Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 823 - Who“s Chen Beixuan?

823 Who“s Chen Beixuan?

The banquet continued…

But people around Chen Fan had moved far away from him. The Qingyang Sect had a history of five thousand years in the Beihan Region. They had several generations of Perfected Cultivators and tons of cultivators.

Who would dare to provoke such a large sect? Even though Chen Fan was a Connate Cultivator, he would be easily crushed by those powerful forces.

The Young Master of the Wu family also stayed far away from Chen Fan; he was wary of being dragged into that impending crisis. Even Yun Yier was taken away by the seniors of her family.

“Senior Chen, I wish you success when you fight against the Qinyang Sect,” said Zhang Lingfeng, walking away while laughing loudly.

Old Ding and Mu Hongti were the only ones remaining. Mu Hongti’s eyes were bright; she looked ravishing. She simply looked at Chen Fan quietly, not saying a word.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Chen Fan asked.

Mu Hongti replied with another question, “Why did you kill him? Didn’t you know he’s a disciple of the Qingyang Sect?”

“He disrespected me and my people. Why can’t I kill him? If they really want to seek revenge, I will just exterminate them,” Chen Fan said. Other people thought he was bluffing, but Old Ding was a bit terrified. He knew Chen Fan was a young Golden Core Perfected Cultivator. Chen Fan might be able to defeat the whole Qingyang Sect.

Mu Hongti remained silent; there was a glint of disappointment in her eyes.

“Fine, do as you please if you don’t want to listen to me.”

Mu Hongti sighed and left.

In the end, only Chen Fan sat there on his own.

Deep in the hall.

“That Chinese guy is quite capable. He killed Hu Kunhao with one attack and refused to yield when confronted by Zhang Dongxu. He’s got guts,” Bai Qiuer said.

Those young Overlords on the stage certainly knew what happened down there. And yet, they didn’t want to get involved at all.

“Hu Kunhao wasn’t someone important. Only Xuan Qingzi is barely powerful enough among this generation of the Qingyang Sect.” Gu Lingzi laughed with disdain. “The surprising part was to see a Chinese Connate Cultivator.”

His wings were folded up and his aura was dim, but his hair was still shining with silver light, looking as handsome as a God.

“Even if he’s a Connate Cultivator, he won’t be able to reach the Golden Core Level. This is a limit of their blood. He’ll never keep up with us, no matter how hard he cultivates. Besides, he might not live after Xuan Qingzi arrives,” Zhao Qingchen said.

He was wearing a black robe with an embroidered giant python design. The python was white and its mouth was open, as if it were going to swallow the world.

Half of the surrounding elites were paying attention to him.

The royal family of the Beihan Region was said to descend from an ancient beast, the “Sky-Swallowing Python.” It was the most powerful beast which had powerful Divine Powers; it was able to defeat a Nascent Soul Cultivator. The Zhao family had suppressed the Beihan Region with its Divine Powers, earning the royal family title. Even though Zhao Qingchen wasn’t the strongest among them, he was the toughest to deal with.

Chu Tianyu smiled and said, “By the way, half of the younger generation of the Beihan Region is gathered here. Why don’t we decide how to share the treasures?”

“I only want the Ancient Underworld Pearl. Whoever takes it from me will have to fight with my Tianming Sword,” Lin Wuhua said coldly.

“The Ancient Underworld Pearl is the most precious among all the treasures. It can be used to make Heavenly Treasures. Why should we step aside so you can get it?”

Manggu sneered.

Lin Wuhua’s eyes glittered.


There were sounds of swords clashing and some chilling Sword Qi was twined around everyone’s hearts as if an invisible sword had appeared.

The Tianming Sword!

Some people were terrified, but most of them were thrilled.

Gu Lingzi and Manggu were sneering. A terrifying energy filled the area; the Connate Ancestral Patriarchs present looked a bit gloomy.

Even though they were a few centuries older than those young elites, they were no match for them at all.

As for Chen Fan, he had been ignored by everyone for a long time. He was as unimportant as an ant in the eyes of those elites. Only Bai Qiuer showed interest in him and glanced at him from time to time.

Chen Fan went back to the Golden Crow after the banquet ended.

Mu Hongti visited him once, but she didn’t say a word. She left a book with detailed information of the Sect Master, Elders and the top Connate Cultivators of the Qingyang Sect, as well as a map that showed the way to leave Zhuyan City.

“Leave Zhuyan City as soon as possible. Xuan Qingzi is on his way,” Mu Hongti said before she left.

Chen Fan knew she was returning a favor.

“A couple Golden Core Cultivators from the Qingyang Sect aren’t enough to scare me.” Chen Fan shook his head as he threw away the information and kept cultivating.


The Spirit Qi around him became concrete and was infused into Chen Fan’s body. A towering Divine Tree appeared behind him. Each branch of the tree went deep into the sky and absorbed energy from the other worlds.

Planet Tianhuang was indeed a cultivation planet.

