Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 114 - Punishing the Minions

Chapter 114: Punishing the Minions

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“Fu*k, why is she going up the mountain?” said a gum-chewing gangster, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of floral shorts and a pair of flip-flops. He stared at the girl who chose a small path on the mountain over the road. “Is her home in the mountain?”

With the Chinese character of “blade” tattooed on his arm, a yellow-haired lad looked at his companion. “Should we fu*king follow her or not?”

“Let’s go!” the youngster in the sleeveless t-shirt lowered his head to look at the flip-flops on his feet. “Fu*k it. Go inside and take a look. In case any situation arises, we can report to Brother Liao. You chase her first. I fu*king wore the wrong shoes.”

The Brother Liao that they referred to was Liao Jian’s father… Liao Youde.

Inside the mountain was Ye Jian’s home ground.

Standing behind a tree, Ye Jian stared coldly at the yellow-haired lad as he walked past her. She looked behind. There was another lad, swearing and chasing after him.

When the yellow-haired lad walked out of her sight, Ye Jian appeared from behind the tree, standing in front of the youngster wearing an sleeveless t-shirt. Smiling, she said, “Why are you following me?”

Her sudden appearance shocked the young man who was walking with his head low. As he recovered from the shock, he recognized who this student that was blocking his way was.

“Fu*k, I can’t see her.” The yellow-haired lad didn’t find anyone in front, so he turned around and came back immediately.

He left his friend for only three or five minutes. However, when they met again, what he saw was: a muddy rag… stuffed in his friend’s mouth, muffling his struggling sounds; naked to the waist, he was tied to a pine tree with his hands on his back.

What the fu*k was going on?!

The return of his friend didn’t make the man who previously wore a sleeveless t-shirt happy. Instead, he struggled even harder, rolling his eyes upward insanely.

The grumbling sounds from his throat could be translated as: Up! Up!

Unfortunately, the yellow-haired lad didn’t know what he meant. He rushed over to his friend, yelling, “Damn it! Who the fu*k did this?! Who did this!”

“I did this. What are you going to do?”

Unexpectedly, a girl’s voice was heard from above. Instinctively, the yellow-haired lad retreated a step before looking up. A girl in school uniform was looking at him with a smile on the tree.

Wasn’t she… the girl they fu*king followed just now?

“Tell me. How far have you followed me? Who sent you?” Ye Jian looked down from the tree with a icy look in her eyes. The expression on her pretty face was as bleak and cold as the moon. “If you don’t want to end up like your friend, give me every detail before I get mad!”

Young people were most sensitive when someone looked down on them, not to mention that this young man was a violent punk in the town.

Hearing this, the yellow-haired lad became infuriated. Raising his leg, he kicked the tree. “Fu*k you, get the fu*k down here!” Impressive as his kicking and cursing may seem, he didn’t notice that his friend was so scared that he was about to wet his pants.

“I’m afraid that you will need to run when I get down,” said Ye Jian. Both hands pressing against the branches, Ye Jian jumped down and landed with a stable posture. Smiling, she glanced at the yellow-haired lad who was trying to intimidate her. “Looks like you plan to be fellow sufferers tonight.”

Even without the training which she received in the past few months, Ye Jian could knock down these two minions effortlessly.

“My god! Fine, I will tell you, all right?” the yellow-haired lad, who was wrestled onto the ground by Ye Jian, begged for mercy cowardly. “It’s Brother Liao. He asked us to stalk you for a few days.”

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