Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 822 - Smacked to Death

822 Smacked to Death

“You’re the Chinese Connate Cultivator?” an elegant man asked.

He was wearing an azure robe with cloud patterns. He was surrounded by Azure Qi and there was an azure dragon flying behind him. The Qingyang Sect was known for Qi Refinement and their Connate Azure Qi could break any art! He looked down on Chen Fan from above.

Once the man spoke, all the people close by stopped talking and those who had toasted with Chen Fan even took a step back. Many people were in awe.

“Master, that man is the second heir of the Qingyang Sect, Hu Kunhao. He has reached the peak stage of the Divine Sea Level and has achieved the ‘Connate Qi Body.’ He’s said to be able to fight with a Mortal Deity and is second only to Xuan Qingzi, the first heir of the sect,” Old Ding introduced.

The Qingyang Sect was an Immortal Sect that had a Golden Core Ancestral Patriarch and was much more powerful than normal families. Otherwise, how could they manipulate people? Besides, the Qingyang Sect was close to Zhuyan City, so everyone was even more frightened of them.

“A Qi Refinement Cultivator isn’t qualified to ask me that. Didn’t your Masters tell you to be respectful when you talk to a Senior? I’m afraid your Sect Master wouldn’t even say a word even if I killed you,” Chen Fan said as he put down the glass.

Hu Kunhao froze and held the Azure Dragon Jade Ball in his hand tightly.

Logically speaking, Chen Fan was a Connate Exalted Immortal, so he should indeed follow protocol and bow to Chen Fan. However, he was the second heir of the Qingyang Sect and even the Ancestral Patriarchs of the Connate families had to respect him, let alone a Chinese Connate Cultivator.

“How arrogant. I heard that Old China Town was attacked by a monster of the North Sea a while back. Half of the city was destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people died, including many senior members. The Chinese suffered from such a great loss only because of one sea monster. You’re indeed a weak race.”

Senior Hu gave him a villainous smile.

“There was nothing they could do. Without the protection of Connate Overlords, ordinary people are completely helpless against monster attacks,” Zhang Lingfeng said.

“Hm, aren’t you a Chinese Connate Cultivator? Why didn’t you protect your people instead of coming to Zhuyan City? Do you want the treasures as well? I think you should just go back. Even if you get the cultivation arts of the Perfected Cultivator, you won’t be able to reach the Golden Core Level after a thousand years.”

Senior Hu snickered.

People around them also laughed mockingly.

Mu Hongti became anxious after seeing Chen Fan arguing with Hu Kunhao. After all, the Qingyang Sect had Hu Kunhao’s back and Chen Fan would not be able to fight against them alone.

Old China Town was under attack?

Chen Fan was a bit startled. Even though these people were unrelated to him, they all migrated from Earth. Chen Fan wouldn’t mind helping them if he could.

“Master Chen is the envoy of the Golden Crow now, so of course he has to visit Zhuyan City to check on all the chapters,” Old Ding said.

“The envoy of the Golden Crow?”

Everyone was shocked.

Mu Hongti and the others were also stunned.

Chen Fan was alone. How did he suddenly become an envoy of the Golden Crow? Hu Kunhao even turned pale. A Chinese cultivator was nothing, but it would be difficult to deal with him if he had such a backing. The Golden Crow was a large Chamber of Commerce founded by Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow. Although the Qingyang Sect wasn’t scared of them, they would prefer not to provoke them.

Senior Hu and Zhang Lingfeng looked at each other and were about to leave.

“Why? You’re leaving? Have you asked for my permission first?” Chen Fan smiled.

“What do you mean?”

Senior Hu was anxious.

“Kneel, bow and apologize to my people,” Chen Fan said.

“How dare you!”

Senior Hu’s eyes were wide open; he was clearly enraged.

He was an heir of the Qingyang Sect and the Sect Master’s disciple. How could he kneel before a Chinese Connate Cultivator? He wouldn’t even bow to ordinary Connate Ancestral Patriarchs. Chen Fan had completely angered him.

An energy surged inside Hu Kunhao. It seemed as if a dragon soaring in the sky would soon swallow Chen Fan whole.

“Be careful.”

Mu Hongti was worried.

She knew how powerful Senior Hu was. The Connate Qi Body was something even experienced Connate Cultivators couldn’t achieve and normal Connate Cultivators were no match for him. Yun Yier and the others were terrified.


Chen Fan didn’t say anything; he simply stretched out his hand.


An invisible energy fell on Hu Kunhao’s shoulders and forced him to kneel. Hu Kunhao shouted and his sleeves immediately bulged. He gathered his Four Righteousness Qi; it rose from his spine to his head, turning into a Qi Bell.

“Connate Qi Body.”

“Go!” Hu Kunhao shouted and the azure bell was enlarged to a few feet in size as it tried to break the restriction spell.

He was a peak-stage Divine Sea Cultivator. Adding his phenomenal-success Dao Body, he was almost as powerful as a Connate Cultivator, especially a Chinese Connate Cultivator. Hu Kunhao knew he had a high chance of winning the battle.

