Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 460 - The Pill Formula’s Origin

Chapter 460 – The Pill Formula’s Origin

Yan Tianhen assured, “Right now, no matter what you want, I will promise to give it to you.”

Feng Jingyu responded, “Besides yourself, what else do you have that this king wants?”

Yan Tianhen’s body suddenly froze and his throat tightened. “Maomao, I didn’t expect that you feel this way towards me.”

“Who the fuck feels this way towards you? Don’t even think about it.” Feng Jingyu realized that Yan Tianhen had misunderstood and glanced nervously at Ling Chigu, for fear that the bystander would misunderstand his innocence.

Of course, the latter wouldn’t give him any reaction at all, so Feng Jingyu calmed down. “In the past, no matter how much your Dage indulged you, he always had a bottom line, but this time, he seems to have lost his mind. I want to know what happened between the two of you.”

Yan Tianhen sighed, “Maomao, Ah Gu won’t like you if you’re such a busybody.”

Feng Jingyu sneered, “Even if this king doesn’t gossip, he still won’t like me.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

You won!

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyu. “It’s a very long story. If you really want to know, I will tell you the whole story after I’ve finished refining the pill. But you have to swear that you won’t tell anyone else.”

When Feng Jingyu heard this, he instinctively felt that it was an important matter. He couldn’t help but become more serious as he nodded. “You can rest assured; I’m not a loose-lipped person.”

The two bumped their fists together and promised.

Yan Tianhen took out the spiritual plant, and Feng Jingyu gave him a drop of his blood. Then Yan Tianhen started to refine the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill using Chanchan.

This kind of pill whose purpose was to neutralize a poison wasn’t particularly complicated to refine, but the pill formula and Phoenix blood were hard to find. However, these two kinds of materials were very easy for Yan Tianhen to obtain, which saved a lot of time.

He hurriedly refined the pill for an entire month, and the Fateful Imbue Yang Pill was formed.

Yan Tianhen fed the pill to Lin Xuanzhi and made him swallow it. After observing for a while, he found that Lin Xuanzhi’s pale and colorless complexion had eased somewhat, and it also ameliorated his own anxious heart.

Yan Tianhen was surprised. “Only three days?”

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes and countered, “That person is the Pill King, who’s at the same level as this king. He’s several hundred years old right now, and his cultivation is at least in the Earth Realm’s Major Perfection Stage. He’s much stronger than the current you. Why would you compare yourself with him?”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose. “You’re right.”

Yan Tianhen then asked curiously, “Maomao, you’re not an alchemist, so how do you know the exact pill formula for the antidote to Great Reversal Palm’s poison?”

Feng Jingyu’s body stiffened. He glared at Yan Tianhen and snapped, “You’re just a child. What would you want such gossip for?”

Yan Tianhen, “….”

He was just casually asking; why did Feng Jingyu have such a big reaction?

Feng Jingyu narrowed his golden-red phoenix eyes and stared at Yan Tianhen. “Speaking of which, the pill has been refined, and your Dage will soon wake up. Shouldn’t you tell me some matters?”

Yan Tianhen never thought of reneging. He nodded and asked, “Have you ever heard of the dream of Nanke?”

As soon as he started telling Feng Jingyu about this matter, he continued nonstop for an entire night. Maybe because it had been suppressed in his heart for too long, but as soon as Yan Tianhen opened his mouth, he could no longer stop. He wanted to pour out all the depression and sadness in his heart like how someone would throw out garbage.

Feng Jingyu was also a very good listener. He sat next to Yan Tianhen and listened attentively. He rarely spoke, but every time he did, he would pull Yan Tianhen back from his memories slightly so that Yan Tianhen’s emotions wouldn’t fall into a sorrowful mood.

“I also don’t know what kind of joke Heaven wants to play on me.” Yan Tianhen’s gaze was somewhat lost and resentful as he stared at the full moon hanging in the sky and the sea of sunlight emerging from the horizon. He continued, “My Dage and I merely made love once, and then I remembered those past life’s events. I died too miserably in my previous life, and I suddenly felt that I was still in a dream, carrying the sorrow of my previous life. For a while, I couldn’t bear the shock and couldn’t tell reality from illusion. I couldn’t face my Dage, which was why I quarreled with him like that.”

Feng Jingyu’s mood couldn’t be described by words. If not for the fact that Yan Tianhen didn’t like to lie and that fact that he just happened to be well-informed and had seen a lot of strange events, he might have thought that Yan Tianhen was teasing him.

However, Feng Jingyu was certain that what Yan Tianhen said was true.

He frowned and changed to a more comfortable posture. “Based on your story, your Dage had already recovered his past life’s memories a long time ago, and he even feels guilt towards you. Therefore, your Dage deliberately changed many events, which is why this life is different from the previous life.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “Ever since I first remembered the past, I’ve been pondering these matters. I compared the past life with the present situation and found that the development of many events were different from the previous life, but there were also many things that still returned to the starting point, even if they took a detour along the way.”

Such as Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue.

Feng Jingyu pondered, “But, have you ever thought about how your Dage was able to turn back the clock? The level of difficulty in this feat is absolutely beyond imagination.”

Yan Tianhen shook his head. “I don’t know anything about it, but intuition tells me that it has something to do with the soul plate.”

