Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1642 - The Cheeky Girl

Chapter 1642: The Cheeky Girl

The boy’s facial features were nothing like Fang Shiyou’s. Their skin tones didn’t match either. Aside from gender, nothing was similar.

However, this child looked like the old man who had a beer belly and was laughing awkwardly in the photo. Even though they weren’t seventy to eighty percent alike, they were definitely forty to fifty percent alike.

If this boy who could run and jump wasn’t the baby then, who he looked like had nothing to do with Fang Shiyou. What made Fang Shiyou troubled was that the age of the boy in the photo matched the baby who was taken away then. In the photo, his ‘true love’, that awkward-looking man, and the little boy who was holding a ball were standing together and smiling. Anyone who saw them would say that they were a happy family of three.

“Mom, take a look. Do you recognize this little boy?” Fang Shiyou took a deep breath. After returning home, he only took out the photo of the boy playing alone. He was afraid that his mother would jump to conclusions if she saw the other photos first.

Mother Fang was shocked. Didn’t Shiyou go to talk to Shengnan about their remarriage? Why did he let her take a look at a photo once he returned home?

Mother Fang lowered her head. “I have never seen this child before. He’s not from our community, right?” Mother Fang’s first reaction was to deny it. After taking a look again, she sighed. “How coincidental. This boy looks just like my grandson. Look at the neck here. There’s a big black mole. Do children nowadays like to grow a black mole here?”

Mother Fang had taken care of that grandson for only four months and had never seen him since then. However, even if it was just a short four months, she had a certain understanding of this grandchild whom she had waited so eagerly for. Mother Fang could still remember it clearly even after five or six years later.

Initially, Fang Shiyou was hoping that his guess could still be true. However, after hearing his mother’s words, Fang Shiyou knew that Sun Guohong didn’t lie to him. Back then, the child his ‘true love’ had been pregnant with wasn’t his son.

No wonder when he asked her to go out and find a job, she had dragged on for a few months and then became determined to get a divorce with him when the child was four months old. When she left, she didn’t take anything along with her. All her clothes were still in his house. She only walked out with her son.

This woman was still the woman he knew who wouldn’t be able to survive without a man. The reason why she had walked out so easily was that she had found the child’s birth father during that period of time. With a new financier, she would, of course, just throw him aside and bring her son to find his birth father to enjoy life.

No one in this world would care how much Fang Shiyou had suffered, other than Mother Fang.

However, for San Bao, who had just returned home from vacation, the whole world had changed in these short two months when she was studying in school. “Mom, are you joking with me, or are you for real? Ling Ling is going to have a father soon? Who is it? Does Ling Ling know about it? Has she agreed to her mother remarrying?” How rare. Ling Ling didn’t want her birth father but was willing to accept a stepfather? This was insane!

“It looks like Ling Ling has been quite tight-lipped this time and hid this from you,” Qiao Nan said in a gloating manner. “Ling Ling has interacted with this new father for almost a year now. If not for her saying that she wanted this new father, your Auntie Xu might have dragged for another year before remarrying.”

Sun Guohong was not bad and knew how to please the young girl. He had coaxed Ling Ling until she was now calling him ‘father’. When she thought of how Xu Ling Ling, who was initially the one who found it most difficult to accept Sun Guohong, had become the first to accept Sun Guohong, Qiao Nan could only say that they should really be a family.

San Bao’s lips twitched. “I find it so incredible. Mom, are you sure that Ling Ling really, really, really accepted this man? Ling Ling is also hiding this from me? Impossible!”

Qiao Nan comforted her daughter’s broken heart after pinching her tender face. “You can call Ling Ling and ask for yourself if this is real.” Based on San Bao’s temper, she would definitely settle scores with Ling Ling. However, Ling Ling was clever. She would definitely have thought of how to coax San Bao. As such, Qiao Nan wasn’t worried for Ling Ling and her daughter at all.

Let the children take care of their own affairs.

“I have to call her. If she can’t give me a satisfactory answer for this matter, look how I’ll deal with her in the future!” To think that before she attended university, she was still worried about Ling Ling’s b*stard father. Ling Ling had never mentioned that Auntie Xu was already in a situation. What little conscience she had!

In the end, Qiao Nan didn’t interfere with how San Bao and Ling Ling resolved this matter. As long as the two of them didn’t throw tantrums and were as close as birth sisters, the adults would naturally be happy to see favorable outcomes.

Xu Shengnan and Sun Guohong got married on New Year’s Day. It was rare for the weather to be great then. It could only be said that even the weather was favorable.

San Bao flicked a finger against Ling Ling’s forehead. “How does it feel to watch your birth mother marry another man? Is it still the same as what you told me before? Were you so happy that you couldn’t fall asleep?” Ling Ling had explained to her why she didn’t tell her about this in the past.

San Bao expressed that this was the Xu family’s matters after all. She didn’t need to know the specific details since this wasn’t her life. As long as Xu Ling Ling herself felt that this was good, the rest didn’t matter.

Furthermore, Auntie Xu hadn’t accepted Uncle Sun yet. Ling Ling was afraid that it would be inappropriate to reveal this matter too early. When she thought of how Sun Guohong was a soldier brought out by Zhai Sheng, San Bao felt a little complicated in her heart. Before this, why didn’t she know that a retired soldier who was previously under her father had started a business in the capital?

“It’s a little uncomfortable.” Xu Ling Ling sniffed. “From today onward, I’ll no longer be called Xu Ling Ling. I’m going to be Sun Ling Ling. I’m not an adult yet, but I already have three names. I’m really not used to it. I don’t know if I can react in time next time someone calls me Sun Ling Ling.”

Upset? Of course she was upset! Her mother had initially belonged to her. Even if she didn’t have a father, as long as her mother was around, she would feel that she was more fortunate than other children. However, from today onward, her mother no longer belonged to her alone. She was going to share her with another person.

San Bao rolled her eyes at Sun Ling Ling. “Don’t think that I dare not lay a hand on you as your mother’s getting married today. Little girl, asking for trouble?”

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