Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1304 - Glows Everywhere She Goes

Chapter 1304: Glows Everywhere She Goes

Major General Yang was already waiting at the port. When he saw Ye Jian coming down, he stepped forward to welcome her.

“Major General!” Ye Jian jumped off the boat and saluted immediately.

“Not bad, although you’re a bit tanned.” Major General Yang smiled as he looked at Ye Jian, who would be a member of the Snow Region Special Forces Brigade in the future. He returned Li Jinnian’s salute and put down his arm. He smiled at the young major who was famous for his harsh training. “It’s been hard on you, Major Li.”

Facing the major general, Li Jinnian replied calmly, “This is my responsibility.”

“From you, I can see the sacred qualities of the current generation of soldiers. Major Li, you are the model of our army.” Major General Yang admired the major in front of him. In the past, he wanted to arrange for him to join the Snow Region Brigade so that he could join the same team as Xia Jinyuan. He wanted to train the Snow Region Brigade into an outstanding and top-class Special Forces.

However, after consideration, the navy needed to organize an underwater assault team so Li Jinnian went to the navy while Xia Jinyuan went to the army.

Now, the two of them were shining brightly in their respective military units. Even though Li Jinnian didn’t become an army soldier, Major General Yang still treasured his talent. He chatted with him for a while before speaking to Ye Jian.

Looking at his back, Major General Yang smiled and said, “He almost became a member of the army like Xia Jinyuan.” He turned his head and saw the back of Ye Jian’s neck, which was slightly red due to the sunburn. He paused for a moment and sighed. “Has it been tough for the past month? It must be tougher than the army training.”

Not only did she lose a layer of skin from the sun, but she also got sunburned as soon as she recovered. She got sunburned several times.

“It’s mainly because I’m not familiar with this area. I started from scratch so it’s a little harder than the training in the army.” Ye Jian didn’t exaggerate and replied honestly, “Fortunately, I passed the physical test on the first day. Otherwise, with Captain Li’s strictness, I would have been sent back.”

Major General Yang smiled. “To send you there, Xia Jinyuan and I never expected that you would be sent back. We believed that you would pass.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t slack off during my training. If I was sent back, it would be too embarrassing.” Ye Jian teased herself. Although it was exhausting, her spirit had been tempered. From her bright eyes, you could tell that she was full of energy. As the major general laughed, she said slowly, “I only felt at ease after a week of training when I felt that Captain Li was satisfied with me.”

It was hard work. If she didn’t work hard, how could she become an outstanding soldier?

Major General Yang was very satisfied with Ye Jian’s unyielding spirit. She wasn’t afraid of fatigue or hardships. “We will postpone your reporting day for the military school until the 2nd of September. You will be exempted from the military school’s military training.”

“I will ask Xia Jinyuan to come and fetch you at a later time. Go home and take your admission notice. You can complete your report on the 2nd of September.”

The new students of the Chinese Academy of Sciences had to undergo military training. They had to complete their admission procedures and first military training two weeks earlier than other universities.

To put it nicely, it was to experience military school life.

To other new students, this was a military school experience. To Ye Jian, this was a small matter. If she used this half a month to stay in the navy to train, her gains would be greater.

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