Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 486 - Chaotic Battle

Chapter 486 – Chaotic Battle

Translated by: Laplace and Ea

When he finished talking, Yan Zhonghua put away the wooden sword and took out a turquoise jade flute. He then landed lightly on top of a pavilion. He was elegant and refined, like bamboo and cypress, making people see and yearn for him but not dare to harbor a single bit of blasphemous thoughts.

At this time, nobody knew if You Ming’s brain became smoke or something, but he suddenly asked, “Yan Zhonghua, if I don’t come back after going outside, will you avenge me?”

Yan Zhonghua originally wanted to play the flute, but when he heard this, he paused. Yan Zhonghua looked inexplicably at You Ming, who acted as though they were parting forever. He said, “If you can be killed by these measly Daoist techniques, then it’s better if I pretend that I don’t know you. It’s kind of shameful.”

You Ming, “Damn it, can’t you cooperate with me?”

Yan Zhonghua understood, “Not possible.”

You Ming, “…” Fuck your uncle!

Yin Xingli was fighting with a corpse puppet that had run out of nowhere while raising his voice, “Consort Highness, there is one thing I didn’t tell you the truth about.”

“Say it!” You Ming gritted his teeth and fumed with rage. He slapped a corpse puppet’s head straight off and sent it flying.

Yin Xingli shook his body and said, “The South Sovereign had already married three years ago. Right now the baby is about to be born; the father of the baby is not King Ye!”

Yan Zhonghua glanced at Yin Xingli and blew the jade flute. The sound of the flute was originally bitter, however, it became extremely clear and bright in Yan Zhonghua’s hands. Golden soundwaves expanded throughout the surroundings and dispersed. Everywhere the soundwaves reached, the Yin corpses covered their ears and screamed one after another.

When You Ming came to his senses, he held out his finger and pointed at Yan Zhonghua. With a somewhat silly smile on his face, he said, “This Venerable will settle accounts with you after coming back!”

His tone didn’t falter. His curved blade had already cut off several heads and returned to his hands. “You sons of bitches, it’s a crime punishable by a thousand deaths to delay a couple from getting together!”

You Ming coolly flung his sleeve and disappeared from everyone’s field of vision.

Both of Yin Umbrella’s feet were tied, and he couldn’t move. Yang Umbrella was barely holding on beside him, sending several very powerful corpses flying.

Yan Tianhen, “? ? ?”

Yan Zhonghua raised his hand and untied Yin Umbrella’s shackles. When Yin Umbrella regained his freedom, he first cursed Yan Zhonghua for a bit, then rushed toward the huge Corpse King. “A mere evil ghost dares to use Laozi as bait and even snatch my Yin souls!? You can say whatever you want, but you can’t eat whatever you want!”

Yin Umbrella opened the umbrella in mid-air and nimbly fought the Yin Corpse King. Evidently, Yin Umbrella saw at a glance that Third Elder, who originally acted as his servant and helped him find Yin constitution people, actually wanted to improve his own cultivation by absorbing and eating those vengeful souls after Yin Umbrella killed them.

Yin Umbrella was furious and his attacks became more and more fierce. With one strike, two skeletons’ heads were cut down.

The Corpse King gave an angry roar, which did not sound like a human’s voice but rather like a dog’s.

Yan Zhonghua played the flute. His goal was not only to kill corpses, but it was also to lead all the corpses to his side. All the corpses in Qing City seemed to be guided by something, and they came running towards the Lin residence. The neighborhood, which had been in chaos from the battle, suddenly turned quiet after the corpses rushed past.

You Ming took out a mirror and cast spells in eight directions. After receiving feedback from all the directions, You Ming stared intently at it, and an array arrangement appeared in the mirror. You Ming cursed, took out a Voice Transmission Talisman with both hands, and said, “That goddamned Third Elder is making a Yin Corpse Fiend Eight Directions Array; it’s almost finished.”

