the door. Leaning against the car, he looked at the girl whose facial features were obscure under the road lamps. A sexy curve formed on his thin lips. “Not even a hug before the farewell?”

“We had enough hugs on the training field. Don’t you remember, Captain Xia?” She also knew how to flirt.

Even a dolt would learn how to flirt after being with him for a few days! As Ye Jian was smiling brightly, there was a sly implication in her eyes. “We will have numerous chances to hug in the capital city.”

The girl was getting increasingly eloquent. It seemed like he must stop teasing her now… Otherwise, he would become pissed if she was good at flirting with other boys.

During the summer vacation, these old-fashioned, seven-story-high residential buildings from the 1980s were only lit with a few lights. The rest of them were covered in darkness.

The two of them walked past several residential buildings. Almost at the same time, they both looked in the same direction.

With a bit of coldness in her eyes, Ye Jian said to him, “It’s not very far. I can walk over there by myself.” It wasn’t a nice feeling to be stared at for several nights consecutively.

“You want to go up there alone and have a look?” Xia Jinyuan didn’t stop. Nor did he agree to leave her here. “If you want to go up, I can accompany you.”

“I do. I want to ask if she/he is tired after staring at us for several nights.” Ye Jian giggled. Suddenly, with a fierce and sharp look in her eyes, she glared at a window lit with a desk lamp.

Behind the window, someone was so scared that his hand shuddered. He pulled down the curtain, grabbed the water glass on the desk and sipped a mouthful of the water.

So scary! The murderous look in Ye Jian’s eyes was so cold and fierce that his heart was about to jump out.

About three minutes later, the person who was shocked patted his chest lightly to calm himself down. Again, he pulled up the curtain gently.

He was about to raise the camera in his hands to record the man and woman coming back after taking their walk at night.

A gap opened beneath the curtain. Under the light of the desk lamp, he saw a face pressed close to the window from the outside. “Ah!!”

Holding the camera, Liao Jian screamed in horror as if he had seen a ghost. In the end, he couldn’t save the camera in his hands. Bam! It dropped to the ground. He wondered if it was broken.

The window was open completely. Ye Jian hopped lightly and stood on the balcony.

As she pulled opened the curtain, she saw Liao Jian leaning against the wall and staring outside in fear. An imported camera lay beside his foot.

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