Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 128 - Understanding Derives From Contacts

Chapter 128: Understanding Derives From Contacts

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“You want to know why?” He raised the corners of his lips. Without the restraint of his military uniform, his extraordinarily elegant and noble dispositions were displayed by his gentle smiles.

The contour of his side profile was perfect. As he smiled, the corners of his eyes rose upward, revealing a hint of vague mischievousness. It was a masculine charm which would make women palpitate and look at him involuntarily.

Perhaps Xia Jinyuan had also realized this. So, he only smiled gently with his mouth, while the look in his deep eyes remained stationary.

Nevertheless, in front of Ye Jian, he had always indulged himself with exceptions. As long as he was not conducting missions, he would not restrain any of his charms. Instead, he communicated with her in a natural and sincere way.

Ye Jian frowned slightly. And then, with a scornful smile, she said, “I don’t want to know. Anyway, I’ve known what I want to know.”

Her reply made him smile harder. A trace of dim light flashed across his black eyes, of which the corners were raising upward. Moments later, he quelled his movement.

Although he liked teasing her, he knew he should stop when he saw the vivid expressions on her face.

“Principal Chen said that he hopes you can participate in more actual combats, but he is a bit concerned.” This girl always hid behind layers of shields when she sensed that something was wrong. What he could do was to be more patient with her. “I will be waiting for you at the school entrance at six o’clock. I will train with you in the next week.”

Hearing this, Ye Jian inhaled deeply and quietly. And then, she said, “I hope I didn’t cause trouble to you.” So, he would be her instructor for the following seven nights.

“Not at all. On the contrary, I have a great interest in this,” said Xia Jinyuan, leisurely enjoying the changing facial expressions of Ye Jian. His eyes, as black as an ancient well, did not hide his interest in tutoring her.

His mischievous tone gave Ye Jian a major headache. It sounded like there were insinuations behind his words. However, there wasn’t any. She just thought too much.

Xia Jinyuan restrained his smile when he saw her frowning. There was an undeniable fierceness in his casual posture. “You can have dinner at the cafeteria first. If you do not show up at the school entrance at six o’clock sharp, you should take a ride to the shooting range on your own.”

Just when Ye Jian was about to speak, she suddenly felt someone staring at her gloomily. As she nodded to answer Xia Jinyuan, she moved sideways, seeking the direction of the stare with the corner of her eyes.

“Someone is behind a tree at the twelve o’clock direction to your right-hand side. She’s a student from the township middle school with long hair resting on her shoulders.” Xia Jinyuan lifted his long hands, placing them on Ye Jian’s shoulders. He was creating an illusion that he was pushing Ye Jian away, making her turn around to return to school.

In doing so, he made Ye Jian face directly toward the sycamore tree.

At one glance, Ye Jian knew who that girl hiding stealthily behind the tree was. Who else could it be other than Ye Ying?

Hiding behind the tree, and without blinking, Ye Ying stared at the man who seemed intimate with Ye Jian. The smile on her face was vicious and gloomy.

Too bad that she did not have a camera. Otherwise, she would photograph them and paste their photos onto the blackboard wall of the school. Oh. In this way, not even Principal Chen could explain why Ye Jian was so close to a man!

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