Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 462 - Two Sides Meeting

Chapter 462 – Two Sides Meeting

Feng Jingyu grabbed You Ming’s arm and spoke with a low growl, “You Ming, what the hell are you doing here? And you’ve even exposed your identity!”

You Ming was startled at first, but after that, he fell into a deeper fright. “Aren’t you the black chicken staying by Ah Hen’s side? Damn, since when did phoenixes look so stupid?”

Feng Jingyu exploded in anger. “Who are you calling stupid? Who said that phoenixes should look that beautiful as soon as they hatch?”

“No, no, no, this doesn’t seem to be the crux of the matter.” Fortunately, You Ming’s brain hadn’t stopped working yet. He suddenly realized something. “How did you know that I’m You Ming? I haven’t exposed anything in front of you at all!”

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes at You Ming. “Your identity was already exposed to your son a long time ago. Yan Tianhen also knows that I have a good relationship with you, so he kept it from me all this time. If not for the fact that they’re currently in a desperate situation, I’m afraid that he would’ve continued to keep us in the dark.”

You Ming was frightened. He was in a trance for a long time, then murmured, “When did Ah Hen find out that I’m his dad? He left so quietly; it must be because he doesn’t want to acknowledge me as his dad. I also didn’t mean to abandon Ah Hen back then. Everything is his ruthless father’s fault, I… this won’t do, I have to find Ah Hen.”

When Feng Jingyu saw that You Ming looked slightly unstable and crazed, he couldn’t help but sigh as he supported his forehead with his hand. “Calm down. I came here to tell you about Ah Hen’s whereabouts. Now that Yue Suhua is here when I haven’t recovered my cultivation yet, I’m definitely no match for this woman. If they want to successfully reach Thousand Stars Island, they must rely on you and Esteemed Lan Yue for help.”

You Ming also gradually regained his sanity, and his eyes sank. “Not just Yue Suhua. Even Lord Chuibi came here.”

Feng Jingyu was shocked. “Ying Chuibi?”

You Ming nodded. “That’s him.”

“Then, does he know that Xuanzhi is Xuan Wushe’s son?”

“I don’t think he knows that yet.” You Ming sneered, “Ying Chuibi hates the Xuan family to death. If he knew that Lin Xuanzhi was the son of Xuan Wushe and the then-Lord Guangling, how could he still have the peace of mind to wait for Lin Xuanzhi to deliver himself to Ying Chuibi’s door? He definitely would have run around trying to take revenge on Lin Xuanzhi a long time ago.”

Feng Jingyu calmed down and remarked, “Yan Zizhang actually didn’t tell Lord Chuibi and Yue Suhua such important information. This doesn’t seem like him.”

You Ming sat on the chair as he crossed one leg over the other without any decorum. He blinked at Feng Jingyu. “Yan Zizhang fears that original prophecy the most. Not only is he, himself was afraid, but he’s also afraid of others finding out. Unless he has no choice, Yan Zizhang will certainly try to keep this secret. The fewer people who know about this, the more secure and legitimate his authority will be.”

Feng Jingyu slowly said, “This coincides with our intentions.” They also hoped that Lin Xuanzhi’s identity would be exposed as late as possible. The later that people find out, the fewer people who will pursue him now, and the safer he’ll be.

You Ming looked at Feng Jingyu deeply for some time. “Jingyu, I won’t ask why you look like this right now, nor will I ask what exactly is going on between you and Ling Chigu. I only want to ask you, if one day you return to the Nine Lands, who will you support?”

Feng Jingyu answered with a solemn expression, “Do you still not understand what kind of person I am? The only reason I helped Yan Huaizhen back then was to take some burden off Ling Chigu’s shoulders, and I also didn’t happen to have anyone to support. Now that the rightful first ranked heir has appeared, how can I not know whom to choose?”

“No.” Feng Jingyu frowned. “I’ve always thought of Ah Hen as the Empress, but you’re telling me that you want him to be the Emperor?”

“Fuck your uncle!”

The two looked at each other for a moment, then all of a sudden, both of them laughed.

You Ming pushed aside the scattered chess pieces and stood up. “Where are they now? I’ll pick them up right away.”

You Ming took Feng Jingyu, who had transformed into a young bird, and quickly flew towards that mountain peak. After a short while, they went through the dense fog and found Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, who were waiting for assistance in the cave. When You Ming saw Ling Chigu standing to the side, he couldn’t help casting a few more glances at him.

Seeing You Ming again, Yan Tianhen’s state of mind changed greatly. He said with a smile, “Master, you came quickly.”

You Ming had so many things he wanted to say but suddenly choked back his words. However, it was better not to think too much about matters right now.

You Ming sighed. “There are a lot of things we need to discuss, but now is not the time. When we see Senior Martial Brother, we can clear up everything at once.”

This was also Lin Xuanzhi’s intention, so he nodded. “We’ve troubled Martial Uncle to make a deliberate trip here.”

“No problem.” You Ming threw a silver pendant to Yan Tianhen and instructed, “Wear it on your neck. The demonic Qi on your body is too obvious, and it’ll attract many demonic beasts while on the road. You have to learn to restrain it a little.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and obediently wore the pendant around his neck.

As soon as he wore it, his entire aura changed. Even Yan Tianhen himself couldn’t sense that he was a Divine Devil anymore.

“What’s this?” Yan Tianhen curiously looked at the silver stone.

