Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 512 - Beauty Could Lead One Astray

Ch512 – Beauty Could Lead One Astray

Longyao Lingheng was the first to react. His face was still not very good-looking, but his tone was normal.

“Longyao Lingheng, the prince of the North Land, greets the Beast Empress.” Under normal circumstances, Longyao Lingheng was very polite.

With a smile on her face, the Beast Empress said, “I really didn’t expect that the eldest son of the Longyao family and Fu Yu had a good personal relationship, and this boy Fu Yu never told me.”

The status of Fu Yu’s parents in the beast clan was not high. It was precisely because Fu Yu, a descendant who had some of the White Tiger Emperor’s bloodline, was born that they were able to gain a little status.

The two of them just greeted the guests outside so they didn’t know what happened in here. At this time, after welcoming the Beast Empress, they naturally followed the Beast Empress.

Fu Shanlin stepped forward and said, “Empress, not to mention you not knowing; as his parents, we didn’t know either. This boy always likes to make friends, so he can be considered to have friends all over the world, hahaha.”

Fu Shanlin laughed brightly. It was very loud and spread far away, which many people heard. Fu Yu felt a little embarrassed and frowned crossly.

Fu Yu’s mother didn’t even dare to speak. She was always timid and didn’t look like a tiger at all.

The Beast Empress smiled. “It’s always right to make more friends. Now that Young Crown Prince Yan is here, he should sit on the throne, and there are these disciples who came from the Fuyao Sect.”

Yan Tianhen originally wanted to say that this prince didn’t want to sit with Longyao Lingheng, but he felt that it was not good to mess around in front of Huarong Sword Immortal. Otherwise, it would leave a bad impression on him. Hence, he nodded reluctantly.

Although Huarong Sword Immortal was the most famous person in recent years, there were very few people who had seen Huarong Sword Immortal with their own eyes, and even Longyao Lingheng didn’t recognize him.

The Beast Empress respectfully said to Huarong Sword Immortal, “Sword Immortal, please come first.”

Huarong Sword Immortal nodded slightly and said, “Please, Empress.”

“This one is Myriad Dao Academy’s Huarong Sword Immortal?” Longyao Lingheng’s face changed slightly.

Huarong Sword Immortal nodded, saying, “Greetings to the prince of the North Land.”

Longyao Lingheng, for a time, seemed very excited, his pair of eyes about to shine.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. This year, my younger brother will go to Myriad Dao Academy for its entrance examination. I hope he can successfully enter Huarong Sword Immortal’s tutelage.”

Just as Yan Tianhen wanted to scold him for being shameless, he heard Huarong Sword Immortal say faintly, “I have no plans on accepting disciples. I am afraid I will have to disappoint Your Highness.”

Longyao Lingheng took a deep breath. “It’s already good to be able to enter the same peak.”

Huarong Sword Immortal replied, “I’ve heard for a long time that the young prince in the North Land has good qualifications. At the age of 18, he has already reached the Profound Realm. I think there are no problems.”

“That’s true.” Longyao Lingheng was very pleased, saying, “My brother is the genius of my dragon clan, and Huarong Sword Immortal will certainly like him after seeing him.”

Bah, what bullshit, Yan Tianhen thought.

Huarong Sword Immortal was noncommittal, looking impassive and unspeaking. He didn’t intend to continue talking about this topic.

Although Longyao Lingheng wanted to make friends with Huarong Sword Immortal, if he said more now, he would be suspected of acting like a presumptuous guest usurping the host’s role. Therefore, Longyao Lingheng planned to establish a relationship with Huarong Sword Immortal at the dinner after the wedding ceremony.

Yue Tufeng was also given more face. After all, it was half the face of their Yue family. Yan Tianhen watched Huarong Sword Immortal talk with Longyao Lingheng, and he had already cursed Longyao Lingheng in his heart one hundred times.

However, he became such a scaredy-cat whenever he saw Huarong Sword Immortal. His heart thumped like crazy, so much so that he didn’t even dare to talk to him.

