Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 483 - Yin and Yang Umbrella

Chapter 483 – Yin and Yang Umbrella

Li Mo smiled bitterly. “It’s my eyes that are clumsy.”

Yan Tianhen graciously said that it doesn’t matter. Anyways, the next time they meet, maybe they will get to know more about each other.

Lie Fenkong felt that since he’d finally appeared in front of Yan Tianhen in his true form after much difficulty, naturally, he shouldn’t let anyone else distract Yan Tianhen, so he waved his hand to have Li Mo get out.

Lie Fenkong personally took Yan Tianhen to wander around the Pagoda Ghost Market and expressed his willingness to do his best to be a host. Yan Tianhen should just take whatever he liked.

Although Yan Tianhen loved money, he did not dare to take too much advantage of Lie Fenkong too much. After all, demons were all stingy. If they were taken advantage of, they would definitely hatch a scheme to regain their advantages.

So Yan Tianhen asked, “I just heard Li Mo say that there are only things you can’t think of in this Pagoda Ghost Market, but there is nothing you cannot buy. Is this true?”

Lie Fenkong answered with some pride, “Naturally it is true, this is much more complete than the human world.”

Yan Tianhen said, “What if I want to buy news?”

Lie Fenkong looked at Yan Tianhen with deep meaning. “If you want to buy news, naturally you can buy it. It depends on what kind of news you want to buy.”

Yan Tianhen said bluntly, “I want to buy two pieces of news. I wonder if anyone is willing to sell them to me.”

Lie Fenkong thought for a while. “What do you want to exchange it for?”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lie Fenkong. “What do you think is valuable on me?”

Lie Fenkong sized him up with curled lips. “Only you are the most valuable.”

Yan Tianhen touched his nose. “It’s not like I can dismantle myself and sell it to you.”

Lie Fenkong laughed. “Just treat it as our first-time meeting gift after I followed you for so long. What do you want to ask?”

Yan Tianhen was also not polite with him, saying, “The first matter — what is the creature in that ancestral temple that led me here?”

Lie Fenkong said indifferently, “That is a weapon spirit. The true form of this weapon spirit is a Ying Yang Umbrella. The Yin side is evil and the Yang side is good; it has one body with double the cultivation. It can be regarded as a good fortune.”

Yan Tianhen got the answer, but still couldn’t help being surprised. “Ying Yang Umbrella, isn’t that a treasure in the seals of the Five Continents, located in the East Continent’s Great Demon-Sealing Array?”

Lie Fenkong nodded. “The Ying Yang Umbrella is a peerless magic weapon handed down from ancient times. It can suppress demons in principle, but in fact, for thousands of years, nobody knows what kinds of fortuitous encounters this Ying Yang Umbrella experienced — it actually cultivated a weapon spirit, and it even cultivated into two spirits. If you listen to its name, you should know that there is a good side and a bad side. If the good side is strong, the Ying Yang Umbrella is an item that suppresses demons, but if the bad side is strong, what will happen is unpredictable. However, the Ying Yang Umbrella has always been obediently sealed in the Lin Family Ancestral Temple. But now, for unknown reasons, it could actually escape from the Lin Family Ancestral Temple.”

Seeing Yan Tianhen’s distressed look, Lie Fenkong smiled. “Once a weapon gains a spirit, it will be much more powerful than a human. I once fought the Ying Yang Umbrella. When the two of them joined hands, I admit that I was no match.”

Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows. “What are their powerful techniques, can you tell me?”

Lie Fenkong answered, “You’ve actually seen their most powerful skill — that is, they can connect two different spaces. This Pagoda Ghost Market is actually thousands of miles away from the Lin Family Ancestral Temple, but they can bring you here in the blink of an eye. Not just anyone can do that.”

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath. “What about the others?”

Lie Fenkong thought for a while and said, “The other thing is that the Ying Yang Umbrella can rapidly improve its cultivation by eating the inner cores of demonic beasts, the demonic cores of demons, and the Dantian Qi Sea of ​​human beings, as well as their brain and blood. Now that the Yin Yang Umbrella has already been contaminated with demonic Qi, the evil side is completely dominant, so its attacks are merciless.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and asked, “Then, do they have something they fear?”

Lie Fenkong laughed. “This is simple. The Yin Yang Umbrella currently has the Yin attribute, so what they fear most are items with blazing Yang properties. If they lean toward the Yang attribute, what they fear most are items with extreme Yin properties. When you fight them, you must kill them with one blow at the same time, or else the Yin and Yang will change, which will lead to endless troubles in the future.”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a moment, then said, “I’ve finished asking this question. Next question, how do I get out of here?”

“You just got here, but now you’re thinking about leaving?” Lie Fenkong seemed to be a little dissatisfied. “Is this Pagoda Ghost Market really so boring?”

“It’s not boring.” Yan Tianhen glanced at the things that were sold around, all of which were bloody demonic beast cores or demonic cores, and felt disgusting. “They just don’t have what I need for the time being, and I also have nothing to exchange for right now. Besides, my Dage is still waiting for me at home. If I go back late, he will definitely be worried.”

Listening to Yan Tianhen mentioning Lin Xuanzhi, Lie Fenkong looked slightly unpredictable.

“Your Dage has a rare Yang constitution. If he finds the hiding place of the Ying Yang Umbrella, he may be able to destroy them.”

Yan Tianhen said, “That’s great. After I go back, I will discuss it with Dage.”

Seeing that he really wanted to return, Lie Fenkong stopped insisting that he stay. “Then close your eyes, and I will send you out.”

Yan Tianhen closed his eyes and said gratefully, “Thank you very much.”

