Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 131 - An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 131: An Eye For An Eye

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It seemed that no one could figure out what kind of a person Xia Jinyuan was. He was terrifyingly mysterious but was also very sincere at the same time.

He always had ways to make others comply with him willingly and happily. Nevertheless, in an instant, he could alienate himself from them again.

Facing this man who could control all his emotions easily, Ye Jian said to herself, “What a headache!”

With the remnant temperature from his fingertip on her nose tip, Ye Jian smiled without changing her expression. “Excuse me, but I do not have any messy thoughts. First, I don’t have time for it. Second, I am young and innocent. Third, I must keep a distance from men, just as you told me, Captain Xia.”

“Captain Xia, you are a man who is more outstanding than ordinary boys. Hence, it is all the more necessary for me to stay away from you.”

The trap set up by this eloquent girl was as good as that of the adults.

Screech! The vehicle stopped. As Xia Jinyuan applied the brake, he approached Ye Jian. They were so close that she could see how dense and thick his long lashes were…

His deep and dark eyes stared at her gorgeous face, which had a faint smile on it. Gently, he smiled. “You can keep your distance from all the men in the world, except me.”

While he was speaking, his voice, clear and light, sounded as if it came from an ancient instrument that was being played gently.

That low-pitched and cool voice was so unique that every word from it was imprinted with the charisma of a man named Xia Jinyuan.

The wine was intoxicating, and so was he.

Ye Jian did not lose her mind because of his abrupt approach. Instead, she remained alert and her eyes seemed calmer.

“Of course, I can’t keep a distance from you, Captain Xia. Because…”

Since the man was already very close to her, Ye Jian didn’t mind moving closer to him. Smiling, she leaned forward a bit.

Not only could they sense the breaths of each other, but their nose tips were also about to touch if they moved a bit. “Because… I understand what you mean, Captain Xia.”

Xia Jinyuan had to admit that the girl was really cunning. He had no way to advance further due to her trick.

What should he do? It seemed that he had lost this secret battle between them.

Xia Jinyuan looked at Ye Jian’s black eyes which were as pure as the night. She was also staring at him with concentration as if he was the only person in the world. With a meaningful smile from his thin lips, Xia Jinyuan slowed down his talking speed on purpose as if whispering to his lover. “That is what I mean at this moment, but it may or may not change in the future.”

Usually, he had little interest in women. However, he didn’t want this girl to end up being with others… What a headache.

It’s unknown whether we would meet again in the future… Ye Jian thought to herself. Maintaining the smile on her face, she said, “Who knows what will happen in the future? The priority at this moment is for you to instruct me, Captain Xia.”

Could she stay away from him if he were her instructor? Of course not! That was exactly what he meant!

It was a conversation brimmed with ambiguous flirting, but it came to an end because the two persons involved in it maintained their sobriety. As the vehicle drove into the provincial military base, Ye Jian heard the powerful shouting from the training field.

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