Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1643 - Playing Matchmaker

Chapter 1643: Playing Matchmaker

He dared to fool around in front of her.

Sun Ling Ling, who had taken a blow, could only reply honestly. “I’m actually all right. Sister Yu, don’t worry about me. My new dad is a very good person. I’m only saying this because it’s you. I wouldn’t tell anyone else.”

“What do you mean?” San Bao raised her eyebrow and leaned in. “Hurry and tell me.”

Sun Ling Ling bit on her lip. “My new dad said that I’ll be his only daughter in his entire life. In the future, he’ll leave everything to me. You know, I’m not eyeing my new dad’s money, but I’m quite happy that I won’t be having any younger siblings in the future.”

With a new dad to fight with her over her mom, Sun Ling Ling already felt a small sense of loss. If there was one more child in the family, Sun Ling Ling was not sure that she would be able to adjust and adapt if that day were really to come.

Initially, Sun Ling Ling was all prepared to support Sun Guohong if there was really the appearance of a second child. But she then realized what Sun Guohong meant. There would definitely not be a second child. Because of this, Sun Ling Ling had no more worries.

San Bao patted Sun Ling Ling’s head. “It seems that your new dad is pretty good. Auntie Xu is already quite old. It’s too dangerous for her to give birth to a second child. Only your heartless birth father would have such an idea.”

Sun Ling Ling stuck out her tongue and smiled. Then, she sat obediently by San Bao’s side, observing her mom being a happy bride.

Because of Xu Shengnan’s second marriage, Qiao Nan had gotten busy as well. That was because Qiao Nan had been the matchmaker between Xu Shengnan and Sun Guohong!

Qiao Nan had never been interested in being the matchmaker, but she had become the matchmaker for the people around her over and over again. And she had even done a good job. Thinking about this, Qiao Nan realized that there was no one else apart from her.

She was no longer young and was unlike Xu Shengnan, who was energetic and bubbly. After attending the wedding, Qiao Nan was so tired that she lay down on the sofa to catch her breath upon returning home.

The previous auntie who had worked in the Zhai family for two to three decades had finally retired, and Qiao Nan hired another one. Thankfully, this newly hired auntie was just as hardworking as the recently retired one, had a good temper, and did not talk too much. Upon seeing that Qiao Nan had returned and was fatigued, she quickly poured Qiao Nan a cup of tea.

San Bao took the cup of tea from the auntie’s hands and placed it in front of her mother. “My dear mother, you’ve worked hard. My dear mother, please have some tea.”

Qiao Nan would not reject her daughter’s act of filial piety. After taking a sip, she eyed San Bao. “The sofa’s so big. Why do you have to squeeze here with me? Do you have something to ask me, you curious child?” Otherwise, why was San Bao being so clingy?

San Bao laughed. “The situation earlier was a little special and I was too embarrassed to ask. But I feel that there’s something more to what Ling Ling said. Ling Ling said that Uncle Sun can’t have another child apart from Ling Ling and that he’ll treat Ling Ling as his birth daughter. Mom, does this mean that Uncle Sun isn’t prepared to let Auntie Xu have another child, or is there something else to this?”

As a university student, San Bao knew all about that thing that went on between men and women. There were tons of elementary students who were casually calling each other husband and wife, let alone university students. As for junior high school and high school students, it no longer sufficed to just write letters and hold hands while dating.

Qiao Nan sighed. “This is a matter between adults. Why do you children need to know so much? Ling Ling’s already said it. It’s better that you just listen to whatever Ling Ling said. If you really care about Ling Ling, then you must remember one thing. Ling Ling won’t have any younger siblings, and there won’t be any accidents.”

Qiao Nan was really not in the place to tell San Bao what she meant by ‘no accidents’.

San Bao could tell that her dear mother would probably get into a rage if she were to continue pursuing the matter, so she quickly raised her arms in surrender. “I won’t ask. I won’t ask. If my dear mother won’t let me ask, I’ll definitely not do it. I won’t ask anyone about this. I won’t even mention it in the future. Don’t get angry, my dear mother. Calm down. If you get angry, my dad will never let me off.”

It was not easy being a good person.

The last time, she had almost been torn apart by her dear mother after asking about Auntie Xu’s situation on Ling Ling’s behalf. Today, her mother’s gaze was clearly on fire. If she continued to pursue the matter, how could Er Bao ever compensate for that obedient little girl’s image she had in her mother’s eyes?

San Bao begged Qiao Nan for mercy and after appeasing her, San Bao immediately bowed her head and returned to her room to escape her mother’s death glare so that her mother’s anger would not return.

After returning to her room, San Bao picked up her laptop and stealthily made a call to Er Bao. “Oh, you picked up so quickly. I see that you’ve been waiting for my call. Then again, Er Bao, why are you so interested in Ling Ling’s affairs? Do you care about Ling Ling’s family matters, or do you care about Ling Ling?”

San Bao’s tone was greasy. She felt that Er Bao’s concern toward Ling Ling was rather abnormal. Had something happened between these two people behind her back? The problem was that Er Bao was already a university student, but Ling Ling was still young. Just like Xiao Bao, she had just entered high school.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Afraid that San Bao could not see his annoyance, he purposely rolled his eyes. “In my eyes, Ling Ling is just like you. I treat her like my younger sister. I won’t talk about you, but at least, Ling Ling is like a younger sister. So many things have happened in their family, and these all concern her future and whether she’ll be able to have a good time in the future. As an elder brother, it’s only right that I’m concerned about her. What’s the problem? But even if I don’t get you to ask about these things, do you think you’ll be able to hold in your curiosity and not find out about them?”

He knew San Bao all too well. He had only come to ask San Bao about the matter after she had gotten a clear view of the situation. Whether or not he had asked San Bao to investigate the matter would not have any impact on San Bao’s curiosity toward the matter.

All right, San Bao was finally convinced by Er Bao. What Er Bao had said was the truth. “Fine. I can’t win against you. Don’t worry. Ling Ling’s life ahead will be even better than her current one. I’ve seen that Uncle Sun today. He’s quite a decent guy. I heard that Dad was the one who took care of him in the military, and Mom was the matchmaker. With both Dad and Mom around, you can rest easy.”

“Mom was the matchmaker? Really? Since when did Mom develop an interest in matching people together?” In all his time at home, he had never seen his mom act as a matchmaker to anyone. His mom would even avoid those old grannies who were always on the lookout for unmarried young men and young ladies.

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