Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 461 - Relationship Easing Up

Chapter 461 – Relationship Easing Up

Yan Tianhen suddenly began to laugh again, and a lovely pair of pear-shaped dimples appeared on his cheeks. He leaned closer to Feng Jingyu. “I’m kidding. Maomao, you’re so kind, so Ah Gu definitely came to like you later on, right?”

“I don’t know.” Feng Jingyu sneered, as if in self mockery. “He died when our relationship had merely begun to lighten up a little, so I didn’t even understand his intentions yet. He even died for Yan Huaizhen. Say, don’t you think I’m wretched?”

Yan Tianhen remained silent as he thought, Yes, his life is a little miserable. He asked, “You still like him, even after all this?”

If the person he liked sacrificed their life for the sake of another person, Yan Tianhen definitely wouldn’t continue to like them — even if he couldn’t do that, he would still control himself not to think about that person. How could he be like Feng Jingyu, who was still following Ah Gu around?

“Ling Chigu’s rank is much higher than that of your Dage.” Feng Jingyu’s voice was both disappointed and frustrated, “When that person in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital ordered the annihilation of the Ling family, Ling Chigu was protecting Yan Huaizhen and helping him escape. He entrusted his younger brother to me and asked me to protect the last seedling for the sake of his family. I asked him then if he harbored even a tiny bit of love for me. He said that members of the Ling family were loyal and dedicated, and they would only love one person in their entire life, never changing their love until death. At that time, I knew that there was no possibility between us.

He didn’t leave me with any hope and broke my last fantasy, but he regarded me as a close friend and put his younger brother in my hands with confidence. I entrusted Ling Baigu to a reliable friend and went back to chase after him, to save him, only to find that he was dying but still was fighting a bloody battle. We were outnumbered, so I took the fatal blow meant for him, and I met my death there……As for the events that occurred afterwards, I don’t know.”

Feng Jingyu recounted that soul-stirring battle so indifferently. By the time Feng Jingyu woke up, he was already in the Five Continents. He was reborn from the ashes and had regressed to an infant bird, but he didn’t expect to see Ling Chigu — well, at least Ling Chigu’s corpse — again in the Five Continents. Perhaps all of this was fated by the Heavens.

There was some noise behind him. Yan Tianhen turned his head quickly and saw Lin Xuanzhi open his eyes and try to sit up. Yan Tianhen’s throat tightened. He hurriedly got up from the ground and flew to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, holding his shoulders and arms to help him sit up more easily.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen. “How long have I been in a coma?”

Yan Tianhen said, “It’s been a whole month.”

Lin Xuanzhi frowned. “That long?”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “It’s all my fault; my cultivation wasn’t high enough. It took me an entire month to refine the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill. If I could’ve refined it faster, Dage wouldn’t have suffered so much.”

Lin Xuanzhi seemed to be in a trance. Subconsciously, he reached out to touch Yan Tianhen’s face and said with a smile, “You can refine the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill in a month. Ah Hen is already very incredible.”

Yan Tianhen subconsciously leaned back and avoided Lin Xuanzhi’s touch. Lin Xuanzhi’s fingers paused mid-air, and he realized that the relationship between him and Yan Tianhen right now was no longer the same as before.

Lin Xuanzhi supported his forehead with his palm for a moment then asked, “Who exactly is that woman? Her skills are beyond the Five Continents’ abilities.”

Feng Jingyu came over and answered, “Her name is Yue Suhua. She is the leader of the Royal Heavenly Capital’s White Crow Guards. She’s only good at killing officials all year round. However, I didn’t expect that Yan Zizhang could bear to send her down to the lower realm to deal with you.”

Yan Tianhen had a “So that’s how it is” expression, and then he asked in confusion, “I often hear you mention the third and seventh successors, but where are the first two successors?”

Feng Jingyu’s eyes took a look at Yan Tianhen’s face, then turned to Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen, “…”

It’s not what he thinks, is it?

Yan Tianhen widened his eyes and pointed to the tip of his nose. “Me?”

Feng Jingyu gave two Hmph’s. “Yes, you’re the second heir, and your succession rank was only revealed on the star chart when you were found to have Divine Devil blood. How can the Yan family let you, a person with impure blood, have such a high rank of succession? This was also part of the reason why they sent out orders for you to be killed.”

Yan Tianhen said with consternation, “But I don’t remember anything.”

Feng Jingyu nodded. “That’s extremely normal. The years when You Ming took you along as he escaped pursuit obviously wouldn’t be a good memory. Therefore, when Yan Zhonghua sealed the Divine Devil blood in your body, he also sealed your memory.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help clicking his tongue, as though he could no longer stand this.

“Even less needs to be said about your Dage.” Feng Jingyu chuckled and continued, “Long before you were born, the eldest son of the Xuan clan was predicted to have the innate fate of a supreme emperor. If the first ranked successor isn’t him, then I’ll write my name backwards.”

