Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 485 - Completely Unmasked

Chapter 485 – Completely Unmasked

You Ming pinched his chin thoughtfully and spoke, “By eating that pill, if you lie, you will feel like ten thousand arrows pierced your heart. You can’t mask it. It seems that this little umbrella is telling the truth.”

Yang Umbrella rushed to nod, as if he was afraid of the others not believing him. After spending half a day, they caught Yang Umbrella, who was not the culprit and didn’t even have intentions of harming people. Everyone was characteristically lacking in interest.

You Ming looked at Yan Zhonghua and said, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

Yan Zhonghua said faintly, “The Yin Yang Umbrella is also called Connecting Worlds Umbrella and Heaven and Earth Umbrella. If you can subdue the Yin Umbrella, you will definitely be able to open the Five Continents’ barrier and return to Nine Lands.”

“Useless words.” You Ming glared at him and said, “As if we needed you to say this. I’m asking if you can step in and tie up that Yin Umbrella.”

Yin Xingli couldn’t help secretly clicking his tongue when he heard You Ming talk to Yan Zhonghua this way, thinking, Demon Venerable You Ming’s temperament is indeed really difficult to get along with.

Yan Zhonghua knew that You Ming had a grudge against him because he didn’t go in to save Ah Hen, so he didn’t dispute with him. He only said, “It’s not difficult to subdue the Yin Umbrella. I can capture him and directly wipe out his spirit. It’s not a bad idea. It’s just that with this method, this umbrella would be considered to be semi-wasted. It’s not easy for an object to cultivate a spirit. I want to give them a way to stay alive.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Umbrella immediately burst into tears and said, “That’s right, it took us many years of cultivation to cultivate a spirit and intelligence. Moreover, younger brother was not originally like this, but he was disturbed by the invading demonic objects in the ancestral temple of Lin Family, and became what he is now. Please, I am begging you to leave us a way to stay alive, and in the future, I will never refuse to be an ox or a horse and work under you.”

“I’m afraid your younger brother would not be willing,” said Yan Tianhen.

The Yang Umbrella said, “He is willing, he is willing. If he is unwilling, I will beat him until he is willing.”

The corners of Yan Tianhen’s mouth twitched. “Do you have any misunderstandings about your own combat abilities?”

Yang Umbrella, “…..”

However, although the Yang Umbrella had less than five crumbs of fighting ability, it seemed he still had a certain position in the heart of the Yin Umbrella. After deliberation, they decided to hang the Yang Umbrella in the darkest place of the Lin Family home on the full moon three days later at midnight, to lure the snake out of the cave.

The moon was like a silver plate, illuminating the entire earth.

In the middle of the night, there was a faint sobbing sound coming from the door of Law Enforcement Hall, seemingly far and near, loud and soft. It was very terrifying and seemed to be haunted.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his arms. “We did this, but we don’t actually know if Yin Umbrella will come to save him.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “On the night of the full moon, at midnight, is the time when the Yin Qi is the most concentrated for the whole month, and the cultivation of the Yin Umbrella will reach its peak. He will certainly take this opportunity to come out.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long after they saw that the space in front of their eyes seemed to be distorted for a moment. The next second, a teenager dressed in black and holding a white umbrella appeared at the door of the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Little Yin!” Yang Umbrella excitedly cried out, as if afraid the others didn’t know that the Yin Umbrella had already come.

The Yin Umbrella didn’t strike. As soon as he raised his hand, he used a sharp wind to cut the rope that tied Yang Umbrella’s hands. He sneered, “You are really capable. I heard that you confessed faster than the time it takes you to take off your pants.”

Yang Umbrella, “…..”

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

What kind of trashy comparison is this?

Yin Umbrella was too lazy to care about Yang Umbrella, but turned around to the empty place and said, “Why must you guys be hiding? Why don’t you just come out? Let’s fight and see who is more powerful!”

At the same time, seven people — Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, You Ming, Yan Zhonghua, Yin Xingli, Esteemed Lan Yue, and Lin Runru — came out of the bushes from seven directions.

