Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1303 - You Can Woo Ye Jian

Chapter 1303: You Can Woo Ye Jian

His words became teasing in the end. “19 years old. She’s a little young but you’re only six years older than her. We finally met a female soldier. You can consider her.”

Li Jinnian glanced at his comrade who was teasing him. There was no need for him to say anything. He just kept quiet.

The Demon King didn’t like such questions.

Fine, he’ll stop speaking if he doesn’t like it. However, did he not like this topic? Or did he not like Ye Jian?

Not like Ye Jian? That’s not really possible!

So far, Ye Jian was the most outstanding and… cough, the most beautiful female soldier they had ever seen. Just look at her. More than a month of training didn’t turn her skin into charcoal. It only turned red and peeled off… It was still a little red. A red from sunburn.

Then, he looked at Li Jinnian, who walked over and stood beside her. He was tall and upright. Although he was a little cold, his face was so handsome that every time the female soldiers went to the navy conference, they would make eyes at him… to at least score some points from him. If you ignored his coldness that let no one get close to him, Ye Jian and him looked like a good match when they stood side by side…

Li Jinnian didn’t take Big Shark’s words to heart. His gaze was so cold that Ye Jian felt pressured. “Frogmen need to pass through all kinds of obstacles and channels during their missions. They also need to evade detection from all kinds of detectors. You already have a solid foundation. Your reaction is not bad, but there’s still room for improvement.”

There was no criticism at the start. There was even a hint of praise… Ye Jian’s expression tensed up even more. She felt that the horror of the Demon King was yet to come.

“The unfamiliar waters and complicated formations will make it inconvenient for you to fight underwater. At the same time, it will increase your psychological pressure. Ye Jian, do you need me to repeat the biggest difference between the frogmen and the army?”

As his voice turned colder, Ye Jian knew that the main point was here!

Straightening her back, Ye Jian held her head high and replied seriously, “Reporting, no need to repeat!”

“Since you know about it, why did you make such a low-level mistake in the water? Did I teach you to die together with the enemy?” Li Jinnian was a calm man. No matter how big the issue was, he rarely became emotional.

He was like that when facing Ye Jian too. He was slightly angry just now, but he has calmed down now. From his cold voice, one could tell that he was criticizing Ye Jian but he didn’t show any emotions.

“You had the time to complete your underwater gun shooting but you didn’t grab the chance. In the end, I managed to counterattack successfully. You knew that you had no chance of winning but you still wanted to ‘perish’ with me. Ye Jian, if you were to have a real underwater battle, will you choose this stupid method?”

“Underwater firearms have the advantage of speed and high lethality. At a close distance, no matter how powerful the enemy is, it will be difficult for them to dodge effectively. Ye Jian, as long as we have the chance to pull out our guns and shoot, firearms will be our priority, and survival knives the second!”

He didn’t criticize Ye Jian. Instead, he pointed out her mistakes one by one so that Ye Jian would understand what she did wrong.

Big Eel and Big Shark had already moved to the front of the boat. They left some space for Li Jinnian so that Ye Jian wouldn’t feel awkward.

It would take two hours to travel from their training location to the port. Li Jinnian didn’t criticize Ye Jian for too long. He knew that the female soldier was very perceptive. Once he points out her mistakes in time, he wouldn’t have to worry about her as she would correct them by herself.

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