Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 821 - The Banque

821 The Banque

Chen Fan was a heavy hitter in Zhuyan City by then.

Only a few people knew he had killed the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gu family and the seniors of the Golden Crow. With the help of Old Ding, Chen Fan could act as an envoy from the headquarters of the Golden Crow. So, Zhang Dongxu certainly had to invite him.

Chen Fan was interested in attending, to learn about the banquets on Planet Tianhuang.

In the evening.

The City Lord Mansion was lit up and countless servants and maids walked among the crowd. Chen Fan arrived in a black outfit with Old Ding.

This time, not only the seniors of Zhuyan City, even the descendants of the Grotto-heavens and the main families were also present.

“Master, Zhang Dongxu came from the Xukong Sect, one of the six Grotto-heavens. His Xukong Slaughtering Art is really powerful. The young elites always treat him respectfully since he’s a disciple of a Grotto-heaven,” Old Ding mumbled.

Chen Fan glanced around and noticed.

Lin Wuhua and Gu Lingzi were on the stage. They were surrounded by silver glitter and black light, which caught everyone’s attention. The Ancestral Patriarchs of the large families, the Elders of different sects and the City Lord of Zhuyan City were next to them.

The disciples and junior members of the sects were below the stage, including the Qingyang Sect which was the closest to Zhuyan City. Chen Fan also saw Mu Hongti, Yun Yier and Zhang Lingfeng.

As for Chen Fan, he was sitting at the back where many Chamber of Commerce and senior members of smaller families were located. Even though the Golden Crow was big, it was much weaker than many families and sects.

“Senior Zhang, I guess you’ll be the one getting the treasure.”

Bai Qiuer raised the glass. Her lips were red and her eyes were glittering.

“No, no. Don’t say that, Junior Bai.” Zhang Dongxu quickly got up and finished the whole glass of wine.

Even though the two of them were at a similar level, he had cultivated for four centuries while Bai Qiuer was only forty years old. Besides, Bai Qiuer was a representative of the Yin Yang Grotto-heaven and even the Prince had to obey her.


Lin Wuhua glared at Bai Qiuer. She couldn’t accept Bai Qiuer’s coquettish behavior.

Bai Qiuer didn’t mind at all and she whispered to Zhao Qingchen.

Down the stage.

Many juniors were discussing amongst each other.

“Gu Lingzi, Lin Wuhua, Bai Qiuer, Zhao Qingchen, Manggu, Chu Tianyu… These are all the most outstanding elites of the Beihan Region. They usually stay away from these events. If it weren’t for City Lord Zhang, we wouldn’t even be qualified to meet them.”

The Young Master of the Wu family heaved a sigh.

“I like Gu Lingzi. He’s powerful and fierce. He lost to Lin Wuhua only because of the Tianming Sword.”

Yun Yier pouted.

“I admire Fairy Bai more. Even the most influential people in the royal city have to respect her since she’s the representative of a Grotto-heaven, but she’s still quite easy to approach. She’s our role model.”

Zhang Lingfeng shook his head.

Only Mu Hongti sat there while seemingly lost in thought.

Then, an elegant man came up and asked with a smile, “Junior Mu, what are you thinking about?”

This man was the second heir of the Qingyang Sect and he had reached the peak stage of the Divine Sea Level. He was only half a step away from becoming a Connate Cultivator. The Sect Master of the Qingyang Sect had recruited Mu Hongti as a disciple, so she was one of them.

“Ah… Senior Hu, I just think that some people might be talented but nobody knows about them,” Mu Hongti hesitated and said.

“Are you talking about the Chinese Senior?” Yun Yier wondered.

“What Chinese Senior?”

Senior Hu was shocked.

“A while ago, I got into trouble near the Beihan Mountains and a Senior saved me. That Senior is young but he’s already a Connate Cultivator. I guess he would be sitting with Gu Lingzi and his Royal Highness on the stage if he were here,” Mu Hongti said.

Looking at her face, Senior Hu shook his head and chuckled.

“Don’t you know that Connate Overlord can change his appearance? Who knows if he’s really a young man or not? Maybe he’s a few hundred years old!

“Besides, how would he be powerful enough to fight with the top elites of the Beihan Region? The Silver Spirits and the Shitong Race are all top races, not to mention the royal family. Even if he’s really talented, he’d be still struggling to break through the Connate Level a century later by the time his Royal Highness becomes a Perfected Cultivator. This is the limit of his blood. The Chinese are weak. They’re not even as good as ordinary people. If you wish, the Qingyang Sect can exterminate them.”

Everyone went silent after hearing what Senior Hu said.

“Right, Senior Hu is right. Chinese people are cursed. They don’t have any talent in cultivation and are meant to be at the bottom of the world. How would they dare to challenge our elites?” Zhang Lingfeng said.

Mu Hongti knew he was right and she felt sorry for Chen Fan.

Such a talent could have been on an equal footing with the elites of the younger generation, but he could only be despised by the world right then.

Just as she sighed and was about to forget about this man, she saw someone floating in the air with a glass of wine.

The Young Master of the Wu family asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I think I saw someone I know…”

Mu Hongti hesitated.

Everyone looked over and saw a handsome man in a black outfit sitting at the end of the hall. He had black hair and black eyes. Wasn’t that Chen Fan, who had saved them before?

“Senior Chen!”

Yun Yier jumped up and waved.

“It’s really him.”

The Young Master of the Wu family also got up.

Even though they looked down on Chinese people, they were still grateful for what Chen Fan had done for them.

Mu Hongti was even thrilled. Everyone around them didn’t quite understand at first, but they all got up after listening to their explanation.

No matter who Chen Fan was, he had saved Yun Yier and the others after all, so they had to express their goodwill.

“He’s the Chinese Connate Cultivator?”

Senior Hu narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Fan.

“Yes, that’s him! How strange. The City Lord Mansion invited only the large families and Chambers of Commerce. How did he get an invitation?” Zhang Lingfeng was confused.

“Yun Yier, how did you find me?” Chen Fan wondered.

“Senior Chen, I was rude last time, Sister Mu has already scolded me because of it. I shouldn’t have treated you like that because of your identity. Please accept my apology,” Yun Yier replied seriously with a glass of wine in her hand.

Chen Fan glanced at Mu Hongti and saw her smiling, so he smiled back. He then raised his glass and drank a toast with Yun Yier.

After that, the Young Masters of the Wu family and the Qin family approached him for a toast, but they weren’t as grateful as Yun Yier. So, Chen Fan only had a sip of the wine.

When Chen Fan was catching up with the others, a voice was heard.

“You’re the Chinese Connate Cultivator?”

Chen Fan turned around and saw Zhang Lingfeng sneering with a glass of wine in his hand. Next to him was an elegant man who was looking at Chen Fan with naked contempt.

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