Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 118 - Teasing and Flirting

Chapter 118: Teasing and Flirting

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“Girl, over the past few years, you are the first one who can kick my chest twice consecutively,” said Xia Jinyuan. As he smiled gently, his clear voice, which was as pleasant to the ear as that of a string instrument, cleared off the tension of the combat. “And you kicked me pretty hard. I’m afraid my chest will have two bruises in the shape of your foot tomorrow.”

During their fight, Ye Jian had sensed that her rival was Xia Jinyuan. But on second thought, it was quite impossible for him to be her training partner, so she didn’t say anything despite her speculation.

When Ye Jian heard his voice, she exhaled in relief. “Captain Xia, you are bullying me, aren’t you? Why waste the talents of an ace soldier on me?”

She was still struggling beneath him, trying to escape. Through his night-vision goggles, Xia Jinyuan looked at that young and pretty face, and the smile in his deep eyes became more obvious. “Never has anyone escaped from me. Save your strength; girl who takes down five of my soldiers in one go.”

Hey! Did he come here on purpose for revenge?

“In that case, shouldn’t you thank me?” It was rather uncomfortable for her to be pressed onto the grass with her hands tied to her back. If she moved even a bit, his iron hands would grip her more tightly.

Look at this smooth-talking and insightful fox.

He was indeed thanking her. That’s why the five soldiers should reflect on their failure by cleaning the toilets every day!

Raising his eyebrows, Xia Jinyuan said with a smile, “I should thank you, that’s why I am here. Do you admit your defeat?”

Although he felt that he had won effortlessly, it was funny to look at the expressions on the girl’s bright face.

She had to admit her defeat. How could she not?

Without struggling, Ye Jian sighed, “I admit defeat, of course. I did not win over you, whether you are an ace soldier or not. This is the difference in the strength between us.”

Ye Jian saw the gap between her and Xia Jinyuan every time they met!

The girl could always accept her setbacks instead of avoiding them. He admired her very much in this aspect. “The difference in strength between us, a teenage girl and an adult man, is the result of several years of training that I have been receiving. Nevertheless, you will make the soldiers feel embarrassed about themselves because you can kick me twice after training for less than six months.”

“Get up. There are many ants in the dead leaves.” Xia Jinyuan loosened his grip, pulling Ye Jian up from the withered leaves.

As she was about to get up, Ye Jian smiled and was ready to strike another sneak attack.

She jumped up, using her elbow to clasp Xia Jinyuan’s neck from the back. As she landed on the ground with one leg, her other leg kicked the back of his knee. Ferociously, she pressed the 186cm-tall Xia Jinyuan onto the ground.

This time, they had switched their positions. It was Ye Jian who was straddling on Xia Jinyuan’s strong waist. Placing the military dagger on his throat, she said, “Captain Xia, all is fair in war. Are we even now?”

“What do you think?” There was a warm smile in Xia Jinyuan’s black eyes, despite a military dagger being placed on his neck. His sight moved downward slowly from Ye Jian’s face to the space between them. “Look down, girl.”

Hearing this, Ye Jian lowered her eyes… Oh, boy! A black pistol was pointing at her chest.

Withdrawing her military dagger, Ye Jian shrugged and said in a lighthearted tone, “I lost again, but…” Blinking her black eyes, she smiled. “It feels good to press an ace soldier beneath me.”

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