Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 511 - Longyao Lingheng

Ch511 – Longyao Lingheng

Yan Tianhen felt worried and said, “I’d better inquire about the situation first.”

The Wan family members were still easy to deal with. But before long, a dragon chariot raced across the sky and landed straight in front of Fu Yu’s residence, making Hai Kuanglang’s expression turn ugly.

Yan Tianhen also didn’t have a good look on his face when he saw those dragon clan people. Over the years, he had heard a lot about the conflict between Hai Kuanglang and the dragon clan.

The dragon clan was the ruler of the seas, so their reputation wasn’t small. Moreover, the newcomer was the first son of the Longyao family. This was a great honor for Fu Yu.

Longyao Lingheng got off the dragon chariot, looking distinguished and elegant in appearance. His body was dressed in shark-line robes decorated with shark beads from the sea clan. He was surrounded by many followers, which seemed to have the image of stars twinkling around a bright moon.

As soon as Longyao Lingheng came down, Fu Yu greeted him, dressed in a wedding robe.

“It’s really brilliant for Prince Longyao to come to my wedding ceremony.” Fu Yu’s own appearance was also handsome and extraordinary. He smiled with curved eyes and looked sincere.

Looking at his face, one wouldn’t be able to tell that he was an unfaithful lover.

Longyao Lingheng always looked cold and proud, and he didn’t care about the flattery of others. He swept his eyes over Fu Yu and said, “If it was just you, this one wouldn’t have made this visit.”

Fu Yu’s face changed slightly. Before he had time to dwell on Longyao Lingheng not giving him face, his future brother-in-law, Yue Tufeng, passed by him and walked over to Longyao Lingheng.

Yue Tufeng smiled and held out his hand. “Lingheng Gege, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Longyao Lingheng’s expression changed slightly and also softened somewhat. He held his hand and replied, “Don’t know if Brother Yue has been doing well since that day we bid farewell to each other.”

“Of course, it’s all good,” he said with a smile. “It’s even better after seeing the Prince.”

The two people just looked at each other for a moment.

But it seemed to confirm a lot of rumors and information.

Yue Tufeng said, “This is not the place to speak. Let’s go in first.”

The official groom of the night felt left out. It seemed that Yue Tufeng was the real master.

Fu Yu’s face sank. Fine, let him be arrogant for a while. Once Yue Lingxi really married into the Fu family today, wouldn’t the entire Yue family depend on him?

As Fu Yu thought so, his face became better again.

“None of your business,” replied Hai Kuanglang with scorn.

Longyao Lingheng glanced around and couldn’t help laughing. He lowered his voice. “The bitch who warms your bed didn’t come with you?”

Hai Kuanglang clenched his fists and his lips hooked into a sneer, “Aren’t you already here?”

Longyao Lingheng was furious and raised his hand to wrap around Hai Kuanglang’s neck, saying, “You’re just a dirty bastard. How dare you say such a thing to this Prince? Believe it or not, this Prince can have your tendons torn out and your skin flayed with just one order, and you’ll die without a burial place.”

Hai Kuanglang hissed, but ignored his actions. “Do you really think this is your North Land? Try giving an order and see if you can pull my tendons and peel my skin. I’ll even wash and wait for you. Whoever doesn’t peel it will be the grandson.”

With that, Hai Kuanglang took Longyao Lingheng’s arm and roughly grabbed the hand holding his neck.

This strength!

Longyao Lingheng was deeply shocked.

Although he inherited the blood of the true dragon lineage, it was not a lot. The dragon clan was a race that paid the most attention to bloodlines. Whoever inherited the most blood of the true dragon could become the next Dragon Emperor.

This was easy to explain. The true dragon lineage was the strongest out of all the dragon lineages, and the person who inherited the dragon blood must be the strongest person in the clan. When Hai Kuanglang was born, the ancestral stone clearly showed that his lineage was the strongest. However, Longyao Lingheng shook off Hai Kuanglang’s hand and said with disgust, “Dirty and cheap thing.”

