Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 111 - Slapping Face in This Way (IV)

Chapter 111: Slapping Face in This Way (IV)

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Jealousy was growing rapidly like wild grass. Although Ye Ying kept her head low so that the look on her face was not visible to others, the gloominess issued from her was like a swamp brimmed with the corpses of animals, dark, cold, and… creepy.

Sitting to the right of her, Tan Wei automatically tilted her head to look at her. Before Tan Wei could open her mouth, her eyelids twitched in fear due to Ye Ying’s facial expressions.

Tan Wei’s heart sank. Unlike Xie Sifeng and He Jiamin, Tan Wei didn’t admire Ye Ying indiscriminately. Seeing this, she looked away quietly.

This Ye Ying was strange to her, making her feel horrified.

“Principal Chen…” Mrs. Ke was suppressing her fluster. She raised her question blatantly in front of her students. “Is it your decision or…”

“The decision is made by the Provincial No.1 Middle School and based on the performances of the students. It’s not up to me,” Principal Chen glanced at Mrs. Ke slightly, giving her no chance to finish her question. “Don’t be worked up, of course. It’s uncertain whether they can qualify to attend the contest for our country. The candidates must pass two rounds of selections before they can enter the closed and enhanced training.”

Thanks to this sentence, the noisy classroom gained a short period of quietness. As it turned out, the candidates must pass two rounds of selections before they could have a chance to represent the country.

It was so difficult… They wondered if Ye Jian could make it.

Despite the final result, the fact that Ye Jian had skipped the first round of selection was evidence that her brain was impressive enough!

At the thought of this, the students looked at Ye Jian quietly in awe.

“Before I leave, I have a word for you, students of Class Two,” Principal Chen’s eyes, as profound as the sea, gazed at the innocent faces. He said meaningfully, “As I said before, academic performance can’t say anything about a person. It is the moral qualities that tell people apart.”

It’s the moral qualities that tell people apart!

Ye Ying, who had been keeping her head low, felt so dizzy that she almost collapsed.

Was… was he referring to her? Her?

“Ye Jian, Ye Jian!!” Gritting her teeth, Ye Ying cursed violently in her mind as if this was the only way to dispel her hatred inside. But she had no idea that the more she acted this way, the more despicable she seemed.

For Ye Jian, this was nothing more than a trivial matter in her life. It didn’t deserve to make her too happy about it.

Of course, her scores had silenced her skeptics, thus saving her a lot of trouble.

After the Chinese lesson, Mrs. Ke, who had lost her authority as a teacher, fled the classroom speedily.

There was nothing she could do about Ye Jian! She could neither swear at nor beat up Ye Jian… She didn’t even have a proper reason to criticize her in public!

Watching her escape, Ye Jian sneered.

Never would she forget how Mrs. Ke and Sun Dongqing ganged up on her by vilifying her!

Never would she forget that, in front of the whole class, Mrs. Ke slapped her violently in the face, yelling, “Shame on you! You don’t deserve to be my student.”

Oh, in this lifetime, Ye Jian would not allow Mrs. Ke to stand behind the podium any longer, because she didn’t deserve to be a teacher!

The whole morning, Ye Jian’s classmates looked at her with subtle meanings in their eyes. Those gossips vanished instantly as if they never existed.

On their way to the cafeteria at noon, An Jiaxin felt proud and elated. She said gloatingly in a low-pitched voice, “As soon as Principal Chen appeared, Mrs. Ke was so scared that her feet turned cold.”

“Alas, let me tell you how I felt at that moment. I felt comfortable all over as if I had drunk honey water.”

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