Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 113 - Sneaking Around

Chapter 113: Sneaking Around

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How earnestly Liao Jian wished that he could leave. Hearing this, he jumped into the bushes like a mouse, disappearing in front of Ye Ying.

“Ye Jian of Class Two is amazing. She might go abroad to attend a contest representing our country. How I envy her.”

“It’s because she is really talented. I wonder if you will dare speak ill of her any longer,” Gao Yiyang’s cold voice was heard from the other side of the tree. “Your previous remarks about that girl were unbearable. If you are a man, you should apologize to her.”

“I should apologize. How about you go with me?”

Hearing this, Ye Ying, who was about to leave, stopped unexpectedly. She wanted to hear the response from Gao Yiyang who was now in silence.

A while later, Gao Yiyang issued a self-deprecating smile and said plainly, “Oh, you want me to go with you? I’m afraid she might flee faster.” She had an undisguised disdain for him.

When those footsteps left, Ye Ying sneered lightly, narrowing her eyes. Poker-faced, she left the Reading Pavilion.

If Ye Jian learned about the family background of Gao Yiyang, would she escape from him? Her eyes would definitely fix upon him like a fly!

Throughout the school, wherever the students gathered, they would always mention Ye Jian’s name. This phenomenon lasted until June.

During June, the weather was so hot that everyone just wanted to cool down in cold water.

For Ye Jian, her motivation to study could not be deterred by the weather, however hot it was.

In the teachers’ conference room, Ye Jian had already begun to study the courses of the Tenth Grade systematically by receiving extracurricular lessons.

Under the circumstance that Ye Jian had a 50% chance of representing the country in the contest, the teachers of the Ninth Grade willingly sacrificed their lunch break and took turns to instruct Ye Jian.

As educators, they imparted knowledge to students.

It was their pleasure to give one-to-one lessons to Ye Jian. No teacher would dislike a student who could teach herself every subject of the Ninth Grade in one month and achieve high scores in the exams.

It would be the teachers’ mistakes if such a talent was disregarded…

Two weeks before the final exam of the Eighth Grade of the spring semester, the school finally received the information about which students were qualified for the provincial exam trial.

In total, 18 students, including Gao Yiyang, Ye Ying, Zhou Liao, and Ye Jian, whose name were announced a long time ago, were qualified. On the following day after the final exam, they would head to the provincial capital city.

When Sun Dongqing heard about this matter from Ye Zhifan, she was so excited that she was about to set off congratulatory fireworks in front of her house.

Her daughter could go abroad to attend a competition. What an honor!

“Don’t be so worked up. Yingying still needs to pass two tests,” as Ye Zhifan finished his words, he regretted telling his wife this news. Straight-faced, he said in a deep voice. “Not only Yingying is qualified, but Jian has also qualified!”

Sneering coldly, Sun Dongqing said, “So what? Can that wicked girl outshine Yingying? Do not mention her in front of me. I am pissed off at the mention of her name! She has only ranked for the first place of the Eighth Grade once and she has become cocky! Bah! She’s the reason Yingying has been upset for a whole month.”

“Why do I even bother talking to you? I’m having a meeting in the town tonight. You have dinner with Yingying.” Ye Zhifan, who just came home, picked up his briefcase, walking out of his home again. He didn’t want to spend even one minute with his wife, whom he had nothing in common with.

Sun Dongqing stared at the back of her husband. A while later, a cold sneer appeared in her eyes. She turned around, going into the kitchen to prepare dinner for Ye Ying.

It was Friday today. When school was over, every student living on campus would return home. As Ye Jian walked out of the school gate, instead of heading into town, she headed in the opposite direction.

The road was full of home-returning students wearing school uniforms of the same color. It was impossible to tell the students apart from a distance.

Ye Jian had walked approximately 200 meters. She slowed her steps discreetly. Someone… was tracking her.

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