Hai Kuanglang pushed Yan Tianhen’s back, but his body was set in place like a reinforced iron pillar. Hai Kuanglang rolled his eyes.

When everyone was ready to leave, the purple-eyed white tiger in Huarong Sword Immortal’s arms suddenly broke free and fell onto Yan Tianhen’s feet. He opened a mouth of baby teeth and bit at Yan Tianhen’s robes, demanding to be hugged.

The Beast Empress laughed when she saw this, “This little tiger cub really likes Young Crown Prince Yan.”

Huarong Sword Immortal’s expression changed a little and he said, “After all, this tiger cub used to be kept by the Young Crown Prince.”

As soon as he said this, the Beast Empress raised her eyebrows. “You two knew each other before?”

Huarong Sword Immortal’s line of sight swept to Yan Tianhen holding Ah Bai in his arms. “Naturally, I know him, but I haven’t seen him for many years. I’m afraid we’re a little unfamiliar now.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt wronged and hugged Ah Bai. “I can’t go to Myriad Dao Academy, but don’t tell me that Huarong Gege also can’t leave Myriad Dao Academy and come to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital to find me? Ah Bai and Hu Po are identical brothers from the same mother. They have never been separated before. Now one is with me and the other is with you. Even if Huarong Gege doesn’t want to see me, he must still think about Ah Bai.”

After he spoke out, Wan Yitong’s eyelid began to twitch crazily.

Who said that Yan Tianhen was a scaredy-cat? He was very bold.

He was blatantly describing Huarong Sword Immortal as a chief culprit in separating blood brothers, but it was clear that he had been the one to forcibly stuff the tiger cub into Huarong Sword Immortal’s hands.

However, Huarong Sword Immortal was very graceful and smiled faintly. “That’s true. I was thoughtless.”

Yan Tianhen grabbed the opportunity and looked at Huarong Sword Immortal with burning eyes. “If not, after today, Huarong Gege can take Ah Bai back to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital with me to reunite him with Hu Po.”

Huarong Sword Immortal thought for a moment and said, “I’m afraid I can’t go with you because of other arrangements.”

The disappointment Yan Tianhen felt was beyond words.

“But,” Huarong Sword Immortal said, “When you enter the Myriad Dao Academy, you can bring Hu Po to the island to find me.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up again.

Huarong Sword Immortal looked at his bright almond eyes and continued, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, so sit next to me. Let’s talk and catch up together.”

Yan Tianhen nodded cleverly, following Huarong Sword Immortal’s lead. He was like a dog clinging to his master’s leg, looking for care and attention.

Wan Yitong touched his chin. “A few days ago, Consort Ye was worried that Ah Hen would not take the Myriad Dao Academy entrance examination. Now it seems that this boy may even crawl and climb to get in.”

Hai Kuanglang shook his head. “This boy is unreliable. I don’t know if he still remembers to disguise himself and make a scene later.”

Wan Yitong, “…”

Bei Shitian sighed.

Beauty could lead one astray.

Fortunately, however, he had a backup plan, and they didn’t need to do it themselves. The group of people from Reincarnation Palace were supposed to be professionals at ruining occasions.

Speaking of which, Bei Shitian suddenly felt that his master should have expected today’s scene, so he made preparations for it and handed it to others!

Huarong Sword Immortal was bound to sit on the throne, but he was low-key and modest, unwilling to overtake the host’s role, so he sat on the seat next to Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen asked, “Why did Huarong Gege suddenly come to the Southwest Land?”

Huarong Sword Immortal said, “A disciple took a secret script and fled here. I’m taking him back.”

“Did you catch him?”

Huarong Sword Immortal replied, “He has been escorted by my younger martial brother.”

“When will Huarong Gege go back?”

Huarong Sword Immortal said, “I will return soon after the ceremony today.”

“What are you going back to?”

“There will be the new annual sect entrance examination in another month. Naturally, there are many things to do.”