Feng Jingyu knew the soul plate, and he had also personally lived inside it for a period of time. Based on his inquisitive nature, he would never easily let go of any clues regarding the soul plate.

Hearing this, Feng Jingyu shook his head. “They probably are related, but that soul plate definitely wasn’t the one that turned back time. It must’ve been something else.”

Yan Tianhen said, “This kind of thing can only be known by asking my Dage.”

Feng Jingyu turned his head and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who was still lying down on the hay. He looked like a sleeping beauty. “It’s impossible to solve any problem by making a fuss and fighting a cold war. When your Dage wakes up, you’d better have a good talk with him. Moreover, you’re both in that kind of relationship now. There must be a solution.”

Yan Tianhen’s face turned slightly red when he heard it. He couldn’t help thinking back to the time when he and Lin Xuanzhi were in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. It was probably the most touching, comfortable, and indulgent experience he ever had in his life. Leaving aside the last accident, it was an endless aftertaste and addictive experience.

However, he couldn’t just forget their past, after all, the grudge was already too deep.

Yan Tianhen sighed and said, “Maomao, if you were me, would you forgive him?”

Feng Jingyu laughed, raised his eyebrows and looked at the misty mountains. “The only reason you’re able to ask this question is because you haven’t experienced life and death with him. You asked me why I have this pill formula, I might as well tell you–”

His gaze shifted and fell on Ling Chigu, who’d been standing beside him like a statue. His gaze was far away, as if he had seen through the ages.

“I met him because that day, he rode his horse nonstop to my West Lands’ Kunwu Divine Palace in person, asking me for a drop of blood.”

Feng Jingyu fell into his memories with a light tone, as if he was talking about other people’s affairs. “At that time, he was wearing a snowy blue robe, riding a Roaring Blood Celestial Horse, wearing golden battle boots, and holding a red-tasseled spear. His eyes were cold and ruthless, and he single-handedly broke through the 112 barriers from the foot of the mountain to halfway up the mountain of Kunwu Divine Palace and slaughtered his way to me.”

Feng Jingyu had lived for hundreds of years. What kind of person hadn’t he seen? However, when he stood on the peak, looking at the beautiful and vigorous man wearing the stars and covered by the moon, pulling the reins and looking up at him, he couldn’t help but feel his heart love and start beating like a drum.

The general who was known as the Crimson Tassel Snow-Robed Youth, who became famous when he was young in the Northern Lands, and shocked the entire Nine Lands. When he was still a child inside the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, he’d been courted by the great Divine Clans before he even started his career. Feng Jingyu had naturally heard of Ling Chigu.

The Ling family was a Quasi-Divine Clan. They were not any family’s subordinates. They had remained impartial and neutral since ancient times. The Ling family truly cherished the world and helped the common people. They guarded the Nine Lands and swore loyalty to the current emperor.

However, the Little General Ling, who had always guarded the North Lands, actually came to the West Lands in person, merely to beg Feng Jingyu for a drop of phoenix blood–for his childhood sweetheart Yan Huaizhen, who had been nearly killed by the Great Reversal Palm.

Feng Jingyu sat sloppily on the chair with his legs propped up. He asked Ling Chigu, “This King’s phoenix blood is not something you can ask for even if you want it. What can you exchange for it?”

Ling Chigu answered, “If it doesn’t violate morality and doesn’t hurt others, I can give whatever Your Majesty wants.”

Feng Jingyu narrowed his eyes. “Okay, then let me see just how far you’ll go for Yan Huaizhen.”

He put forward a condition, Ling Chigu agreed and carried it out, but it also annoyed Feng Jingyu.

“I broke my contract.” Feng Jingyu laid on the ground with his hands folded behind his head as he looked at the sky and said lazily, “At the time, I thought that Ling Chigu really wasn’t anything good. Since he was so bold, why should I let him be satisfied? Who would have thought that he had the ability to invite the Pill King to personally speak for him. I happened to have a matter that I wanted the Pill King to handle at that time, so I could only agree. The Pill King also told me that pill formula in passing.”

Yan Tianhen laid on the ground with his cheeks propped up by his palms as he looked at Feng Jingyu. “The Yan Huaizhen you mentioned was the successor that Ah Gu had always been guarding?”

“Who else is there besides him? Speaking of which, he’s a somewhat close blood relative of yours. He’s your father Yan Zhonghua’s own younger brother born from the same mother’s womb. After your father lost his inheritance, the order of the heirs shuffled again, and he suddenly became the third ranked heir. In accordance with seniority, you should call him an imperial uncle.”

Yan Tianhen thought for awhile and asked, “What kind of person was he?”

Feng Jingyu snorted coldly, “He looked gentle, innocent, and harmless, but in fact, he was a dirty dog who was accustomed to using and appraising people, and also played dirty tricks behind the scenes.”

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded and smacked his tongue, “Ah Gu actually liked such a person. Is he blind?”

Feng Jingyu nodded with great approval and coldly glanced at the innocent Ling Chigu. “Right? He’s definitely blind.”

Yan Tianhen commented, “But you’re actually attracted to Ah Gu, so aren’t you even more blind?”

Feng Jingyu, “…”

Good brat, are you tired of living?

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