Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 126 - Outshining Everyone

Chapter 126: Outshining Everyone

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In this exam, Ye Jian must try her best to become one of the 12 students who could participate in the contest on behalf of the country.

Xia Jinyuan used to compete in the World Science Olympiad held in England. Although that was nearly six years ago, he could more or less share some of his experience.

It took an hour from the school to the shooting range. During this trip, Ye Jian concentrated in talking with him about the competition.

Occasionally, they looked at each other in the eye. Every time they did this, Principal Chen found it hard to join their conversation.

On the next day, over 200 students went through an inspection, which was stricter than that of the college entrance exam, before they entered the exam room.

This time, the students of the eighth grade and the ninth grade took the exams in separate rooms. As Ye Jian walked slowly to the exam room, she saw Gao Yiyang and Ye Ying standing at the door and talking about something. Gao Yiyang was lowering his head, while Ye Ying held her head high.

“Excuse me,” said Ye Jian plainly. The door was blocked by them. “Or you can talk outside, thanks.”

Ye Ying glanced at her with a trace of contempt in her eyes. Instead of going away, she said to Gao Yiyang, “Go to your exam room. I will be fine. Thank you for coaching me every night during this period of time. Anyway, I will do my best!”

Ah. Unlike someone who thought highly of herself and did not study in the classroom in the evenings.

“Uh-huh. Meet me in front of the flowerbeds of this building after the exams.” Gao Yiyang moved sideways, letting Ye Jian enter the classroom from the space between them.

Gently and intentionally, he glanced at the girl. He saw a nearly perfect profile passing by his eyes.

Ye Jian stared coldly forward without looking around. She walked into the classroom.

She was so cold and detached that she could ignore others…

After glancing at Ye Jian’s face, Gao Yiyang slightly lowered his eyes. As he tightened his lips, he turned around, leaving the exam room of the eighth grade.

“Just you wait, Ye Jian! I will humiliate you to the extent that you will be too embarrassed to show up in school!” When the boy was gone, Ye Ying caught up with Ye Jian. As she passed by Ye Jian, she whispered in a gloomy tone with a smile on her face, “I will make you regret completely!”

Ye Jian curled her lips, glancing at Ye Ying. She didn’t bother to reply to her. And then, she sat on the seat where her name was written.

Looking at Ye Ying’s face, which became gloomy in an instant, she was aware that ignorance was more infuriating than response.

As the math exam paper was handed out, some students gasped in astonishment. Difficult! The exam questions were rather difficult!

Ye Jian looked at the teachers who entered the room with chalk boxes and laser pens. She slightly narrowed her pitch-black eyes.

It seemed that… this exam was not that easy. It wouldn’t be conducted like an ordinary exam.

Her hunches had always been correct. About ten minutes later, Ye Jian finished the questions on Page A and Page B of the exam paper. “Please listen to the questions,” said the supervisors abruptly.

Without giving any time for the examinees to prepare, the teachers had read aloud a group of questions.

While the rest of the students were still thinking about the questions on the exam paper, Ye Jian put down her pen, stood up and gave the correct answers.

“Answers are correct.” The teachers looked at Ye Jian with admiration. She sat down and continued answering the questions on Page C and Page D of the exam paper.

It was not until she sat down did the other students realized what had happened.

Indeed, this was a rather special examination. Not only did they need to write answers on paper, but they also had to be aware of the oral questions from the teachers from time to time.

The oral questions, which were conducted every two minutes, had completely disrupted the attention of many students. They were so nervous that they could barely hold their pens steadily, let alone answering the questions.

Ye Jian did not give Ye Ying a chance to stand up, or rather, she did not give any chance to the students in the entire exam room. The pen in her hand did not stop writing while she was answering the questions asked by the teachers.

Unconsciously, the presence of Ye Jian had brought tremendous pressure to all the students.

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