Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 510 - Couple’s Ceremony

Ch510 – Couple’s Ceremony

Lin Yufan touched his chin. “Actually, he should know that when I was in the Five Continents, I was already a person from Wishing Lane and worked under you. At that time, Young Master did not hide anything from Little Master. He must have had a lot of thoughts in his heart when he saw me appear in Wishing Lane yesterday.”


Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, “He doesn’t remember Lin Xuanzhi anymore. He only knows that when you were in the Five Continents, you followed a very powerful person and handled matters, but that person wasn’t me, just like he knew someone had broken the Five Continents’ barrier, but he didn’t know who that person was.”

Lin Yufan sighed lightly. “These years, it has really been hard for Young Master.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “It’s not too difficult.”

Lin Yufan looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s white hair and thought, If his heart and mind were not burned and his thoughts hadn’t become disheartened, how could his hair turn from black to white at such a young age?

After a pause, Lin Xuanzhi continued, “Next time, if Ah Hen asks you about the past, say that you can’t remember clearly. He has a lot of thoughts, and every word you say may be weighed out by him. Now is not the time to let him know too many things.”

Lin Yufan nodded. “Okay. “

Early the next morning, after Yan Tianhen got up, he found that in one night, Wan Yitong and Bei Shitian seemed to have opened up to each other, and the two people now constantly stuck to each other, making others want to go blind.

Yan Tianhen touched his hungover head and looked at them with difficulty. “I say, two Elder Martial Brothers, is it really appropriate for you both to kiss and hug in front of me?”

Wan Yitong was leaning against Bei Shitian’s arms when he heard him speak. His eyebrows rose as he replied, “What’s wrong? Haven’t you seen anyone in love before?”

Yan Tianhen, “…A smelly dog man.”

Bei Shitian took Wan Yitong’s hand. “When I get back, I’m going to pick a time to marry Ah Tong.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes suddenly lit up. “This is very good, Elder Martial Brother. You two have talked about everything? Elder Martial Brother Bei, your dead brain has finally turned around. Congratulations!”

Bei Shitian nodded and said with a rare good temper, “Yes, after being together for so long, I naturally want to give Ah Tong a proper identity.”

Hai Kuanglang happened to come in at this point. “Little Tian, what do you plan to do with the girl you raised in the sect?”

Wan Yitong smiled and said, “Be the concubine!”

Hai Kuanglang, “…”

Yan Tianhen was stunned. “You still have an outside mistress in the sect?”

Bei Shitian pursed his lips and looked at Wan Yitong, who was smiling lopsidedly. He said, “Stop making a fuss. Elder Martial Brother, that girl is Ah Zhu, Bei Youzhu, whom Master found for me. I plan to raise her up and send her into the Myriad Dao Academy.”

“You found your sister?” Hai Kuanglang asked. “So that was actually your sister. Why didn’t you say so before?” He thought it was a mistress Bei Shitian was raising outside. He had been unhappy with Be Shitian for some time because of it.

“This is a great thing.” Hai Kuanglang laughed. “I’ll tell the sect so that they can prepare in advance.”

Bei Shitian smiled. “Thank you, Elder Martial Brother.”

Hai Kuanglang told him, “Over these years, you have developed some human feelings.”

Wan Yitong grinned. “There will be some more in the future.”

In the evening, Qi Feiqing woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was going to visit Wishing Lane at night with Yan Tianhen.

Qi Feiqing was very excited. “You don’t know how interesting that sister is. She doesn’t think my chatty mouth is boring, and she listened to me from beginning to end. It’s the first time I’ve seen such an understanding woman.”

“Yes.” Yan Tianhen said emotionlessly, “Right now, that person even knows what size your brother is down there.”

Qi Feiqing, “…”

Yan Tianhen said, “Don’t come up with any more ideas about him.”

Qi Feiqing got up and said, “You don’t think a prostitute is good enough for this young master? Actually, this young master doesn’t care, he really doesn’t care at all.”

Yan Tianhen thought expressionlessly, No, this prince is worried that he will be even bigger than you down there.

However, he would not expose Lin Yufan’s disguise just like that.

After all, in general, Lin Yufan appeared as a woman to people. Yan Tianhen was looking forward to the day when Qi Feiqing found out that Lin Yufan had something down there to scare him.

Yan Tianhen said, “Your eldest brother will break your legs.”

Qi Feiqing’s legs trembled. He was not afraid of anything in the world, except his cruel eldest brother, but he still held on to his dignity. The dead duck said with a stubborn mouth, “Even if he kills me, I will still take Fanfan back. I am challenging authority for love. Even if I die, I will die with song and tears.”

Yan Tianhen looked indifferent. “You can make your own decision, but I won’t go with you.”

Qi Feiqing reacted, “Why won’t you go? Didn’t you like to go to such a place before?”

“Go, your ass. In this life, this prince has decided that he should not set foot in the red-light district again. If you want to go, you can go by yourself; I won’t come along no matter what.”

Qi Feiqing couldn’t understand why he suddenly refused so vehemently. Thinking that he might have a bad stomach, he touched his face and said, “Well, at least if you don’t go, no one will rob the girls from me.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Qi Feiqing then cleaned up and ran to Wishing Lane alone.

At first, Qi Feiqing thought that Yan Tianhen was just having a sudden convulsion in his brain, so he only said a few words. Later, he discovered that Yan Tianhen kept his promise and really was not going to Wishing Lane. When he asked him why he had changed so much, Yan Tianhen admitted that he had psychological trauma.

This made Qi Feiqing wonder about what inhuman torture Yan Tianhen had suffered in Wishing Lane that day.