Yan Tianhen just snuck away to the place where Baishi Shuying was being held captive. At this time, he happened to return and encounter the scene of Longyao Lingheng insulting Hai Kuanglang.

Yan Tianhen immediately moved in his anger, walking up behind Longyao Lingheng and slowing down. He looked like a second generation young master with his chin held high and glaring at Longyao Lingheng. “This one wondered who was barking and stinking up the spiritual Qi here. Didn’t expect that the far away North Land would attend a ceremony in the Southwest Land. This one didn’t know the relationship between the two Lands was already this good.”

When Longyao Lingheng saw Yan Tianhen, he was taken aback at first, and then a set of storms swept in his heart

Yan Tianhen, the prince of the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, should have nothing to do with Fu Yu in the Southwest Land. When he had communicated with Yue Tufeng, he did not hear Yue Tufeng mention this matter, so what was Yan Tianhen doing here? Although Longyao Lingheng also had the right of succession to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, he was ranked behind thirty, and the Yan family sat in that position. Even if other Divine Clans ranked higher, they would not dare show the slightest interest.

According to this ranking, Yan Tianhen was much more distinguished than him.

Longyao Lingheng took a deep breath and said, “How can Crown Prince Yan be here?”

Yan Tianhen smiled with profound meaning. His eyes glanced back and forth between Longyao Lingheng and Yue Tufeng for a moment. “If one doesn’t come in person, how can one know that the relationship between the Prince of the Dragon Emperor and the Prince of the Yue Family was so good? It was said that the Northern Emperor recently discovered a sparrow spirit mine on the seabed. It just so happens that the sparrow mine in the West Land has not been abundant in the past two years, and a large amount of production has been reduced. It’d be better for the North and West Lands to cooperate with each other. It’s not bad for you to sell them some sparrow spirits.”

If Yue Tufeng didn’t have pale skin to begin with, Yan Tianhen would surely have seen the change in his complexion at this time.

Yue Tufeng pressed down his panic and said with a forced smile, “Prince must be joking. Let’s not talk about the matter of the sparrow mine. It’s such an important matter; I can’t buy or sell it privately. Although I want to make friends with Prince Longyao, I am only an acquaintance. I really don’t have much personal feelings. This matter of the sparrow mine, I’ll have to trouble Prince to please put in a good word with Prince Longyao.”

Longyao Linghang was quite arrogant, and he was also used to wantonly running around in the North Lands. Had anyone ever dared to talk to him with such a threatening air?

Longyao Lingheng smiled sardonically. “Crown Prince Yan, even though you are sitting in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital’s seat, my North Land is also a Divine Clan. Even if you are a member of the Yan family, I also have absolute autonomy and can rule my own kingdom. When Crown Prince Yan suddenly mentioned the sparrow mine, could he want to intervene in the internal affairs of my North Land?”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but sneer, saying, “In the whole world, is there anywhere that isn’t the Emperor’s land? In the land the Emperor rules over, is there anyone who isn’t the Emperor’s subject? As the second successor to the Qianyuan Dynasty, can’t this Prince inquire about the sparrow mine? The Northern Emperor really raised a good son. One day, this Prince will ask him whether the matter of the North Land’s sparrow mine is something the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital is in charge of.”

Hai Kuanglang’s lips hooked up.

The other matters were related to internal affairs, and it was indeed difficult for the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital to intervene in those. However, when it came to the sparrow mine and the sparrow spirits, there was the threat of it stabbing the powerful Yan family in the heart.

A disaster of sparrow spirits was not a casual matter. The Yan family had taken this as a warning for generations, and it had reached the point of madness.

Longyao Lingheng had been in a high position for too long; he actually forgot this truth.

Yue Tufeng grew even more pale, and he came forward to plead guilty. “Prince, please calm down. It’s just a little squabbling. Why bother taking it to the Heavenly Capital’s court? Why don’t I play the host some day and invite you two to play together, turning wars and attacks into jade and silk.”

The more serious this became, the worse it would be for them. Who knew what Yan Tianhen would say with his mouth? If it involved the North and West Lands, it would not be worth the loss.