But, out of his expectation…

The Azure Qi Bell was crushed after half a second. Then, an endless energy fell from the sky and broke his Four Righteousness Protection Aura, pressing his entire body against the floor.

One smack and he was defeated!

“How is that possible?”

The junior members present were astonished! They knew exactly how powerful Hu Kunhao was. He had endless Connate Azure Qi and would not yield even when facing Connate Cultivators. Although he might not be as strong as the peerless elites, he was one of the top talents around the region. How would he lose to Chen Fan just like that?

“Argh!” Hu Kunhao yelled; he couldn’t accept this.

A great surge of dragon-like Azure Qi came out of his body. Each strand could break mountains and was comparable to a flying sword. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to break free; he was pressed down even harder, sinking further into the ground. A human-shaped mark appeared on the black jade floor.


Everyone was speechless.

Yun Yier’s eyes popped out while Mu Hongti covered her mouth as she looked at them with a startled face. Zhang Lingfeng even looked as if he had eaten a fly.

“Let me go, or the Qingyang Sect will exterminate the Chinese!” Hu Kunhao shouted.

“You’re playing with fire.”

Some crackling sounds were heard; Hu Kunhao let out a cry. His limbs were fractured and his organs torn. Countless bones on his body had been cracked and his entire body had sunken ten meters on the ground. He couldn’t even make noise.

“Stop!” a majestic voice demanded.

People made way and the City Lord of Zhuyan City, Zhang Dongxu, moved forward. The quarrel between Chen Fan and the others had already caught the attention of the Overlords on the stage.

Zhang Dongxu glanced at Chen Fan and asked in shock, “Why are you hurting people in my mansion?”

“Father, this is the envoy of the Golden Crow. He attacked Senior Hu because he felt slighted. He’s completely disrespecting the City Lord Mansion and the Qingyang Sect!” Zhang Dongxu bowed and replied.

“The envoy of the Golden Crow?”

Zhang Dongxu frowned.

Even though the Golden Crow wasn’t as powerful as the Qingyang Sect, they did have a Perfected Cultivator. Still, he wasn’t worried about them as he was a disciple of Xukong Grotto-heaven.

“You’ve gone too far when dealing with such a small matter. I’ve met the Golden Crow’s Sect Masters at their headquarters before. Do they know you’re provoking the Qingyang Sect here? This is the second disciple of their Sect Master and he adores him. I believe not even the Golden Crow can afford the consequences,” Zhang Dongxu said coldly.

Chen Fan was only an envoy. How could he compare to the second heir of a cultivation sect?

Even Old Ding was a bit worried. He knew that Chen Fan was only passing up as a member of the Golden Crow and Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow would not help him.

“Let him go quickly. I won’t punish you as this is your first time,” Zhang Dongxu yelled.

He was extremely fierce given his status as the City Lord and a peak-stage Connate Cultivator. Everyone was astonished by his sword-like eyebrows and the aura around him.

“Let me go now!” Hu Kunhao shouted with his Immortal Will even though he couldn’t speak.

While the others thought Chen Fan would yield, he gently pressed down with his hand.


Hu Kunhao was crushed into blood mist. His body and Divine Soul became powder. All his Connate Azure Qi and the Earth Level Deity Dao Body turned into blood.

Hu Kunhao was dead?

Everyone froze, unable to conceive what they had just witnessed. Chen Fan killed Hu Kunhao, the second heir of the Qingyang Sect, in front of Zhang Dongxu and all the families of Zhuyan City?


The Young Master of the Wu family was trembling.

Something bad was going to happen! The heir of the Qingyang Sect died in Zhuyan City. Their bad-tempered Sect Master wouldn’t just let it go. Everyone present, including those of the City Lord Mansion, would have to bear the consequences.

As for the murderer, Chen Fan…

Everyone stared at him as if he were a dead person.

“How dare you kill someone in front of me?”

Zhang Dongxu stepped forward with his hair standing and his sleeves bulging. A powerful energy immediately filled the entire City Lord Mansion. The onlooking juniors suddenly fell back, having difficulty breathing. The other servants and maids even knelt on the floor, not daring to look up.

How powerful was a peak-stage Connate Cultivator?

People felt as if they were looking at a ten thousand feet mountain; all of them were out of breath, forget about fighting against him.

“So what? Do I have to ask for your permission?”

Chen Fan flicked his fingers indifferently.

A raging energy fell on Chen Fan, but it was only like the breeze to him.

“Very well.”

Zhang Dongxu turned pale. He wasn’t smiling anymore.

“I will let the Sect Master of the Qingyang Sect deal with you since you’re so confident. You were warned… When the army of the Qingyang Sect comes, you, your people and the Golden Crow will be in trouble. I’ll see if you’re still this arrogant by then!”

He flicked his sleeves and swiftly walked away.

Chen Fan was left there, sitting calmly.

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