Esteemed Lan Yue replied from the other side, “I’ve already found this. I’ll take care of what’s inside the city, and you clean up what’s outside the city. We must not let them enter the city!”

The so-called Yin Corpse Fiend Eight Directions Array used Yin corpses as the array stones and set up formations in all eight directions. Once the array was fully formed, all the people whose bones were buried in the city would be resurrected on the night of the full moon and obey the orders of the array’s creator, thus turning the entire city into hell on earth.

You Ming never thought that he would be able to personally witness and experience the Yin Corpse Fiend Eight Directions Array, which had already been listed as a forbidden technique, in such a small world like the Five Continents. Furthermore, it was not far from completion.

Damn it, even if someone told me that there is no one manipulating Third Elder from behind the scenes, I won’t believe it no matter what.

Looking at the grotesque corpses coming out of the ground one by one, You Ming’s eyes darkened more and more. He sneered as he stood on the high overlooking platform of the city gate and gazed at the resurrected Yin corpses walking over like the walking dead in the distance. He licked his beautiful lips. “I haven’t killed without restraint for a long time; this is a good opportunity to reminisce about the past!”

You Ming’s attacks were unimaginably cruel.

His curved blade was like a beauty dancing in mid-air, spinning at a strange angle with every strike. Before those corpses even arrived at the gate, they had already been cut into nine equal pieces. You Ming thought this was too slow, so he put away the curved blade and immediately struck with his palm in such a perilous situation. Hundreds of corpses in front of him were all slapped to the ground and crushed into meat paste and pieces of bones. It looked extremely miserable. You Ming smugly sneered twice. He then prepared to rush toward other places to stop the intruders, only to see that Hai Kuanglang, Zhan Fengting, and the others were already in place.

You Ming raised his eyebrows in surprise. He saw Hai Kuanglang releasing a long and slender ice dragon. The ice dragon rose up and became a dragon with a width of three meters and a length of twenty or thirty meters in the blink of an eye. It roared and attacked the corpses in front of it, freezing them all into ice statues. After some creaking noises, the corpses shattered into fragments and clinked as they fell all over the floor.

“Greetings to Martial Uncle,” Hai Kuanglang spoke.

You Ming asked, “How did you guys get here?”

Hai Kuanglang answered, “Before, Master sent us a message saying that he was afraid that something will happen in Qing City during this period of time, so he wanted us to come here in advance to respond to emergencies. We were originally living in an inn ten miles outside the city and suddenly found unusual movement around the city during the middle of the night, so we rushed over to see the situation. Unexpectedly, something really did happen. It really does look terrifying.”

You Ming could not help but secretly think, It seems that his Shixiong has already realized something, but for some reason, he didn’t tell the truth, which made You Ming seriously think that there was something mysterious about this Lin Family Ancestral Temple for a moment. But if Esteemed Lan Yue had already predicted this disaster, why didn’t he say anything?

You Ming rolled his eyeballs and asked, “Who came with you?”

Hai Kuanglang replied, “Everyone is here. In any case, Master is not on the mountain, so we have nothing to do.”

You Ming patted Hai Kuanglang on the shoulder. “If we’re lucky today, we’ll be able to return to the Nine Lands in a few days. When that happens, you can consider whether to return to Fuyao Sect with your Shixiong or to return your North Lands.”

Hai Kuanglang’s expression changed slightly. Finally, he smiled lightly. “Martial Uncle is teasing me. I already had nothing to do with the North Lands a long time ago. How can I return to that place?”

You Ming looked at him with profound meaning. “That’s true. You never planned to return to the North Lands to be a little heir; you only want to return and become the ruler of the North Lands.”

Hai Kuanglang’s eyes sank slightly, and the ice dragon that he released suddenly became a lot more irritable, crushing many corpses with its body.