You Ming explained, “It’s a good item specifically used to disguise as humans. I’ve been wearing it for decades, and nobody found out about my identity.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help clicking his tongue in wonder.

You Ming had a lot of magic treasures on him, and he also possessed many means of transportation. He released a boat made of unknown wood shaped like a small hawk. They sat on the sunken-in back of the kite boat and flew south. They were idle and bored on the road, so You Ming took out a lot of powder from his storage ring and worked on everyone’s faces for a while, adjusting their appearances to avoid drawing attention.

A few hours later, they arrived at the small fishing village currently occupied by cultivators. As the opening date of the Great Demon-Sealing Array drew near, there were more and more cultivators rushing to the small fishing village from all over the Five Continents. The originally quiet and peaceful small fishing village had now become very noisy. When Lin Xuanzhi and the others arrived, they happened to meet two groups of cultivators who had fought each other at the entrance of the village just now. The corpses on the ground hadn’t even been taken away yet.

Feng Jingyu also transformed into his human appearance. As he swept a glance at his surroundings, he commented, “The Great Demon-Sealing Array hadn’t even opened yet, but they’ve already started fighting.”

You Ming looked on with cold eyes. “Human nature is greedy. The Four Directions Seal is inside the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Naturally, everyone wants a share of the pie. Many people deliberately sabotaged relations between these cultivators, waiting to fish more easily in troubled waters. However, how can it be so easy to find the Great Demon-Sealing Array?”

Yan Tianhen frowned. “When we went to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to hunt for treasure, we were only able to enter the array by accident. We also tried very hard to break through Twin Moons City’s dilemma. Who knows how difficult it’ll be to find this southern Great Demon-Sealing Array.”

You Ming looked at Yan Tianhen, and his gaze became much gentler. “I heard that the Golden Cicada King is in your hands.”

Xia Xiaochan, who hadn’t dared to show himself and had hidden in Yan Tianhen’s clothes ever since he first saw You Ming, moved only now. He peeked out his head and shook the two antennae on his head.

You Ming couldn’t help clicking his tongue. He reached out his hand and pulled out the Golden Cicada King. “This little thing is a treasure. You guys are extremely lucky. I’m afraid it won’t be too difficult to find the magic treasures in the mysterious lands.”

Xia Xiaochan didn’t dare to move at all in fear that this man with an oppressive and powerful aura would pinch him to death in a moment of carelessness. You Ming thought it was fun, so he shook Xia Xiaochan again.

Yan Tianhen couldn’t bear to watch anymore. “Master, don’t bully Xiaochan. If you frighten him to death, you’ll never find a second Golden Cicada King.”

You Ming threw Xia Xiaochan back to Yan Tianhen, and Xia Xiaochan burrowed into Yan Tianhen’s clothes, never showing his head again.

Yan Tianhen had a better level of understanding regarding You Ming’s nasty temperament, and he couldn’t help feeling a little headache.

After entering the small fishing village, You Ming took them to the house that he’d bought before. After walking a few steps, they saw Esteemed Lan Yue standing on the side.

“Master,” Lin Xuanzhi called out.

Esteemed Lan Yue said with a cold expression, “Aren’t you very capable? Didn’t you disdain relying on other people’s help for anything? What are you doing, coming back?”

Lin Xuanzhi knew that he was angry that he insisted on leaving without saying goodbye. At this time, he had to bow down and admit his mistake, “I was too self-righteous and caused so much trouble to Master for no reason. I still hope that Master will forgive me.”

Yan Tianhen mumbled, “Martial Uncle, I was the one who gave Dage this idea. If you want to blame someone, blame me.”

Esteemed Lan Yue glanced at You Ming, who had an unsightly expression beside him and looked like he wanted to say something, and decided to end this topic. Esteemed Lan Yue spoke, “No need to say these useless words. I don’t need to tell you what the current situation is. Since you’ve suffered hardships outside, the fact that you knew to come back for help proves that you’re not completely stupid.”

In fact, Lin Xuanzhi also felt quite helpless.

He had properly calculated everything when he left — behaving in a low-key manner while acting in a high-profile manner. He took away the magic treasure before those people could. His plans were very detailed, and he’d even thought out the escape routes. However, human calculation couldn’t compare with heaven’s calculation. How could he know that Ah Hen would suddenly break half of the seal on his body and unlock half of his demonic bloodline?

As a result, the difficulty greatly increased, not to mention that the upper realm also sent two powerful killers. Lin Xuanzhi’s face was full of embarrassment.

You Ming came forward and said with some dissatisfaction, “Senior Martial Brother, I didn’t bring them here to be lectured by you.”

“En, I can’t lecture your son, but don’t tell me that I can’t even lecture my disciple?” Esteemed Lan Yue asked.

You Ming suddenly became nervous and quickly glanced at Yan Tianhen. “Elder Martial Brother, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“What kind of dumb riddles are you playing at this time? I think Ah Hen has already seen through your identity, but he just didn’t expose you yet because he wanted to give you face.”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his chin and blinked at You Ming, looking innocent.

You Ming’s heart skipped a beat. “About the events back then, I….”

“This is not the time to talk about these matters,” Esteemed Lan Yue interrupted You Ming ruthlessly. “Let’s go inside first.”

You Ming made a face at Esteemed Lan Yue’s back. When he looked at Yan Tianhen again, Yan Tianhen had already turned away as he followed Lin Xuanzhi and Esteemed Lan Yue and walked inside.

Feng Jingyu patted You Ming on the shoulder and cast him a sympathetic gaze.


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