Yin Umbrella, Fuck, ganging up for a fight?!

Yin Umbrella was uncertain at first, but when he glanced at these people’s cultivation, he relaxed. Even if you added all of these people up, they were still no match for him. Moreover, at this moment, his cultivation had reached its peak.

“Humans really are shameless.” Yin Umbrella said sarcastically, “Fighting also needs to be done together, using many to take advantage of the few. However, even if you fight together, you will just be a stepping stone for me.”

You Ming sneered, “Then there is no harm in giving it a try.”

Yin Umbrella turned around and slapped Yang Umbrella’s face, saying, “Be good and stand here, don’t run around and confuse me.”

Yang Umbrella hesitated. He gently pulled on Yin Umbrella’s sleeve and said, “Little Yin, can you stop eating people?”

Yin Umbrella fiercely glared at Yang Umbrella. He suddenly flung his sleeves and said, “Who am I doing this for?”

After he finished talking, he pulled out that white umbrella and advanced towards Lin Xuanzhi and others. The white umbrella could become both a defense weapon and an attack weapon. In addition, the weapon spirit was the one who knew the magic weapon best in the world. Thus, for a while, the Yin Umbrella was not at a disadvantage. Rocks collapsed, and the trees were destroyed. The floor in front of the Law Enforcement Hall shattered section by section, bursting into pieces and flying everywhere.

Yin Umbrella revealed a nasty smile and spun the white umbrella toward the sky. The white umbrella scattered around the palace. For a while, the white umbrella hid the sky and covered the earth. Even the bright moon lost its radiance.

You Ming let out a cry of “Not good”, and immediately grabbed Yan Tianhen and quickly receded, several other people also retreated quickly.

However, Lin Xuanzhi, for some reason lost his mind. He could have retreated, but when he had half retreated, he suddenly changed his direction and directly slammed into the umbrella.

“Eldest brother!” Yan Tianhen’s heart was tight as he watched the white umbrella shrink to normal size and then fall into Yin Umbrella’s hands.

“Hahaha!” Yin Umbrella laughed proudly, fiddling around with the Yin Umbrella, and stated, “It seems that what the Third Elder said was too exaggerated, and this Young Master of the Lin family is not some powerful character. He was actually so easily sucked into the umbrella. Now, I’ll just wait for the umbrella to refine his flesh, and his soul will fly away and scatter!”

“Third Elder?” Lin Runru’s expression changed.

Yin Umbrella planned to leave, pulling Yang Umbrella along, but unexpectedly found that his feet seemed to be firmly bound by a pair of hands, and he couldn’t even lift them.

How is this possible?

Yin Umbrella suddenly raised his head and said, “Who are you? How could you possibly trap me?”

Yan Zhonghua came forward, looking closely at Yin Umbrella, and said, “Because you are weak.”

Yin Umbrella: “…”

Damn it, so angry!

Yan Zhonghua said, “Let him go.”

Yin Umbrella lifted his foot again and remained absolutely still.

Yin Umbrella became aware he was trapped, and the one who trapped him was most likely the person in front of him. Yin Umbrella tilted his head and looked at the man who looked like a big sun in front of him. He said, “Something that had been sucked inside, how can it be let out? My umbrella always had no way out, and even his soul will be refined.”

Yan Zhonghua was unconcerned. He was also not angry. He spoke lightly, “If I completely destroy you, who knows if he still can’t come out.”

Yin Umbrella smiled and said, “Even if I am destroyed, he still can’t get out. Why bother wasting your energy?”

Yan Zhonghua also curled his lips and said, “How can it be wasting my energy? As long as the Crafting Monarch is alive, there is always a way to repair it. I can still afford to wait for thousands of years.”

When he finished, Yan Zhonghua grabbed the closed white umbrella, and there were a bunch of flames on his fingertips, looking like it would soon burn the top of the umbrella.

“Don’t burn it, don’t burn it!” Yang Umbrella turned pale in fright. He rushed over and grabbed Yan Zhonghua’s arm. “If you burn him, Lin Xuanzhi truly won’t be able to get out. Moreover, my umbrella still holds other people’s souls. If you kill younger brother, all these souls can no longer be reincarnated!”