Hai Kuanglang curled his lips. “Martial Uncle can see through matters clearly. Originally, I thought that passing my days here was pretty good and that there was no need to seek revenge in the North Lands. But then I thought again. I don’t want Fengting to follow me everywhere without any name or status. He is different from me. Although my blood is impure, in the end, I still have half of the dragon clan’s blood within me, which is on the same level as phoenixes. Naturally, I have a long lifespan and do not fear the pain of life, death, and reincarnation. However, Zhan Fengting is merely a minor demonic beast. If he can’t get the approval of the dragon clan’s ancestors, I cannot share my lifespan with him. Therefore, even for Shixiong’s sake, I still have to fight with the dragon clan.”

You Ming patted Hai Kuanglang on the shoulder. “I am very optimistic about you.”

Hai Kuanglang laughed. “I’m also very optimistic about myself.”

Hai Kuanglang’s ice dragon easily intercepted those low-grade corpses outside the city. After watching the situation for a while, he felt that these things were just too numerous but couldn’t pose any legitimate threat, so he went to another location to look for Zhan Fengting with confidence.

In several other directions, Wan Yitong, Su Mo, and Yuan Tianwen guarded the gate of the Lin family’s Law Enforcement Hall. Yan Tianhen had already taken out all the small minions except the Corpse King. Those corpses gave out shrill, pain-filled shrieks as they clutched their heads and remained in place with swaying bodies. Yin Xingli was looking for the eye of the array, and the compass needle in his hand spun around rapidly.

The Corpse King was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong. When he saw that Yan Zhonghua was a tough opponent, he turned and rushed towards Yan Tianhen. Yan Tianhen jumped towards the back for a long distance and stood on a tall tree. He changed the Yin flames in his hand into a longbow and suddenly pulled the bow to shoot arrows. A Yin flame arrow broke through the air with a howling sound and shot straight toward the Corpse King’s head.

The Corpse King sent the long arrow flying with a single slap. Only a small hole appeared in the palm of his hand. Evidently, he didn’t put this level of attack in his eyes.

Yan Tianhen thought, Not good. In the blink of an eye, the Corpse King was already in front of him. The Yin Umbrella, who had been suppressed by the Corpse King, also caught up and gave him a heavy blow from the back. Half of the Corpse King’s head was chopped off, and he immediately roared angrily and turned around, attacking the Yin Umbrella with a palm full of corpse Qi.

Yin Umbrella sneered once and met him head-on. He was not a human and didn’t have the five senses. He also wasn’t fragile like humans were, so poisoning didn’t even exist in his dictionary, no matter whether it was corpse poison or poison pills. Thus, the Corpse King’s move was simply in vain.

The white umbrella opened in an instant, and the canopy continued to turn upwards. In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a long spear with a sharp tip.

The white umbrella broke through the black fog and directly pierced through the Corpse King’s palm. It then quickly spun around and twisted the palm into meat paste. The scene was at once very bloody and violent.

Those heads hanging behind the Corpse King gave shrill screams at the same time. One by one, they left the Corpse King’s body and became independent beings that growled as they jumped toward the Yin Umbrella. Yin Umbrella was unconcerned and met them head-on. He opened the white umbrella, casually throwing it toward the sky. The white umbrella sprinkled down silvery-white phosphorus powder light. When the light touched the tops of the corpses’ heads, it collected all the heads into the umbrella.

Yin Umbrella and the Corpse King were fighting intensely. The Yang Umbrella hid in the nearby trees to cheer for the Yin Umbrella, hoping that Yin Umbrella could unleash a big attack to kill the Corpse King in one blow.

Within the white umbrella, Lin Xuanzhi opened his eyes.

He was walking in a field of nothingness. With every step he took, a teal water lotus would form underneath his foot, but when the next water lotus appeared, the previous water lotus would turn to mist. There was a void in front of him, while countless souls floated around in the surroundings. They tried to possess Lin Xuanzhi’s body, but they were either bounced back the instant they were about to touch him, or they vanished like smoke in thin air, turning into particles in the void.

He didn’t know how long he walked. A long path was lit up by a faint light, which started under Lin Xuanzhi’s feet and spread to the distance.

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