Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 115 - I Am Looking For You

Chapter 115: I Am Looking For You

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Wrenching the man’s wrists, Ye Jian put his hands behind his back. With a smile, she said, “Too late. Stay with your brother.”

Brother Liao… Liao Youde? Why did he send people to follow her? Did he know something?

Ye Jian’s heart pounded, but she didn’t show it on her face. When the man stood up in pain, she tied him to the tree, hands behind him. “I am a student. Gangsters like you scare me the most. I should tie you up tighter so that you won’t follow me.”

The two gangsters almost cried. Gosh! It was she who had scared them, all right?

Walking with Ye Ying on the road, Liao Jian said, “Your sister is somehow connected with the army. She usually lives in the New Recruit Camp in the town, and a military vehicle drives her back to her village on Friday.”

“It’s a bit difficult to discipline her in your way,” said Liao Jian with a violent look in his eyes. They were walking among crowds of students.

Indeed, she was talented. She had built a relationship with the army.

“I surely underestimated her in the past,” Ye Ying pursed her lips and sneered. She walked several steps, looking at the road meandering towards the depth of the mountain. Frowning, she said, “Where are your guys?”

“They are probably ahead of us for about…” before he finished his words, Liao Jian hid among the student crowds. “Ye Jian. On the mountain.”

Ye Ying also saw her walk from the mountainside to the road. Her glare, like an extremely poisonous gum, glued onto the back of Ye Jian.

A long while later, the corners of her lips formed a sneer that frightened Liao Jian. Slowly, she said, “I have underestimated her, but she must not assume that she can dominate me after she had her moment.”

That poisonous glare was hardly noticable. Ye Jian, who had punished the two punks, stopped and turned around, with a metallic sharpness glowing in her dark eyes.

If it was Liao Youde who had sent minions to follow her, what were Ye Ying and Liao Jian doing here?

Was her speculation wrong?

Liao Youde didn’t send people to follow her due to the event of that night. He did this… because of Ye Ying?

That’s right, as Xia Jinyuan had said, people like Liao Youde could easily be locked up in prison for three to five years. However, he was released in advance… A cold glint flashed across Ye Jian’s eyes when she recalled Ye Ying sneaking around with Liao Jian before.

Had Ye Zhifan exerted his influence on this issue? Was that why Liao Youde could go home?

The military jeep was parked at a big road bend. Ye Jian trotted over to the jeep while thinking about those matters.

She should ask Xia Jinyuan to see if he had any clues.

In the past two months, she had visited the army for quite a few times and trained with the soldiers on weekends. Nevertheless, she didn’t encounter that elegant… and dangerous man once.

She wondered if she could see him this time. Or, she could ask the soldiers about the case.

On Sunday, the sun was even hotter than on Saturday. Without any trace of a breeze, the cicadas stopped chirping because they were being roasted by the sun.

Carrying a sniper rifle on her back, Ye Jian hugged a pine tree with both hands. Breathing softly, she climbed up the tree deftly like a little leopard.

She was receiving close combat training of 30 meters. Her rivals were none other than the real snipers in the army!

Starting from noon, Ye Jian had been lurking and waiting for ten hours. Gradually, the sun went down and the hooting sounds of owls came from the forest. Ye Jian remained still with a calm look on her face.

Ants fell from the leaves, landing on her sticky and sweaty neck. Her skin felt itchy from time to time.

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