Chen Fan felt he had gained more energy in a dozen days than in three months while on Earth. His bright Essence Core spinned in his dantian and was expanding by the second. A Kun Peng and a creature that had a dragon head and human body even appeared inside it.

His power was increasing day by day and his Essence Core would reach the maximum level in six months at this rate. By then, Chen Fan would be able to form a superior-grade Golden Core.

“But this isn’t the Golden Core I want. If it doesn’t reach the divine or the sacred grade, how will I be able to fight with the Saints and Goddesses in the future? And how could I survive the Heavenly Tribulation?”

Chen Fan opened his eyes and looked at the Juehan Mountains.

The “Ancient Underworld Pearl” was there and the Xuanming Qi it contained would give him a higher chance of completing a super-grade Golden Core.

“But it’s still not enough. I need more treasures!”

Chen Fan closed his eyes.

He could have stayed on Earth if the goal was to simply become a normal Golden Core Cultivator, spending a dozen years to achieve that. Only Planet Tianhuang had the treasures and ingredients he needed to complete a super-grade Golden Core.

Time passed as Chen Fan cultivated.

Soon after…

News arrived, saying that the cold wave deep in the Juehan Mountain Range had started to subside.

Once the news was spread in Zhuyan City, powerful energy blazed toward the sky, turning into beams of light that flashed to the Juehan Mountain Range. Apparently, those were the elites rushing forward.

Many people saw rays of silver light and black water in the sky, then Gu Lingzi, Lin Wuhua and the others appeared.

Other than the elites, many Connate Overlords were also trailing behind. Even normal Immortal Cultivators went there; they didn’t expect to get Spirit Treasures like the Ancient Underworld Pearl, but it would be wonderful if they could get a couple of Spirit Artifacts, medicines or cultivation arts.

In the end, almost half of the cultivators in Zhuyan City were heading there.

“Perfected Cultivator, you can enter the mountains now,” Old Ding reported.

“All right.”

Chen Fan opened his eyes. The shadows of the Kun Peng and the Thunder Loch flashed by. The real battle had finally begun.

Chen Fan turned into an ordinary person again; he walked out of the Golden Crow and went towards the Juehan Mountain Range. He wasn’t in a hurry; according to the intel, it would take time for the treasures to appear.

While on his way…

He saw many Immortal Cultivators, including some Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

They were riding on unicorns and tiger beasts as they went deep into the mountains. There were also a lot of giant flying ships in the sky. Each of them was a hundred feet long; all of them belonged to the Connate Ancestral Patriarchs. There were insignias of the Yun family and the Wu family, but most of the others looked unfamiliar.

Chen Fan traversed a hundred meters with every step as he steadily moved towards the Juehan Mountain Range.

There were less cultivators as he went deeper; the ones he saw were all Divine Sea Cultivators. He even saw beams of light flash across the sky.


The battle had started in that place.

Even though no one had seen the treasures yet, some of them had already started killing. Chen Fan gave out the energy signature of a normal person; that was why many cultivators attacked him right away. And yet, they were all killed by Chen Fan.


After half a day, Chen Fan had finally entered the center of the Juehan Mountain Range.

A gate a hundred feet tall appeared in front of him. The gate was old and simple. It floated in the sky, glimmering. There was a snowy world on the other side of the gate.

Many cultivators were gathered under the gate while glaring at one another.

That was the entrance to Perfected Cultivator Juehan’s mansion.

“Senior Chen?” someone yelled.

Chen Fan looked up and saw Yun Yier standing on a mountain, waving at him. Next to her were Mu Hongti, Zhang Lingfeng and other cultivators.

Chen Fan pondered for a second and walked up.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to leave Zhuyan City immediately? Xuan Qingzi has issued a kill order, saying he would kill you on sight,” Mu Hongti asked anxiously.

“I’ll get rid of him if he dares to come. Don’t worry,” Chen Fan answered calmly.

Mu Hongti was so anxious she wanted to crack Chen Fan’s head open to see why he was so stubborn. Zhang Lingfeng snickered and watched the drama next to them.

“What’s going on?” Chen Fan looked at the gate and asked.

“The mansion of Perfected Cultivator Juehan is in there. He found a small Grotto-heaven in the sky and built a gate that connects to it. Only Connate Cultivators can get in. The elites and our Ancestral Patriarch already went in. I guess the other side is a battlefield by now. You shouldn’t go inside,” Mu Hongti replied even though she was worried.

“Senior Chen, be careful. You’ll definitely die if you’re not strong enough, but I know you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be able to defeat the elites,” Zhang Lingfeng smiled and said.

Chen Fan didn’t answer. He nodded at Mu Hongti and flew to the sky. A ray of azure light sped towards him at a high speed when he was about to enter the gate.

“Who’s… Chen Beixuan?” A loud voice came from the azure light, making the mountains shake.

After seeing that azure light…

Mu Hongti immediately turned pale.

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