Yan Tianhen pointed to Longyao Lingheng’s nose and said, “If you let this one hear you say another dirty word about my Elder Martial Brother again, be careful that this one will peel off your dragon skin, tear out your dragon tendons, cut off your dragon horn, and smash your dragon bones.”

Longyao Lingheng was so livid that his expression was furious. After a moment, he endured it and sneered, “Don’t tell me that if this Prince doesn’t say it, then Hai Kuanglang won’t be a bastard with mixed blood anymore? But facts are facts, and birth is birth. Although Crown Prince Yan is unwilling to admit it, it can’t be changed.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes were cold, and the spiritual Qi surged. He really wanted to tear Longyao Lingheng’s naughty mouth.

“Fuck, do you want to be beaten?” Wan Yitong spoke.

“You–” Longyao Lingheng’s eyes were staring straight ahead. He didn’t expect that everyone would be a decent person, but Wan Yitong was so rude in public.

“You, what you? This Prince has been unhappy with you for a long time.” Yan Tianhen held the sword at his waist. “Today, if you talk nonsense again, Laozi will tear out your dragon tendons.”

Now that it had come to this, Longyao Lingheng also moved in anger, holding his sword darkly. “Do you think this Prince is afraid of you?”

Yan Tianhen cursed, “Whoever gets scared is the grandson.”

Longyao Lingheng, “…” Where the hell did these local ruffians and hooligans come from?

This was the so-called “the weak people suffer when immortals fight”. Yan Tianhen and Longyao Lingheng created an atmosphere like this, and other people around dared not to reveal their feelings.

Who among them would have thought that a ceremony for young couples, whose names were not too big, could invite these two noble people who seemed to be quite unmanageable.

Fu Yu’s whole face was horribly dark and frightening. This was his wedding ceremony, but it was turning out to be regarded as a place for quarreling in the streets. Of course, he was the most ashamed one here. However, his status was absolutely inferior to the two men in front of him. After all, one was the second heir, and the other was the North Land’s Crown Prince whose title was personally granted by the Northern Emperor. Even Yue Tufeng of the Yue clan seemed to have a higher status than him. At least Yue Lingxi didn’t have to go out and see the guests, thus avoiding this embarrassment.

In this tense moment, a female voice full of power and prestige spread over everyone, “What is this noise? Fu Yu’s wedding ceremony is really lively.”

The crowd looked where the voice came from and found the Beast Empress walking in person, dressed in rare and elegant clothes. Beside her stood a man in white clothes with black hair. That person was Huarong Sword Immortal.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly so nervous that his sword, which had been half-drawn, was stuffed back in at once. He immediately made a smart and cute face.

Motherfucker, everything is that Longyao Lingheng’s fault.

Huarong Sword Immortal held a tiger cub with purple eyes in his arms. When the tiger cub saw Yan Tianhen, he stuck out his tongue and his tail wagged at the same time. Its appearance suddenly turned very cute.

“The Empress actually personally came to the ceremony. It seems that she still very much approves of this princess-to-be.”

“The Empress came in time, otherwise, they would have fought.”

“Oh, I really want to see what they look like after fighting. Does that Young Crown Prince Yan look like a tough guy? The North Land’s prince has been cultivating for 60 years; this Prince Yan is too self-confident.”

“Speaking of which, who is the man beside the Empress?”

Yan Tianhen answered in his heart, Huarong Sword Immortal.

“He is so handsome, oh wait, no, handsome isn’t enough to describe him. I have never seen such an unforgettable person.”

Yan Tianhen thought, Yes, as long as your eyes are not blind and your brain is not full of water, you will feel this way.

“I don’t know if he’s married. If not….”

Yan Tianhen turned towards the little fox spirit who’d been whispering to him, and gave him a death glare.

The little fox spirit, who’d been wagging his tail, was suddenly frightened by this look. He secretly took one look at Yan Tianhen and then immediately hid behind another big fox demon that could completely transform his shape.

That man’s eyes scared the fox to death.

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