Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 127 - Jealousy Is Driving Her Crazy

Chapter 127: Jealousy Is Driving Her Crazy

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When the math exam was over, several girls walked out of the classroom in tears. Looking at them, Ye Jian sighed gently in her heart.

Only 12 students would be selected nationwide. Hence, she must pass the test!

As the two subjects in the morning were finished, the broadcast announced the names and scores of the top ten students.

All of the top ten students gained full marks in the exams!

But in regards to the time of finishing the exams, Ye Jian was way ahead.

Click. A ballpoint pen was snapped into two pieces by the gloomy Ye Ying. She tightened her lips. Her previously gorgeous eyes were covered by a shadow.

“It’s said that Ye Jian is a student from a township middle school… Damn it, the students of the Provincial No.1 Middle School are inferior to her.”

“She handed in the exam paper so quickly. I sat on the left-hand side of her. She had handed in the paper before I could answer the questions on one page.”

A few students walked past Ye Ying, and their emotional remarks tormented her harshly. Hatred and resentment had twisted her beautiful face.

“What are you thinking about?” Holding a bottle of mineral water in his hands, Gao Yiyang walked over to Ye Ying. From a far distance, he saw her standing still as if pondering some questions and not knowing that she was being toasted by the scorching sun.

Ye Ying shrugged slightly. She turned around with a subtle disappointed look on her pretty face. “Ye Jian won and I lost. What should I do, Gao Yiyang? I let you down.”

She was not as confident as before. And the sadness she was showing made Gao Yiyang believe that the girl in front of him was very sincere, and was not a so-called… hypocrite.

“Not a big deal, Ye Ying. If this world is a pyramid, some people are bound to stand on the top, while some are standing at the bottom level,” said Gao Yiyang in a realistic way. His intention was to hope Ye Ying to care less about this issue.

Unexpectedly, Ye Ying could barely control the look on her face after hearing his words.

Did he mean that Ye Jian was a person on the top of the pyramid while she was merely at the bottom of it?

“Besides, you did not lose, so, you did not let me down. Come on, Ye Ying.” Gao Yiyang did not lower his head to observe the facial expressions of the girl beside him. His mind was not calmer than that of Ye Ying. It was correct to say that no students could maintain their composure after hearing Ye Jian’s scores and the time it took her to finish the exams.

Unfortunately, Ye Ying did not hear any of his words. After saying goodbye to Gao Yiyang, she threw away the snapped ballpoint pen into a trash can. Instead of going to the dormitory right away, she headed to the grocery store of the school with a violent look on her gloomy face.

Just wait and see. Never would she allow that wicked girl to keep on shining!

The students, as well as the teachers from every city, were astonished by the amazing performance of Ye Jian.

Xia Jinyuan, who had been paying attention to the performance of Ye Jian, heard her scores from the broadcast for two days. Looking at this poised and confident girl in front of him, he smiled both with his mouth and his unfathomable black eyes. “No wonder Principal Chen said that you don’t need to attend the closed study sessions in the following 15 nights.”

Ye Jian was not aware of it. Her black eyes brightened up a bit, looking at this dangerous man who appeared before her for two days consecutively. Vigilantly, she said, “Why do you know about it before I do?”

What she cared about… were always so intriguing. And her tiny face seemed very alert. He couldn’t help but want to tease her

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