Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 119 - Who Starts the Flirtations

Chapter 119: Who Starts the Flirtations

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When she finished talking, Ye Jian raised her hand, patting gently on his chest. She repeated, “It feels really good!”

She was just an innocent fourteen-year-old girl. What she said… didn’t imply anything that would make an adult misunderstand, right?

However, as a man, Xia Jinyuan smiled resignedly after hearing that.

Although he knew that what she said had no other meaning, he couldn’t help but apply the thoughts of an adult to her words.

It was her unintentional remark that gave birth to such a unique implication.

What to do? This naive girl could easily intrigue men… The look in Xia Jinyuan’s eyes dimmed. Gazing at this pretty face that was attractive to teenage boys, Xia Jinyuan slightly tightened his lips.

At the age of fourteen, she should know some boundaries. Otherwise, she would be at a disadvantage in the future.

As she stood up, Xia Jinyuan used one hand to wrap her slender waist. Exerting his pure strength as a man, he pressed the pretty girl beneath him.

That was an absurd and abrupt accident!

Dizzy, Ye Jian was being suppressed on the ground again. Lying on her back, Ye Jian was almost out of breath, because she was carrying the weight of a 186cm-tall man.

While she was breathing deeply, the refreshing smell of mint from him had overwhelmed her. And the intensively hot body temperature of the man had passed through their clothes, rushing toward her body.

It was not a pure battle anymore. Instantly, this change made Ye Jian feel awkward. Never had she been so intimate with a man.

Not only could she smell his masculine scent, but her female instincts had also told her that the situation was developing in an unusual way.

“Xia Jinyuan, get up!” As soon as she threw punches on his shoulders, he grabbed both her hands, placing them above her head.

Since she had never been so close to a man, Ye Jian panicked a bit. She had no idea why Xia Jinyuan was acting so viciously all of a sudden.

“Get up!” said she, gritting her teeth. Shooting cold rays from her pitch-black eyes, she stared at the man, whose handsome face was covered by colorful paint. “I am very, very angry now! Xia Jinyuan!”

But the man did not get up. Instead, his handsome face moved closer to her face inch by inch. As the slightly heavy breaths of the man fell on her face, Ye Jian felt tense all over, realizing that she was in danger!

“Girl, when you are straddling a man, touching his chest and saying that it feels nice,” he said in a low-pitched voice, of which the sensually magnetic quality was pleasant to the ear. “Do you know what your behaviors stand for? Do you?”

The ending of his tone was as intoxicating as wine.

“It’s an invitation, you know? You are inviting the man, you know?”

Ye Jian had lived her life twice, but this was the first time that a man said such blatant words to her.

No matter how poised she was usually, she couldn’t help but be flustered at the moment. “No! I didn’t mean anything else! Xia Jinyuan, you are too close to me! Your lips are about to press onto my nose! Get up, just get up!”

“But why did I have the feeling that you were inviting me by saying that?” …All right, it seemed… he was a bit too close to her. Realizing this, Xia Jinyuan gently lifted his head, gazing at the girl whose face had turned pale due to fear. He thought, his threats were working! She would understand after she was frightened!

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