Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 136 - Who Can Stop Her?

Chapter 136: Who Can Stop Her?

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The thundering applause came from the teachers, the eliminated students, and her competitors… Ye Jian, the first one who passed the exam, kept smiling elegantly on the podium. “Thank you.” she said calmly, bowing.

Her composure and patience of a great talent won the hearts of every teacher.

Principal Cao had been keeping Ye Jian’s company throughout this journey, holding a bottle of heart-calming pills in his hands. After hearing Ye Jian’s name, he unscrewed the bottle cap with his trembling hands and swallowed three pills in a row.

Capital city. In the most heavily guarded military courtyard, in which bombs were hidden, Xia Jinyuan was tying the necktie of his short-sleeved casual clothes while walking downstairs.

He was wearing his summer casual military top. The lower part of his body was clothed in his ironed-straight, dark-green military pants, which were tied up by a brown belt. This outfit had perfectly shown his strong physique which had a sexy curve.

His broad shoulders, his long legs, along with his refined and elegant pace, had embodied the cultivated manners of a gentleman.

Someone had once commented on how Xia Jinyuan was dressed in his summer casual military clothes. It was said that he was one of a kind. Because anyone would lose their control, lunge towards him and rip him off!

“Dad, I’m going out.” As he went downstairs, he saw Commander Xia sipping tea and reading the newspaper leisurely while sitting in the couch. “Go to bed early. I might return later at night.”

Commander Xia had no idea that his son was at home. Hearing the sound behind him, he turned around, rather surprised. “Where did you come from? How come you didn’t make any noise?”

Noticing that his son was wearing his summer casual military clothes, Commander Xia realized that he had cleaned himself up on purpose. Placing down the newspaper, Commander Xia looked at his handsome son with interest. “Oh, you dressed up. It seems like the sun does rise up from the west. Are you dating? Who is she? If you are serious, bring her home and let me have a look.”

Other men might have four or five girlfriends in a year. But why had his son… never brought home a string of hair of a woman?

If he had not found adult movies in his son’s study before, he would have suspected that his son had no interest in women due to spending too much time in the army!

Xia Jinyuan lowered his head to look at his attire but didn’t find anything special. He raised his eyebrows. “Did you see me tidy up? It’s not a date, but I am going to meet a girl.”

“And don’t you think too much. She is a 14-year-old middle school student.”

Commander Xia, who had guessed wrong, lost his interest instantly. Waving his hands, he drove his son away. “Go, go, go. Have fun. Don’t come back for dinner tonight. I’m having dinner at your Uncle Han’s home.”

Chicly, Xia Jinyuan walked out of the courtyard. He was driving to his destination.

After coming out of the exam room, Ye Jian walked hurriedly to the school gate. She only had four minutes if she wanted to arrive at the time she and Xia Jinyuan agreed on. She needed to run.

“Ye Jian.” Someone was chasing after her. The person was striding, for fear that she would leave. “Where are you going? Ye Ying and the others are leaving later. We plan to eat something outside before sending them to take the train.”

There’s no way for the eliminated students to stay in the capital city. The teachers of the Provincial No.1 Middle School were bringing them back to the Southern Province.

Gao Yiyang was familiar with the capital city. He asked the leading teachers, and they agreed to go to Wangfujing together to enjoy the local foods of the capital city.

The rest of the students also agreed happily.

Except for Ye Jian… After he and Ye Ying exchanged a few words, Ye Jian, who was present just now, had disappeared.

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