“Is Huarong Gege really unwilling to accept disciples?”

In response, Huarong Sword Immortal said, “If you are willing to betray your sect, I will accept you as a disciple.”

Yan Tianhen, “…” Don’t tempt him, he will be shaken.

Wan Yitong pinched Yan Tianhen next to him and smiled at Huarong Sword Immortal. “Huarong Sword Immortal must be joking. My Fuyao Sect has no traitors.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Huarong Sword Immortal smiled. “It’s just a joke. Ah Hen is not suitable to be my disciple.”

Yan Tianhen was suddenly dejected. “I know my talent is slow-witted.”

Huarong Sword Immortal shook his head. “It has nothing to do with you. I am not qualified to teach you.”

With Yan Tianhen, he couldn’t be cruel-handed with him. When Yin Nian followed him to learn sword cultivation at an early age, he was bullied by him everyday to the point of tears. He couldn’t bear to let Yan Tianhen suffer this kind of torture.

Yan Tianhen said, “Don’t comfort me, I know it’s all my fault.”

Huarong Sword Immortal didn’t speak but raised his hand to touch his head.

Yan Tianhen, “…”

He decided not to wash his hair for a month.

The ceremony of marriage started soon. Different from ordinary people, couples didn’t need too many miscellaneous customs and rituals, and they didn’t have to pay homage to their parents. They just needed to stand on a high platform, exchange their blood, and swear to the Dao of Heaven.

As for vows, there were many kinds of vows, some of which shared the same life and death, while others simply told the gods that they were willing to become Dao companions, and were only married as Dao companions.

The Dao companion vows of Yue Lingxi and Fu Yu sounded more like an alliance of blood.

Hundreds of birds flew together, singing and dancing with fireworks exploding in the sky. It was a lively and peaceful scene.

Fu Yu’s mother wept with joy. Looking at her daughter-in-law standing on the high platform and joining hands with her son, she said, “Fu Yu has finally settled down. This mother can be relieved in the future.”

Fu Shanlin frowned and said with some embarrassment, “But the girl that Fu Yu brought back before… “

The smile on Fu Yu’s mother’s face dimmed. “We will secretly let the girl go after some time. After all, it’s our family’s fault.”

Fu Shanlin sighed. “He will be punished by the Heavens for doing such a thing.”

Yan Tianhen saw that it was almost time, so he planned to sneak away and take his Elder Martial Sister, then fight from the inside out with a mask. He could make as much chaos as possible.

However, just as he was about to get up, Huarong Sword Immortal’s jade-white hand pressed on his shoulder.

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Huarong Sword Immortal said, “In the eyes of the public, you are sitting on the main seat, so there are eyes fixed on you wherever you go.”

Yan Tianhen was calm and responded in a low voice, “I have something very important to do. I’ll have to leave for a while, but I promise to come back soon. “

Huarong Sword Immortal’s hand moved, hooking around Yan Tianhen’s shoulder, and he whispered into his ear, “Sit here, don’t go anywhere today.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Elder Martial Sister, I’m sorry. I’ll apologize with my death when I get back.

Wan Yitong hated that Yan Tianhen, this unrefined lump of iron, couldn’t become steel faster, and even had the urge to lift Yan Tianhen and beat him up.

Above the high platform, the two couples wearing bright red wedding robes went to the last step.

Together, they picked up a candle and lit the black incense with the thickness of a baby’s arm. The incense column lit up a curl of smoke and flew straight to the sky.

This meant the Heavens were listening, but in fact, it was just an act.

Just before the ceremony was completed, there was a commotion in the front hall. A young man with a broad-backed sword and ten masked black-robed men knocked the guards out of the door and stepped on their bodies.

“Who are you?” Yue Lingxi was the first to speak coldly before Fu Yu.

Although she didn’t expect much from this marriage, it was still a beautiful day for her. If someone came to smash the venue, it would be slapping her in the face.

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