Lie Fenkong’s voice was a little joking, and said, “I always feel that you and I have known each other for a long time, and you behave like I’m completely familiar to you. How interesting.”

Yan Tianhen replied, “Who let me see you in my previous life? Fate is unfathomable.”

Lie Fenkong smiled happily. “There is something going on in the Demon Realm recently, and it is inconvenient for me to follow you again. When the matter is over, I’ll play with you again.”

Yan Tianhen only had time to answer the word “Okay”, then he fainted, and when he opened his eyes again, he was already on the first floor of Lin Family Ancestral Temple.

“I just told you, he can find a way out by himself.” A young boy’s voice rang, still a little angry.

As soon as Yan Tianhen raised his eyes, he saw Lin Xuanzhi holding the Zhige sword with the sharp blade on the slender neck of a white-robed young man. His expression looked like he was ready to kill someone.

Opposite Lin Xuanzhi stood a young man in a black robe and holding a black umbrella. Although the young man looked almost exactly the same as the white-robed youth, his expression was fierce, like he wanted to eat people.

When Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhen appear out of thin air, he was slightly relieved. “Ah Hen, come behind me.”

Yan Tianhen understood the situation at once. “Yin Yang Umbrella?”

The two teenagers looked at Yan Tianhen at the same time.

The black-robed boy said with a dark expression, “Damn it, Lie Fenkong, that trash with a loose tongue.”

Hearing Lie Fenkong’s name, Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes narrowed.

Yan Tianhen said, “Dage, I was led to the Demon Realm by this creature just now. If I hadn’t met Lie Fenkong, maybe I wouldn’t be able to come back.”

Killing intent rose in Lin Xuanzhi’s heart, and the look he sent the black-robed boy was particularly dangerous.

Yin Umbrella sneered and said dismissively, “Your little lover hooked up with someone behind your back. The green hat on your head is already three feet high. I listened to the two of them talking just now. That Lie Fenkong has never liked to be nosy, but for your little lover, he killed his subordinate with one move and did not even hesitate to spend his energy to transport him thousands of miles. Why don’t you go and find Lie Fenkong for revenge first?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Yeah right. Before I kill Lie Fenkong, I have to first kill an evil thing like you.”

Yin Umbrella said confidently, “If you kill me, the Yin Yang Umbrella will be broken. Once the Yin Yang Umbrella is broken, you all will never be able to open the Five Continents’ barrier. You have to think about this carefully.”

Yang Umbrella sighed slightly.

Yan Tianhen also realized the problem.

If a magic weapon had already cultivated a weapon spirit, then if the weapon spirit died, the magic weapon would become completely worthless and would just be an inanimate object.

With that said, Yan Tianhen’s expression turned dark.

Lin Xuanzhi said coldly, “The Yin Yang Umbrella was originally an item to subdue demons, in addition to breaking through and connecting Yin and Yang. I didn’t expect that once it cultivated weapon spirits, it would actually commit evil and slaughter people. I don’t know whether your Master regrets that you were created!”

For weapon spirits, these words were tantamount to questioning whether one’s parents regretted giving birth to them. They were extremely harsh words.

Yin Umbrella suddenly got a Yin wind all over his body. He murderously closed the black umbrella and turned it into a long stick, pointing to Lin Xuanzhi. “You arrogant brat. Someone who speaks a lot of nonsense generally won’t live long.”

Lin Xuanzhi met him head-on with his sword and collided with Yin Umbrella’s stick, creating sparks. As soon as Yang Umbrella wanted to escape, a whip emitting Yin Flames coiled around his neck.

Yang Umbrella suddenly wilted. He kept his original posture and spoke, “I, I’m not very powerful, so you must be very careful. If you kill me, none of you will be able to get out.”

Yan Tianhen sneered. “That depends on whether that good twin brother of yours understands matters. If he truly provokes me, I’ll kill the two of you first, then think of other ways to get out. In any case, roads are to be walked by people. If this path is unavailable, I will find another way. If it really doesn’t work, then it doesn’t matter if we don’t leave the Five Continents. Ultimately, it’s fine, since you two will be dead and I’ll still be alive.”

Yang Umbrella, “……”

Those who are barefoot are not afraid of those who wear shoes.

Speaking of the Yin Umbrella’s cultivation, it was indeed outrageously high. After all, it was a divine artifact that had a fortuitous encounter, transformed into weapon spirits, and had also been enshrined in the Lin Family Ancestral Temple while accepting incense and worship. In addition, it had swallowed a lot of people’s Yin Qi, which naturally had many benefits.

This wasn’t the case for the Yang Umbrella. Although the Yin Umbrella and the Yang Umbrella were twins, the Yang Umbrella could barely assume human form only after help from the Yin Umbrella. He was also the kinder side, so as a weapon spirit, he was a scaredy-cat. Even if he besieged Lin Xuanzhi, he only dared to use an illusion to make Lin Xuanzhi run around in circles, so at this moment, the Yang Umbrella was lying under Yan Tianhen’s whip, shivering while pouring out his endless grievances, not even daring to move a little.

When the Yin Umbrella finished exchanging some moves with Lin Xuanzhi and saw Yang Umbrella’s cowardly manner, he couldn’t help swearing, “Don’t be such a disgrace. You are not a human being. What’s so scary about him? His whip can’t hurt you at all. It’s just a pretense. If you don’t believe me, try it!”

Yang Umbrella cried with a miserable expression, “I won’t try, I definitely won’t try. What if my head falls down?”


Zaki: Lie Fenkong appears, resume the beauty pageant. 🙂

Xuanzhi: *pushes Lie Fenkong out of the pages* It’s not yet your turn to have much exposure here.

Ah Hen: My Dage wins, no contest, landslide victory.

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