Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 112 - Slapping Face in This Way (V)

Chapter 112: Slapping Face in This Way (V)

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Smiling, Ye Jian glanced at her and said calmly, “We are still in her class for the next year or so. Lay low a bit, An Jiaxin. After all, she is our teach…”

A student walked toward them, interrupting Ye Jian’s words.

“Sorry, Ye Jian!” the boy apologized abruptly and then bent over deeply. “I hope you can make better achievements in the following exams so that you can participate in the competition on behalf of our country!”

This unforeseen event made Ye Jian slightly curl her lips. Everything was so wonderful when she could live her life all over again.

“Thanks, I will try,” she said, smiling. The rainbow had appeared after the storm.

From the teaching building to the cafeteria, a myriad of students had expressed their apologies and kindness to Ye Jian.

“Ye Jian, from now on, no one will dare doubt you or gossip about you,” said An Jiaxin. The corners of her eyes were a bit moist.

“I fear no judgment or question,” Ye Jian looked at the sky with a bit of a chill in her eyes. Just like sharp swords slicing through the darkness, the sun rays penetrated through layers of clouds, shining brightly. “I only fear that I may make no progress, and ultimately, I will disappear from this world like a grain of dust.”

“I’m not trying to prove anything to them. I just… want to live a better life. It’s about survival, get it?”

The last sentence made her sound like an old lady who had gone through everything. From her lifetime of experience, she made the conclusion that it was her survival instinct that had kept her going.

Like a wakeup call, Ye Jian’s words resounded loudly in An Jiaxin’s mind. In an instant, this kind-hearted girl understood a lot of things.

As the saying goes, keep good men company and you shall be of the number.

Ye Jian’s charisma could always influence the lives of the people close to her in an intangible way.

One after another student approached Ye Jian from time to time. At the sight of this, Ye Ying kept squeezing the leaves in her palms. The green sap of the leaves dyed the spaces between her fingers. Hatred had rooted in her eyes and it could not be driven away anymore.

Ye Ying didn’t look away until she noticed Liao Jian passing through the dense trees. She walked toward the Reading Pavilion, a famous architecture of the school.

Located between two teaching buildings, the Reading Pavilion was surrounded by tall and green trees. In the morning, a lot of students came here to read.

At noon, there were few people at the Reading Pavilion. Walking on the road paved with blue flagstones, Ye Ying headed to it. She saw Liao Jian holding a cigarette in his mouth just like a punk.

“All right, my dad asked me to tell you that your dad can come back two months later,” Ye Ying didn’t want to talk with this kind of bad student. However, she could not stay too far away from him. So, she had to force herself. “Besides, have you inquired about the thing I told you to do?”

The dismal on his face was swept away as soon as Liao Jian heard that his dad could come back two months later.

Looking around, he took out an item similar to a bank deposit book swiftly from the pocket in his pants. “A token of gratitude from my mom to your family. Keep it. As for Ye Jian, just you wait, my guys know where she lives and we can teach her a lesson anytime.”

To his surprise, the chick lived in the New Recruit Camp.

His priority was to please Ye Ying. When his dad was back, it will be a piece of cake for them to discipline Ye Jian.

Someone was walking over to the Reading Pavilion. For fear that she might be seen with a bad student, Ye Ying said immediately, “Fine, now go. I will tell you what to do about Ye Jian when the time comes.”

It might be impossible to teach her a lesson anytime soon now that numerous eyes were on her… If anything happened to her, the whole school would know!

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