However, Lin Xuanzhi was indifferent. “What use does this order of succession have? Yan Zhonghua was the first ranked heir in the past, but in the end, he couldn’t even protect his son. It can be seen that this order is also irrelevant.”

Feng Jingyu shook his head. “It’s hard to predict the mysteries of heaven, but as far as I know, when Yan Zhonghua was a teenager, a National Advisor divined his fate and warned him that there would be a catastrophe in his life. The solution was that he must not leave the mountain within three years. Yan Zhonghua didn’t listen. He left the mountain and met Demon Venerable You Ming in the same year, after which You Ming clung to him and pestered him. Look at these worldly affairs that come and go; nothing is permanent.”

Yan Tianhen sighed for a moment, then asked Lin Xuanzhi, “How do you feel?”

Lin Xuanzhi clenched his fist. “It’s a blessing in disguise. I’ve counteracted the fire and thunder poison from the Great Reversal Palm. Now I should have a certain resistance to the Great Reversal Palm. Moreover, my body is now immune to many toxins.”

Pleasant surprise flashed through Yan Tianhen’s eyes. “That’s good.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with gentle eyes. “Ah Hen, do you want to talk about us?”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes didn’t avoid his gaze, nor did they have the obvious anger and resentment from before. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi calmly, and there was no longer any trace of turbulent wind and rain within his gaze.

“Dage, I’ve given it much thought, and I somewhat understand what you said before. You mentioned that apart from the relationship between Dao Companions, we’re still brothers, friends, and family. I cannot deny that. When I saw you hurt, I felt so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep, worrying about what will happen to you. That’s why I don’t want to remain angry anymore. You will continue to be my Dage, and I will continue to be your Didi. We won’t talk about our previous life’s matters, and we won’t talk about our relationship before today, okay?”

So Yan Tianhen still had some grudge against him buried deep in his heart ah.

Lin Xuanzhi could only sigh heavily in his heart. However, it was already a miracle that Ah Hen was so tolerant. What more could he ask for?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and agreed, “Everything is up to you.”

Yan Tianhen smiled, but soon went back to his grave expression. “Hiding here is not a long-term solution. How can we avoid Yue Suhua’s pursuit?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the frightening cliff outside the cave and his eyes sank slightly. “If we’re no match for them, we will have to seek external assistance.”

His sight fell on Feng Jingyu.

Feng Jingyu shrugged. “Fine, I knew I couldn’t escape the fate of being your slave. Are you guys planning to find Esteemed Lan Yue?”

“And also my Master,” Yan Tianhen added.

“Forget your Master.” Feng Jingyu said with a look of disgust, “He’s nothing more than a fellow who sleeps inside his bamboo house all day long while planting some spiritual herbs when he’s bored. What kind of fighting power can such a guy have?”

Yan Tianhen kindly enlightened him, “He actually has another name; he’s also called You Ming. That face of his right now is probably fake.”

Feng Jingyu, “…”


The phoenix’s screech sounded like thunder, resounding through the mountains and forests.

You Ming and Esteemed Lan Yue had been wandering in the small town near Thousand Stars Island for a long time. They had already encountered Yin Xinghan and the leaders of the Black and White Crow Guards countless times. You Ming wanted to do something about them several times, but Esteemed Lan Yue stopped him.

“The Five Continents won’t be able to survive if you guys fought.” Esteemed Lan Yue said, “After much difficulty, the Five Continents’ barrier has just started to loosen. If you guys fight here, the Great Demon-Sealing Array will definitely be affected. If you change the structure of the barrier, it won’t be suitable for occupation again for a year or two.”

If a peak Profound Realm Return Origin Stage cultivator attacked and killed a person who had just advanced to the Profound Realm, it wouldn’t have much impact on a small world.

However, if two powerhouses at the peak of Profound Realm’s Return Origin Stage fought each other to the death, then it would be a calamity for the small world.

Because of this, the small worlds’ Profound Realm Return Origin Stage cultivators had an agreement not to kill each other in the small world. Therefore, even if two Return Origin Stage powerhouses had a great feud, they still wouldn’t casually fight with each other. They would only fight by proxy and sacrifice the people around them. Obviously, the people on Yin Xinghan’s side also knew this. Although they had met You Ming many times, they merely provoked him but didn’t intend to fight him seriously.

After all, these people from the Nine Lands wouldn’t want to stay in such a poor realm like the Five Continents for a long time.

You Ming and Yin Xinghan rushed to see who could find Lin Xuanzhi first. On this day, You Ming was looking for the Great Demon-Sealing Array’s entrance among the tens of thousands of islands in the Milky Way Sea.

At this time, a fluffy gray bird flew in from the window and suddenly scattered the divination board that You Ming had set up with great difficulty.

Before You Ming had time to explode, he saw that bird suddenly turn into a tall man. The man’s clothes were extremely flashy and flamboyant. The red robe had a phoenix tail embroidered with golden thread. It looked complicated and dignified, with an immensely imposing aura.

“Feng Jingyu?” You Ming’s eyes widened as he stared at the man in front of him.


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