Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 556 - Another chance (1)

Chapter 556 Another chance (1)

Longcheng Tingxue didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to use any of her lines! The furious Emperor cooled down after Gong Jue’s words, and he even showed a sense of pity to Gong Jue after he recalled a past memory!

What should she do now?

Gong Sheng sighed, “It’s my fault, this jade pendant is now yours!”

Gong Jue glanced at the jade pendant in Longcheng Tingxue’s hands and smiled.

“There’s no need for that, father. Since the princess chose this jade pendant, it now belongs to the princess.”

After he said that, he went straight back to his seat, leaving everything behind!

Longcheng Tingxue was really about to cry, and at this moment, the Emperor said, “Since the princess chose the wrong one, nevermind. There are so many other items here, might as well choose again.”

When he said this, he felt rather embarrassed. At first, he still hoped that Longcheng Tingxue would choose Gong Jue, but seeing that Gong Jue was so reluctant, he instantly rejected the jade pendant in her hand, along with the guilt he felt from the past, he couldn’t help but think that since Gong Jue didn’t want to do so, then just forget about it. He shouldn’t force his own son, who has always been good to him, because of an outsider!

Longcheng Tingxue felt utterly humiliated!

But the minister who came along with her didn’t know her real thoughts, and felt that Emperor Dayu was very generous. The princess created such a mess and he still let her choose again. Letting a girl choose for a man twice, that’s really respectful.

But Longcheng Tingxue felt totally different! The Emperor wanted to give the jade pendant that was in her hands to Gong Jue, but Gong Jue immediately rejected it. This made it clear he was not interested in her at all, it felt like a slap across her face. If she were to be stubborn now and say that she was thinking of choosing Gong Jue, now that’s just bringing shame upon herself!

But now, asking her to choose again, how could she be willing?! The tray was filled with many items, but the only item that belonged to Gong Jue was already destroyed by the emperor!

But the others who heard that she got another chance to pick again, they all got hopeful again!

However, the princess suddenly passed out! And fainted!

Gong Cheng was so shocked and quickly called for an imperial doctor! Lou Ye’s envoys quickly ran over, and the hall slumped into a mess!

Seeing that, Gong Yimo couldn’t help but exclaim, how impressive. Since she doesn’t want to choose, then just pretend to have fainted. She not only could avoid all this, the emperor would also feel apologetic towards her. What a trick!

The banquet couldn’t go on anymore, and Gong Jue was also summoned away by the emperor.

Gong Yimo gave it some thought and decided to head out of the palace to look for Jin Yun. During this time, Jin Yun’s cooperation with Gong Jue still couldn’t come to an agreement, she also felt very anxious about it.

After all, this matter started because of her, so she should be the one to solve it.

It’s two totally different matters, how could she bundle both state affairs and her own private affairs together?

But just as she was about to excuse herself and leave, Gong Che walked over.

He looked at Gong Yimo with a gentle smile.

“Princess, free to go on a walk with me?”

His sudden invite caught Gong Yimo by surprise, as Gong Che had been so busy recently, and he didn’t seem very strange around her, it made her believe that Gong Che had really let go, so her attitude towards him gradually turned back to normal, like the old days, there wasn’t any awkwardness between them.


She smiled and walked to the Imperial Garden with Gong Che.

The moon tonight was shining brightly, misty, with a hint of coldness, Gong Che left behind all his attendants, and walked into a beautiful plum garden with Gong Yimo.

The plum blossoms had all bloomed.

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