Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 557 - Another chance (2)

Chapter 557 Another chance (2)

Enjoying the flowers under the night sky, had a totally different feel to it, Gong Yimo stepped forward and took a whiff, and a faint fragrance hit him.

She’s the real beauty, especially under the moonlight, she looked even more stunning.

Gong Che couldn’t help but laugh. He realised that it was so easy to satisfy himself, as long as he could walk quietly alongside her, it’s already such a dream come true.

He was too deeply in love with her, sometimes he even wished that he could just forget her, because it was too painful to look at her, but not being able to make her his. Even if it was hurtful, he couldn’t bear to do so. If he persisted, one day, she might be his, so how can he just give up?

Seeing Gong Che staying silent, Gong Yimo looked back at him, and said in surprise.

“Brother Prince, didn’t you have something to tell me? What’s the matter?”

Only then did Gong Che come back to his senses, he thought of something and couldn’t help but smile.

“I wanted to tell you that the medicine you gave me is working.”

It’s not only working, I’ll recover in no time!

When it came to this, the affection in his eyes seemed as if it was about to explode, but he was trying his best to hold it back!

He was so happy, Mo’er is his lucky star! Because of her, he has everything, and now even his only problem was solved, thanks to her! He really wanted to just kiss her and thank her.

Gong Yimo was also very pleasantly surprised!

“It’s working? When will you fully recover?!”

She took a few steps towards him and started inspecting him, her beautiful eyes shined even brighter than the moon in the night sky!


Gong Che couldn’t hold back any longer and held her in a hug!

Gong Yimo was startled, but he hugged her even tighter! “Thank you, Mo’er! I’m so happy, I don’t even know how to thank you for this!”

In the past, the Empress was so stressed out to cover up his illness, restraining him just so to not accidentally expose it! He didn’t dare to have anything that was spicy, salty, get angry or agitated, or to provoke anyone. Everyone thought that he was naturally good-tempered. Who knew that it was because he couldn’t do so!

That’s not all, he was always on edge, if someone got to know about this, he’ll most likely be deprived of his title as crown prince!

But now there is no need for that, he has Mo’er by his side and he’s slowly getting better, he no longer has any worries, the only obsession he has now is her!

Only her.

Upon seeing Gong Che being this excited, Gong Yimo couldn’t help but think of her last life. At that time, Gong Che had just recovered, and he was also this happy. A grown up man in his early thirties jumping around with her in joy.

The old days.

She patted him on the back.

Maybe in this life, even if she won’t be romantically involved with him anymore, but seeing him so happy, it can be said to have fulfilled one of her regrets from her last life.

That is because, in her previous life, she wanted him to do well, she wanted to give him all the best things in life. In the end, she did it but she also missed the chance to get together with him.

Later, she was betrayed and died because of it. She would be lying if she said she didn’t hate him, but once again, she had another chance to redeem herself, so why bother hanging onto him?

There was nothing wrong with people prioritising themselves first, as long as no one crossed her, she wouldn’t bother holding onto the grudges from her previous life.

That’s all, they can live their life happily, as long as it doesn’t hinder hers.

Hugging Gong Yimo, and she actually let him hug her, Gong Che felt that the happiness he felt now was even stronger than the happiness he felt when he realised that he was recovering from his illness!

Her faint sweet scent stimulated his every nerve! He held onto her, tightly!

His Adam’s apple was moving

Can he give her a kiss?

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