Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 125 - Soldiers Should Not Be Scared

Chapter 125: Soldiers Should Not Be Scared

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“I’m not turning you down, it’s just that…” Ye Jian paused intentionally. The look on Ye Ying’s face became awkward.

She looked at Ye Jian vigilantly, for fear that she might say something detrimental to her.

Since Ye Jian gave him a cold shoulder, Gao Yiyang grabbed Ye Ying’s wrist and glanced at Ye Jian. He said in a cold and stiff tone, “Let’s go.”

Now that she didn’t want to see him, he might as well leave!

After their encounter at noon, the couple became much quieter when they ran into Ye Jian again in the afternoon.

The rest of the students were studying for the exams in the classrooms of the Provincial No.1 Middle School. Ye Jian, who had been resting during the day, did not enter the classroom.

At half past five, the rays of the setting sun filled the sky. In the golden setting sun, she walked out of the school entrance at a brisk pace.

Tonight, she was going to receive the moving target training at the shooting range. The training field, which was a one-hour driving distance from the Provincial No.1 Middle School, belonged to the troops stationed at the provincial capital city.

An ordinary-looking black sedan of the domestic Hongqi brand parked at the entrance. Although the style of the sedan was normal, its license plate was eye-catching.

The plate number belonged to the Military District of the Southern Province.

Through the rear-view mirror inside the car, Xia Jinyuan saw Ye Jian looking around. With a smile on his handsome face, he opened the door and got off the car gracefully. “Over here, Ye Jian.”

Dressed in casual clothes, Xia Jinyuan seemed more relaxed and leisure, and less intimidating than a soldier. But his distinguished disposition was as impressive as usual. As soon as Ye Jian saw Xia Jinyuan, her automatic response was to run!

“Girl, get in the car.” Principal Chen leaned out from the car, smiling and waving at Ye Jian, gesturing for her to come over.

Ye Jian, who was about to retreat back to the school gate, took one step forward, walking over to them calmly.

Xia Jinyuan found the situation both funny and annoying. He was in trouble now because the girl was running away from him like he was a snake or scorpion.

The air conditioner was very cool in the car. However, Ye Jian didn’t feel cold at all after hearing Xia Jinyuan’s words.

Her eyes, as resplendent as stars, kept gazing at Xia Jinyuan without blinking. Despite her excitement, she said calmly, “How can I assist you? What do I need to do throughout the whole process?”

This was the fearless young girl who dared cooperate with him on a rainy night and confront the criminals on her own!

“Ye Jian, if you agree to this… do you realize that you will face danger anytime?” With a subtle smile on his thin lips, Xia Jinyuan gazed at her with a meaningful look in his eyes. “And we might not be able to aid you right away when you are in danger.”

When it came to business, she stopped trying to escape from him. But alas… he had to admit that the daring girl was very reassuring because she was adventurous but not impulsive.

Ye Jian did not answer him immediately. Instead, she kept looking at Xia Jinyuan with a faint smile on her face until he became a bit awkward and slightly narrowed his eyes. Slowly, she said, “Captain Xia, in addition to your faith in me, you also believe that I am the best option, don’t you? That’s why you are reaching out to me.”

Principal Chen burst into laughter. “Captain Xia, Ye Jian is trained by me and a Class A Master Sergeant. You are asking the wrong person about whether she is afraid of danger.”

And then he said to Ye Jian, “Girl, everything is fraught with danger. But what’s important is for you to resolve the dangers.”

“Cooperating with the army and making contact with the international police is a rather nice opportunity for practice, which I don’t want you to miss.”

“With all that said, I am concerned as well, girl! Nevertheless, fear and dread are nothing more than stones on the ground, you can overcome them by stepping on them under your feet!”

As soldiers, they must march forward despite the most perilous of circumstances!

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