Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1644 - Why

Chapter 1644: Why

In general, shouldn’t those who truly loved being matchmakers do that?

“Isn’t Mom already too busy with her work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? How did Mom find any time to act as a matchmaker? Why do I feel that sounds so rare?” After saying that, Er Bao was overjoyed. His mom did not look like one who enjoyed matchmaking!

“All right, don’t argue with me. I only found out about that today too. It’s all thanks to Mom that Auntie Xu got married to that Uncle Sun. If you have so many questions, you can ask Mom yourself when you’re back. I’ve only heard so much about the matter that you asked me to find out for you. As for anything else, you’ll have to go investigate on your own if you want to know more. I can’t do much. If I pursue the matter any further, Mom’s going to kill me.” San Bao cut Er Bao off. Attending someone else’s wedding was quite tiring, and she was already sleepy.

Hearing that San Bao’s voice had changed, he knew that this lass was probably getting lazy after having a good meal at the wedding. “All right, I won’t disturb you. Go get some rest.”

“Okay, goodnight.” San Bao yawned again before hanging up the phone. She quickly showered as though she was in battle, undressed, snuck under her cover, and fell right asleep.

Knowing that Sun Ling Ling’s life would only get better now that Auntie Xu had gotten married, San Bao had nothing else bothering her.

Da Bao, who had just returned to his room with a book, saw that Er Bao had just gotten off the phone and asked out of curiosity, “I guess the ending’s not bad now that you’ve just gotten off the phone.”

“Yes, San Bao told me that Auntie Xu won’t have another child apart from Ling Ling after getting married.” Er Bao was still wondering whether these words could be trusted and whether there would be any changes in the future.

Da Bao put his book down. “Is that so? It’s great if that’s the case. You should be happy!” Auntie Xu was getting remarried but was not planning on having a second child. For the rest of her life, she would have only one child, Ling Ling. As for the groom, this was his first marriage, and he did not have any illegitimate children either. So it was as simple as Ling Ling getting a new father.

“Da Bao, do you think we can trust these words? Why do I feel that these words seem unreliable? What kind of man would not want his own child after getting married? If he doesn’t want children, then why would he get married? Wouldn’t it be just as good to simply date Auntie Xu? Do you think it’s possible that he said all these just to coax Auntie Xu into marriage? Once they get married, he would find a way to get Auntie Xu pregnant! I heard that it’s not easy for Auntie Xu to get pregnant at her age. But it won’t be easy to get an abortion either because of all the ill effects on her body. Sometimes, getting an abortion might be even more dangerous than simply giving birth.”

If it reached that stage, that man would not only have a wife but also his own child!

Da Bao flicked Er Bao on the head. “What did you just call me?” Da Bao and Er Bao had agreed that they would never use each other’s nicknames at school and would only use their proper given names. But Er Bao had committed a folly, calling Da Bao by his nickname.

“Classmate Zhai Yi, I’ll let you go just this once because I’m magnanimous. Just answer me.” Zhai Xin was helpless. All right, he could only hold it in since he was the one who first suggested it. But Zhai Yi had hit him a little too hard, just as hard as his dad did.

Zhai Yi nodded in satisfaction. “I don’t know if Auntie Xu is so gullible, but do you think that those two people from our family are so easily cheated? If this guy is unreliable and not trustworthy, Dad would never trust him and help him, especially Mom. Mom just pulled Auntie Xu out of a fiery pit a few years ago. Do you think Mom can personally throw Auntie Xu into another fiery pit? Even if you don’t trust Auntie Xu’s judgment, you should at least trust our dad and mom’s!”

With both Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng in the picture, Zhai Yi did not question Sun Guohong’s character or uprightness. Zhai Yi was calm, as though he knew Sun Guohong personally and understood him well.

After getting reprimanded like this, Zhai Xin’s face turned green. He was clearly suspicious of that man named Sun Guohong, but Zhai Yi had brought their parents into the picture to try to frame him! He was too much! He should be thankful they were in school. If they were at home, his mom would be hurt by Zhai Yi’s words.

“Humph, I guess you’re right. I’m sleepy. I’m going to sleep.” Zhai Xin forcefully lay down on his bed, so much so that his bed made a loud squeak. Moreover, he had even switched off the lights in the bedroom before sleeping, saying that the lights were too bright. How was he supposed to fall asleep if he did not switch the lights off?

In the face of Zhai Xin’s tantrum, Zhai Yi was not the least bit angry. He knew clearly what kind of temper his younger brother had and how he kicked someone to the curb once they had outlived their usefulness. Anyway, he had already borrowed the book. His book would not run away even if he did not read it tonight. He would just have to read it the next day.

Zhai Yi was one who liked to strike a balance between work and rest and not just bury himself in his studies all the time. It was because of Zhai Yi’s cool temper that the brothers did not get into fights over trivial matters even when Zhai Xin threw a tantrum. After washing up, Zhai Yi lay down on his bed, covered himself with his blanket, and got ready to turn in for the night.

Since Zhai Yi was good with his words, Zhai Xin naturally could not go overboard. Hearing that there was no sound coming from Zhai Yi, Zhai Xin said out of guilt, “Actually, you can just switch on a table lamp. It won’t be too bright. Why don’t you use the table lamp to read? Or you can just switch on half the lights. I’ll just sleep with my back facing the lights.”

Zhai Yi, who was lying in bed, smiled. He was always like that, like a child who could never grow up. “It’s all right. It’s quite late. I’m not going to read anymore. It’s bad for the eyes to read at this hour. If my eyesight deteriorates, I won’t even be able to enter the military in the future.”

While Zhai Yi and Zhai Xin placed importance on their cultural courses, they also paid great attention to their eyesights so as not to let their eyesights deteriorate. Otherwise, their dreams of joining the military would be crushed. It was already so late. The glaring lights were also not suitable for reading either.

If it was not for this, Zhai Yi would pay no heed to his spoilt brat of a younger brother, not even if ten Zhai Xins were throwing a tantrum at the same time.

“Oh…” Zhai Xin answered awkwardly. When he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly remembered that Zhai Yi had been beating around the bush but had never given him a direct answer to his question. Instead, he had dragged their parents into the equation and even taken the chance to lecture Zhai Xin! Tsk, what an annoying sesame rice ball!

In that instant that Zhai Xin was about to fall asleep, there was still a question in his mind: Why did Sun Guohong get married to Xu Shengnan if he did not want a child of his own? Was there really such a person in the world?

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