Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 130 - Who Becomes The Prey

Chapter 130: Who Becomes The Prey

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From her slightly cocky smile, Xia Jinyuan realized that she was launching an attack on him… Tut, tut, tut. She was indeed a little fox. She had learned how to stage a counterattack so soon.

“Interesting, Ye Jian,” replied Xia Jinyuan, raising his eyebrows and smiling complicatedly. Urged by a series of drivers behind him, he started his car.

The girl was smart. But she wasn’t aware that men were natural predators.

And Xia Jinyuan was such an elite predator. The wittier and foxier she was, the more interest he had in her.

Ye Jian did not understand the so-called ‘predation’ of men. But she had realized that the implications behind his words were beyond the range of ordinary communication.

For her, dealing with an elegant yet dangerous man was indeed… a bit interesting.

She raised her black eyebrows, tilting her head, and resting her elbow on the car window. Smiling, she glanced at the exquisite side profile of the noble and proud man. “What should I do? I also find this a bit interesting,” she said slowly.

“Captain Xia, tell me, who is more interested in the other person?”

Who was more interested in the other person? It’s hard to tell, at least from the current moment… Xia Jinyuan smiled leisurely. “Ye Jian, you are 14 while I am a 20-year-old adult man. And you want to discuss this topic with me? What do you think? Who is more interested in the other person?”

Languages were profound. A sentence, uttered by different people, could bear different meanings.

Ye Jian slightly narrowed her eyes. She was a grown woman rather than a 14-year-old girl. Previously, she didn’t realize what Xia Jinyuan truly meant by saying “interesting.”

But at this moment, by looking into his eyes that were as vast and resplendent as the starry night, she understood what this elegant man was interested in her.

If this was a hunting game, she wouldn’t mind giving it a try. Just wait and see who would become the prey!

She sat up, leaning towards the man who was driving. It seemed that starlights were scattered in her watery eyes. Smiling, she gazed at him without blinking.

“Captain Xia, unlike you, I know nothing. After all, I’m only 14. What do you mean by saying ‘who is more interested in the other person?’ Can you enlighten me?”

She was so close to him that her orchid-like smell was swaying around his nose tip.

Her pretty eyes, with black and white sharply contrasted, were pure as stars, but also contained the allure of a woman.

It was this unique kind of beauty that made him unknowingly forget that she was a 14-year-old teenage girl.

Did he have a crush on her?

No, he was clear that what he said had nothing to do with “having a crush.” It’s just that, as a man, he had a bit of interest in a woman.

At the same time, he was aware that the woman he was interested in was only 14. Hence, his interest in her was pure and was not about desire. He just wanted to take care of her, waiting for her to grow up.

“Don’t be silly, girl.” Xia Jinyuan raised his hand, gently squeezing her pretty nose tip. With 30% seriousness and 70% casualness in his clear voice, he said, “I have interest in you, but not that kind of interest in your mind. Don’t think too much, girl.”

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