Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 120 - The Adolescent and The Adult

Chapter 120: The Adolescent and The Adult

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But her eyes were so bright, just as resplendent as the stars of tonight.

It seemed like the man was still misunderstanding Ye Jian, so she yelled in anger, “Why would I invite an old man like you?!”

He was such a dangerous man, not to mention that he was six years older than her! Never would she mess with him even if she was as bold as a lion.

Old man!! She said that he was an old man!!

Suddenly, Xia Jinyuan realized how karma worked. Taking in a deep breath of the air, which was full of the smell of withered leaves, he said with a fake smile. “I am 20. Does that make me an old man? All right, even if I am an old man, don’t you think I am more charming, compared to the little boys at your school?”

No doubt that he was more attractive. Even so, what did it have anything to do with her?

“About this topic, can we discuss it after you stand up?” Suppressing her fury, Ye Jian tried to negotiate with him when her previous tough gesture didn’t work. “I am breathless right now because you are pressing onto me.”

She was flirting with him unintentionally again!

Nevertheless, he has been pressing onto her for a while.

Instead of loosening his grip right away, Xia Jinyuan gritted his teeth with a straight face. “Ungrateful girl! Lucky for you that it was me that you ran into! If you said those words to another man, he would have knocked on your door late at night!”

He moved away a little but didn’t stand up immediately.

He was somewhat familiar with the character of the girl. If he got up… she would punch him repeatedly.

Restraining the vicious smile on his good-looking face, he said in a deep and extremely stern tone, “Remember, girl! Number one, you must not sit on any men randomly! Especially not on their waists!”

“Number two, you must not take the initiative to touch men’s bodies!”

“Number three, you must not say such seductive words as feel, press, straddle or ride!”

“Number four, if I let go of you right now, you must not play any tricks!”

It was not until this point did Ye Jian realize… what was going on!

However, did he have to tell her that she should stay away from men in this way?!

She was dumbstruck, all right?!

“Okay, I promise you that I won’t play tricks.” Although she was gritting her teeth, her voice sounded calm and tender.

When Xia Jinyuan saw the deep teeth marks with blood streaks on his wrist, he understood a truth, which was that the promises of women, despite their ages, meant nothing!

He gasped in pain…

How ferocious the girl was! How big was her mouth opened?! She bit so hard that a circle of teeth marks appeared on his wrist.

Judging from her teeth marks, the girl had two fang-like teeth. Well, her teeth aligned neatly. He could see that when he talked to her during the day. They were neat and as pure white as pearls.

At this moment, Ye Jian saw clearly how hard she had bitten him. Tightening her lips, she glanced at the satchel on his waist. Without a word, she reached out and opened the satchel, taking out the first-aid kit which every soldier would be equipped with. “Give me your hand.”

“You are agile enough to dodge but you didn’t,” she mumbled, lowering her head.

What he could do right now was disinfection. He could not get vaccination shots until he was back in the army.

Xia Jinyuan was thinking of taking care of his wound on his own. When the girl opened the satchel on his waist, he knew that she was scared. As he reached his hand over, he sighed, “Ungrateful girl. You bit me like I am your enemy.”

If he escaped from her biting, the hot-tempered girl might be so upset that she would refuse to talk to him.

But she would cool down after biting him… So, he didn’t care.

Glancing at the inside of the first-aid kit, Ye Jian took out medical alcohol and iodine from it. Grabbing his strong wrist, she replied spitefully, “Am I the ungrateful one? Another girl would have called for help because of your behaviors just now!”

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