Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 558 - She seemed to be full of affection, but she’s actually not (1)

Chapter 558 She seemed to be full of affection, but she’s actually not (1)

Gong Yimo sighed, “Brother Prince, this is the only thing I can do for you. If you really want to thank me, just become a good emperor who treats the people as if they’re your own children.”

Gong Che, who was hugging her, actually wanted to tell her that there is so much more that she could do for him! You……have yourself to offer!

He breathed in the smell of her hair, his eyes turned red. If he became the emperor, he could just hug her in front of everyone, instead of thinking about whether he could kiss her now or not, and being terrified of showing his true feelings.

It really seems to be…… She is in his arms, why can’t he have her? He’s the crown prince!

“If I become a good emperor in the future……”

Gong Che’s voice was muffled, but his heart was beating so fast that Gong Yimo mistakenly thought that he was still feeling excited about the fact that he was about to recover, and didn’t think much of it.

“If I became a good emperor……” Would you love me? Just like how I love you…… Mo’er.

Gong Yimo started to feel weirded out, she hugged him and even calmed him down, so she patted Gong Che on the back to hint at him to let go.

“For sure, prince brother! You’ll be a good emperor in the future!”

It was dark, so she couldn’t see the changes in Gong Che’s gaze at all, so Gong Che could look at her boldly and passionately, he was very reluctant to let her go.

He had to endure, endure it until the end! Mo’er was already very nice to him, he shouldn’t force her even more, at least not now…… Even if he wanted to force her, it should be when she can’t escape from him again!

The two of them continued to stroll around the garden as they talked. Not to lie, it was quite pleasant.

“Oh right, prince brother, Su Miaolan has taken off her mourning dress, are you going to get married soon?”

This question caught Gong Che off guard, he couldn’t remember who Su Miaolan was for a second. After all, his heart was already preoccupied by a certain someone.

But this name was like thunder piercing his ears, that is because people around him have all been rushing him recently, his mother even almost thought…..that he had an erectile problem……so she sent a few women over to find out.

But……he just doesn’t want to get married, and even if he gets married, he’ll never lay his hands on her……

Gong Che admired Gong Yimo’s side profile lovingly, because he wanted to keep his innocence, and he had no interest in anyone except Mo’er.

It’s just that Su Miaolan had already taken off her mourning dress, what can he do now to shut her up? With his age, there is no way he can escape from getting married! If only…… he was the same age as Gong Jue!

Or does he really just randomly marry someone for the sake of it?

Gong Yimo had also come to terms with it. Su Miaolan can’t actually do anything to her in this life. If she wants him to get married, so be it. Even if she won’t congratulate them, she’ll not cause any trouble.

But seeing as Gong Che was silent, she asked, “Brother Prince?”

“Huh?” Gong Che came back to his senses and stroked her hair, “Let’s not talk about her.”

He didn’t want to talk about other women in front of Mo’er. At first when he said that he was going to marry her, it was only part of his makeshift plan. Now, after three years, unfortunately…… Mo’er and him didn’t manage to take the next step forward.

Gong Yimo nodded, and the two started chatting again. It started getting late and Gong Yimo felt sleepy, so she went directly to the Taiji Hall to rest.

Looking at Gong Yimo’s figure from behind, Gong Che asked himself.

He didn’t want to love her this way……. But why is he still doing so?

On the second day, the weather was gloomy.

Someone came to the palace to look for her at the break of dawn.

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