But in the next few days, while thinking about Huarong Sword Immortal probably still being in the area of White Tiger City, Yan Tianhen holed up in the inn everyday as quietly as a chicken. Not to mention prancing and fooling around outside, he was even unwilling to go near the door.

Hai Kuanglang couldn’t help but click his tongue. He mentioned that Huarong Sword Immortal’s deterrence was so great that it was possible to scare that part of Youngest Martial Brother into being soft from now on.

Yan Tianhen blushed. “Elder Martial Brother, don’t talk nonsense. That place of mine works very well. There is absolutely no problem in using it, although I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet.”

Bei Shitian entered the door and heard the conversation between the two, and his whole person felt like drifting off.

This was not Yan Tianhen’s home court, and he was not sure whether his father’s sphere of influence had extended to the Southwest Land, so it was not convenient to inquire into many things, such as why Huarong Sword Immortal suddenly appeared in the Southwest Land? What tasks did he have, was he going out for experience, how long ago did he leave, when will he go back, and so on.

Sometimes, Yan Tianhen even secretly thought that perhaps the man had known Yan Tianhen was coming here, so he followed. Of course, with this kind of fantasy, Yan Tianhen admitted that he thought too much.

Hai Kuanglang couldn’t stand Yan Tianhen grinding around, so he had to ask people why Huarong Sword Immortal left Myriad Dao Academy.

“Huarong Sword Immortal had already left seclusion three months ago,” Hai Kuanglang said to Yan Tianhen, “He came here to hunt down a disciple who stole a secret scroll of the Myriad Dao Academy and fled. Now the task should have been completed. As for where he is, nobody knows.”

Yan Tianhen said with a little sadness, “So he really didn’t come for me.”

Hai Kuanglang, “…”

His Youngest Martial Brother has gone crazy from obsession. What should he do?!

After thinking about it, he could only ignore it.

He could only wait for when Yan Tianhen lost interest in Huarong Sword Immortal completely.

A few days later, it was the day of Fu Yu’s wedding ceremony.

This day was a good day among the beast clans. It was decorated with lights everywhere, and the flow of people in the city had obviously increased. The sky was clear and cloudless, making it a good day to get married.

Although Yan Tianhen and the others were not invited, as long as they wanted an invitation, it was a simple matter. After all, no one would be willing to offend the descendants of the Divine Clans, who came from the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.

Before leaving, Bei Shitian said, “When the ceremony is about to be finished, we will wait and see what happens, and then act according to the plan.”

Yan Tianhen said, “Okay. Anyway, it’s important to rescue Elder Martial Sister today. This prince wants to tear down the mask of the crooked pair in front of the whole world.”

He planned to sneak into Fu Yu’s mansion to save Baishi Shuying first, and then set fire to Fu Yu’s dog nest when there were many people. Then, after being masked and dressed in disguise, he would take advantage of the chaos to fight Fu Yu wildly. If Fu Yu was killed, then forget it. If he was not, then Yan Tianhen would also sue this bastard after returning to Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.

It was impossible for Baishi Shuying to come forward. After all, it was not a glorious thing. It was best for no one to pay attention to her so Yan Tinahen tried to minimize the impact on Baishi Shuying.

And they also couldn’t come forward as the Fuyao Sect. After all, once they were noticed, they would know the identity of Baishi Shuying, and would still let her be the center of criticism.

Therefore, the simplest option was to disguise their identity and beat Fu Yu.

The original plan was good. But when Yan Tianhen and the others stepped into Fu Yu’s mansion, he knew that things were not quite as simple.

Fu Yu’s face turned out to be so thick that among the guests, there were people from the North Land’s Longyao family and the Northwest Land’s Wan family.

Wan Yitong first met the Wan family members.

Fu Yu’s qualification was not high enough. Although he could invite the Wan family, he could only invite a junior, even though that junior was much older than Wan Yitong.

One of the younger generations of the Wan family was Wan Lianshan, who was Wan Yitong’s cousin. After seeing Wan Yitong, his complexion changed, and he glared at Bei Shitian as if he didn’t see Wan Yitong at all.

With him, there were several other young people from the Wan family, all younger than Wan Yitong. One of them had a good relationship with Wan Yitong. The boy wanted to greet him, but Wan Lianshan reprimanded him, “Do you still want to have any interaction with him, such a heartless member of the family who deceived his teachers and destroyed his ancestors? He is no longer our family, and Wan family’s disciples are not allowed to interact with him.”

That boy had to retreat in a passive manner.

Wan Yitong glanced over there with an emotionless face and acted as if he didn’t see them.

Bei Shitian grabbed his hand and squeezed it a few times, as if to comfort him.

“Don’t think too much.” Wan Yitong couldn’t help but laugh and took the initiative to say, “In fact, I don’t feel much pain in my heart. My philosophy with the Wan family has always been inconsistent. It was a matter of time before I left the family, and it has nothing to do with you.”

The more he was like this, the more distressed and guilty Bei Shitian felt. “How can you say it has nothing to do with me? Although you don’t agree with the method of your clan, it will always be the place where you were born and raised. Your parents, your older brothers and sisters, your younger brothers and sisters, and your clansmen are important to you after all.”

Wan Yitong found that since that night when they talked, Bei Shitian was becoming more and more talkative, unlike the wooden indifference and dullness from before.

Wan Yitong was happy in his heart and his words also became sweeter, “Although it is important, it is not as important as you. You are the most important.”

Bei Shitian couldn’t help but be happy.

Yan Tianhen was about to be blinded by these two people.

Hai Kuanglang touched his chin and said, “I should have brought Eldest Martial Brother here.”

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