Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1305 - Want Major Xia's Girlfriend?

Chapter 1305: Want Major Xia’s Girlfriend?

After knowing that Xia Jinyuan would come to fetch her, Ye Jian, who sent Major General Yang off, Ye Jian looked forward to something for the first time. She wanted that day to come quicker, to see Xia Jinyuan, whom she had not seen in a long time, earlier.

During the three-day holiday, Ye Jian completed her last beachhead training. On the evening of the third day, she left the port in a patrol boat and headed to another sea area to complete her last ten days of combat diving training.

The last ten days of training allowed Ye Jian to return to the days when she first came to the unit. She had to complete the training of the special warfare combatant-craft crewmen after less than five hours of rest every day.

The port at the end of August wasn’t as hot as it was in the middle of July. Although the sun was still scorching, the heat seemed to have decreased.

Xia Jinyuan was wearing an army training uniform. He chatted with Big Shark as they walked towards the helicopter base. He arrived at the port on August 28th at 10 am on schedule and will take a plane to Hongkou City in the Southern Province at 2 pm.

Time was tight. The plane would reach Hongkou City this afternoon and they would have to immediately take a bus back to Shuikou Village. They would rest for two days on August 29th and 30th. On August 31, they would rush to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to report before September 2nd.

Big Shark had trained with Xia Jinyuan for more than half a year before so they didn’t have to be too formal when they talked to each other. Big Shark said in a relaxed and familiar manner, “Unfortunately, the duration is a bit short. For instance, our special warfare combatant-craft crewmen training program is ten weeks. Ye Jian only had two weeks. She needed to complete a skydiving course, an obstacle blasting course, and a long-range safety course.”

“All three courses only had four days of training each. In Demon King Li’s words, it’s fast-food style training. Let her remember it first. She can train in depth when she comes back from winter vacation.”

Soon, he would be able to see the girl he loved. Xia Jinyuan smiled as he walked briskly. There was gentleness in his exquisite eyes. “Although it’s fast-food style training, I believe that with Ye Jian’s adaptability, she will not waste your efforts.”

Little Fox was smart. She would produce eight days worth of results with four days of training!

She was indeed one of them. He trusted Ye Jian so much that he didn’t doubt her even if he didn’t see her training.

This kind of trust wasn’t formed in a day or two. It was formed by interacting with each other day and night and even fighting together.

Although Ye Jian had been training with the water ghosts of the Storm Commando Brigade for almost two months, she had not established an unbreakable trust in them.

“That’s true. In our commander’s words, Ye Jian is like a sponge. She will look like she’s about to reach a saturation point but in the blink of an eye, she’s able to absorb new knowledge. Her proactivity and execution are outstanding.”

Although he didn’t establish an unbreakable trust in Ye Jian, Big Shark had admired Ye Jian for a long time. The longer they interacted, the more he could feel the power in Ye Jian. Thinking that she was leaving in the afternoon, Big Shark suddenly said, “We can’t bear to let Ye Jian leave. We were considering whether we should coax Demon King Li to woo Ye Jian.”

After he finished speaking, he laughed loudly. “Major Xia, isn’t it a little immoral for me to say this now?”

Ha, a little immoral?

Xia Jinyuan glanced at the laughing water ghost and said with a half-smile, “Stealing Ye Jian in front of me? You’re not being just a little immoral.”

Actually, what Major Xia wanted to say the most was: How dare he snatch my girlfriend? Hehe, he must be itching for a beating.

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