Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 117 - You are Pressing Me

Chapter 117: You are Pressing Me

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The six soldiers of Squad Two tried hard not to cry… As soon as he came back last night, he punished the soldiers of Squad Five by asking them to sweep toilets, and today, their punishment was to wash the training clothes… They would rather run ten laps on the sports ground!

At nine in the evening, it was 13 hours after the commencement of the lurking.

Finally, about 400 meters away, some leaves swayed very lightly as if a bunny was jumping in the forest.

But Ye Jian knew that it was not a bunny!

It was her target, the other sniper, who was in action.

With a wide field of vision during the day, Ye Jian could shoot precisely at her targets within the range of 370 meters. But shooting in a jungle at night became more difficult.

The leaves rustled lightly half an hour later. Ye Jian put her eye closer to the scope, looking at that green world… Nothing but quietness.

Hiding behind a tree trunk, Xia Jinyuan pulled his camouflage gear gently backward. Bang. A bullet fired from the four o’clock direction, hitting right onto his camouflage helmet.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Jinyuan moved his sniper rifle, shooting at a six-meter-tall-or-so tree on his four o’clock direction rapidly.

There were faint smells of chemicals in the air. Ye Jian didn’t shoot her target. Likewise… Xia Jinyuan’s counterattack was unsuccessful.

The sniper rifles in their hands were not real. Designed like genuine sniper rifles, these were training rifles loaded with fake bullets.

Xia Jinyuan heard some low sounds, which sounded like a snake slithering through leaves. In the blink of an eye, he leaped into the air, dodging Ye Jian’s first sneak attack.

Since she couldn’t shoot her target from 30 meters away, she chose to attack at close range!

Ye Jian was holding a new military dagger in her hand. As her target jumped to avoid her attack, without hesitation, she stepped closer, raising her military dagger, ready to strike out another attack.

Every move of her attack could be fatal.

She was fast and ferocious, with a murderous look on her face, which somewhat shocked Xia Jinyuan.

This girl! She had this kind of bloody and violent energy on her as if she had killed a myriad of her enemies.

Ye Jian was less than 160cm tall while Xia Jinyuan was 186cm tall. Nevertheless, by making the best use of her advantages, she avoided her shortcomings. As Xia Jinyuan launched his attack from above and sieged Ye Jian, the agile and slender girl, who used her hands to grab Xia Jinyuan’s hands, glided through the space between Xia Jinyuan’s legs and reappeared behind him.

A girl with agility! She avoided this tough attack.

However… Xia Jinyuan pursed his lips. As he turned around, his tall and majestic physique made him seem like a predatory beast. He was using one hand to grab Ye Jian’s throat.

This was an irritating battle, arousing the competitiveness of Ye Jian.

As she grunted slightly, she stepped onto a tree with one leg, and instantly, she was in the air. As she grabbed the drooping thick vines from the tree trunk, her slender body seemed to have turned into a flying bird in the jungle. But her legs were kicking toward Xia Jinyuan’s chest fiercely.

Bang! Bang!

Xia Jinyuan, whose chest was kicked twice, raised his eyebrows and avoided the third kick. Like a bolt of lightning, he used his pincer-like hands to clasp Ye Jian’s slender wrist, pulling it downward. Ye Jian was dragged down along with the vines.

As he twisted backward, Ye Jian was pressed onto the thick layer of withered leaves under him.

He had selected this space on purpose. As Ye Jian fell to the ground on her chest, the thick layer of withered leaves could weaken the impact, making her feel less pain.

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