Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 116 - This Man is Complicated

Chapter 116: This Man is Complicated

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Instead of moving around, Ye Jian let the ants crawl from her neck into her hair. Her targets would appear in this zone. Now, it’s the confrontation among snipers. It’s a battle about patience, perseverance, and the speed of shooting.

It was a majestically beautiful night with resplendent stars hanging in the sky. The soldiers, who were taking a rest in a small empty area, couldn’t help but keep staring at the sky.

“Captain Xia, how long are you going to sleep?” Carrying an assault rifle on his back, a soldier asked Xia Jinyuan who was sleeping on a tight climbing rope. “It’s been ten hours. Don’t let the girl wait too long.”


Under the starry sky, Xia Jinyuan opened his pitch-black eyes lazily. With a fake smile on his face, he said, “Girl? Do you think that the one who took down five soldiers yesterday is a girl?”

“Five soldiers! Cleaning bathrooms for a month is a minor punishment for them!”

Alas. What a headache. Whenever Ye Jian, who was trained by Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen, came back to the army, the soldiers would serve as her training partners.

Everyone, including squad leaders, battalion commanders, regimental commanders, and political commissars, were a bit frightened of her.

That girl was as sly as a fox! She was so intelligent that if anyone wanted to catch her, they must plan carefully.

Xia Jinyuan came back last night from a two-month business trip. When he learned about this matter, he skipped his two rest days and joined the soldiers today.

He would like to see how much progress that audacious girl had made during the last two months.

Carrying a black sniper rifle in his arms, Xia Jinyuan rolled over and glided down from the rope elegantly. His face was coated with layers of paint, and the cold gleam in his eyes was as sharp as that of an eagle. As he made a hand gesture, five soldiers in total gathered around.

The bushes started to shake after 11 hours. Behind the night-vision goggles, Ye Jian turned on the scope of her rifle, leaning her eye towards it.

Figures flashed across the bushes but disappeared instantly. Ye Jian, whose index finger had clasped on the trigger, froze slightly, moving her eye away from the scope.

Was this some sort of a joke?

“Nothing? Did we find the correct target?”

“Wait and see what the situation is from Captain Xia.”

Leaning against trees to hide themselves, the two figures that swept past the bushes communicated with each other in a tiny voice in the dark. “Cross interference. Try again.”

Conducting true and false interferences simultaneously, cross interference was a method to force the snipers to appear.

They propped up a helmet against a branch, which was wrapped by a long and tiny fishing line. As they unwrapped the branch from the fishing line, their cross interference began.

The bushes swayed again. Putting away her sniper rifle, Ye Jian stood on the tree motionless like a statue, just as she did before.

As a sniper, her only goal was to find the sniper of the army. The rest of the soldiers were not her targets.

Watching from her night-vision goggles, the whole world was green. In June, the dense forest was home to moths, mosquitoes, mice, ants, and venomous snakes. Hidden in the grass, a colorful venomous snake the size of a little finger was slithering among the leaves.

Cautiously, Xia Jinyuan walked past the grass. Carrying a sniper rifle, he appeared in the forest like a bloodthirsty hunting beast in the night.

“Captain Xia. The target is not found.” The voice of Group A came from his earpiece.

The voices of Group B and Group C also came one after another. None of them found the target.

Xia Jinyuan, who had walked past the combat site guarded by Ye Jian, gave an instruction languidly before switching off the communication device. “Wash the training clothes of two squads for two weeks.”

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