Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 132 - Shouts of the Youths

Chapter 132: Shouts of the Youths

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The young soldiers were sweating on the training field to strengthen their physiques, waiting to serve their country one day!

The moment Ye Jian stepped onto this formidable and enthusiastic ground, she became a completely different person.

Even her eyes were brimmed with the fierceness which a soldier should possess. She liked this place.

She liked the fulfillment when she put on training clothes and climbed over obstacles and crossed through layers of wired fences with other soldiers!

She liked sweating on the training field and drinking, laughing, crying and bleeding with the soldiers!

As the saying goes, armies are to be maintained in the course of long years but to be used in the nick of time. If you never approach the world of the young soldiers, you won’t know how they train in the usual days and how they race against time.

The soldiers, dressed in training clothes and forming a circle, were sitting on the training field. Xia Jinyuan was also one of the spectators. He was watching a girl who dared to wrestle against a soldier from Inner Mongolia.

There was a faint smile in his profound and black eyes. He was concentrating on the girl.

He had seen the contents of Ye Jian’s training, which was comprised of five parts: the first one was the weapon sergeant training, the second was the engineering sergeant training, the third was the communication sergeant training, the fourth was the commander training, and the fifth… was the medical sergeant training.

The reasons why the medical sergeant training was the last stage were that Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen were not good at it, and it’s hard to absorb in a short time.

Currently, the weapon sergeant training was the priority for Ye Jian. She should learn the functions of light weapons at home and abroad.

Pistols, semi-automatic rifles, machine guns, mortars, anti-tank weapons, and anti-aircraft weapons were included.

She would also receive training on tactics, indirect firepower attacks and the use of portable anti-aircraft weapons. Such dangerous, special A-rated training as weapons and bombs assembly and disassembly were also included.

And the sniper training was subordinated with the first part of her training program. Hence, by far, Ye Jian performed the best in this part.

A week’s worth of pair exercise had made Xia Jinyuan figure out Ye Jian’s abilities. As Principal Chen had said, she had reached a fine level in every aspect, except for her strength.

So, he avoided the first part of her training plan, trying to enhance Ye Jian’s battle performance as much as possible in this week.

Meanwhile, he would tell her how to observe, defend, and fight in non-traditional battles (assassinations).

As the night approached, the deafening shouts from the training field faded. After the warm-up, Ye Jian participated in the training with Xia Jinyuan’s instructions.

Just like the previous six nights, it was already ten in the evening when Ye Jian walked out of the training field of the provincial military base. As she returned to the Provincial No.1 Middle School and went back to her dormitory from the back gate, it was eleven o’clock.

“Survival, escape, defense and dodging are more than tactics, they can also be used in battle,” said Xia Jinyuan in a stern and cold voice. In his combat uniforms, Xia Jinyuan seemed formidable and sharp like a sword. Even his dark eyes were fierce. With stability, he drove around a big bend. “Try to absorb what I have taught you in the last seven days. I will test you when you come to the capital city.”

“I will do that. When are you leaving tomorrow?” said Ye Jian in a serious tone while nodding lightly.

She asked that out of courtesy. After instructing her painstakingly for seven nights, he was about to leave tomorrow.

“Why? You want to see me off?” Smiling, Xia Jinyuan glanced at her. He was not used to the girl being polite to him. “If that’s your plan, I’m afraid you can’t go back to school tonight.”

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