Yan Zhonghua’s black pupils narrowed, and he slightly retracted his hand, glanced at Yang Umbrella, and said, “Let those souls go be reborn first.”

“You dare!” Yin Umbrella mercilessly stared at Yang Umbrella.

Yang Umbrella didn’t look at him and immediately took out his black umbrella. After opening it, he muttered incantations, and it didn’t take long for wisps of souls to come out.

Yang Umbrella seized the white umbrella from the hands of Yin Umbrella. Under the gaze of Yin Umbrella, which seemed like he could eat people, the white umbrella was thrown forward, and the umbrella cover became a white gate, and the umbrella handle became a slender road. Those wisps of the souls walked along this road toward the front. It seemed as though those souls really could follow this ghostly road to reincarnation.

The black umbrella leisurely fluttered in the air, hanging above the heads of the souls. Rays of lights fell down, and the originally almost empty and transparent souls slowly solidified. However, at this time, a strange and piercing laughter broke through the night sky, and Third Elder rushed out of nowhere, stretching out his slender tongue and licking forward, then sucked in all the souls that had no time to run, and swept them away.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly surprised and said, “Hurry, spit them out!″

Third Elder had already become the image of a pale face and blood-red lips that Yan Tianhen saw before. The five facial features seemed to be abruptly drawn on paper, and they looked very stiff and awkward. His bluish-black fingernails had become three inches in length, and if not for the robe that almost never left his body, no one would recognize his identity.

Yan Zhonghua no longer held back. When he waved, he had another wooden blade. The wooden blade had no scabbard and did not have a blade edge. However, every gesture and motion could conquer mountains and rivers. He forced Three Elder, who had swallowed a few souls and experienced a surge in cultivation, to retreat to the front of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Just then, from all directions of Qing City, there was the sound of swords colliding with each other, and the flames of war spread from all directions.

Esteemed Lan Yue’s expression changed slightly and said, “You trap him here. I’ll go outside and take a look at the main street.”

He saw countless Yin corpses walking and running around. They seemed to be conscious and rushed towards the residents. It took less than a moment to hear the frightened yells, anguished wailing, and sounds of killing. Esteemed Lan Yue lowered his eyes and took out his sword to cut several corpses that came towards him in the middle, conveniently saving a few people who were nearly skinned by the Yin corpses. He didn’t pay much attention to the matters of cultivators, but instead flew towards the mortal area facing the street.

Cultivators still had the ability to protect themselves, but when mortals met corpses, were they not just waiting to die?

The unrestrained Yan Zhonghua fought with the Third Elder. Although his wood blade had no edge, when it touched the hands of the Third Elder, it burnt the skin there and made a sizzling sound. The Third Elder was suffering from pain. He didn’t expect to meet such a strong opponent and immediately cried out.

He suddenly took a deep fall, and read out an incantation could not be heard clearly. Evil wind roared behind him, a full 9.6 meter high Yin corpse jumped down from the top of the big plaque of Law Enforcement Hall, and smashed a deep pit in the ground.

Third Elder smiled faintly and said, “As long as I have 81 souls, I can refine into a Corpse King. Now that I have eighty one already, and the whole Qing City is in my hands! Corpse King, kill them!”

Distorted souls in the shapes of human heads floated above the Corpse King’s head. All the souls had a horrified look as they screamed with open mouths, which constantly spat out a poisonous green mist. As soon as it touched the grass, it left behind a field of black ashes.

You Ming got goosebumps everywhere, he stepped back and stated, “What the hell is this weird thing? It’s ugly as hell, can’t you still have a bit of aesthetics in your heart?”

“It’s the sorcery of the Five Demons Sealed Corpses.” Yan Zhonghua hit the nail on the head and his eyes sank slightly. He said, “The sorcery of the Five Demons Sealed Corpses requires a whole city as sacrifice. You Ming, go and see if Qing city has been made into the Five Demons Sealed Corpses array.”

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