Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 453 - Getting the Upper Hand

Chapter 453 – Getting the Upper Hand

Lu Tianhe looked very wise, but he still didn’t understand what Yan Tianhen meant.

He had never left Sky Peak Sect, let alone seen Yan Tianhen before. Although Sky Peak Sect had a Trapped Beast Prison, imprisoned inside were all ferocious beasts and criminals that couldn’t be killed yet for the time being despite their heavy crimes. He came from a noble birth, so how could he ever descend into such a filthy place?

Lu Tianhe said, “You remembered the wrong person.”

Yan Tianhen replied, “I never remember wrong.”

In his previous life, he did meet this person in the Trapped Beast Prison inside Sky Peak Sect, and their meeting wasn’t very happy.

Lu Tianhe was slightly stunned and said with deep meaning, “Even if you pretend to be my acquaintance, I will do what I have to do.”

Yan Tianhen laughed. “This is not a meeting of acquaintanceship. I only fear that when you die, you won’t even understand how you died.”

Lu Tianhe laughed too. He completely regarded Yan Tianhen’s words as a challenge.

“What an arrogant boy. If you want my life, it depends on whether or not you have the ability.”

“Then open your dog eyes and take a good look!”

Lu Tianhe had never seen Yan Tianhen before, but this did not prevent him from feeling the cold Yin Qi when Yan Tianhen first waved his whip. “Divine Devil tribe!”

Lu Tianhe quickly retreated towards the rear and conveniently grabbed Steward Cui, who was too late to respond.

They’d brought dozens of people from Sky Peak Sect, not to find and capture Yan Tianhen, but to capture Xia Xiaochan. It was a great accident that they met him instead, and this was not a good thing for Lu Tianhe.

Due to Yan Tianhen’s urging, Feng Jingyu and Ling Chigu were originally hidden in the bushes towards the back. However, when Feng Jingyu witnessed Yan Tianhen strangling those Sky Peak Sect disciples who had similar cultivations as him while using a whip that danced around like a snake, a grave look became more and more profound in his golden eyes.

Fierce and quick, with an aura capable of swallowing mountains and rivers — this was the style of Yan Tianhen’s attacks.

Ling Chigu was ready to move, his pair of black eyes gradually turning into the color of blood.

Steward Cui’s face was very pale and his body was shaking like a leaf. He exclaimed, “How can he be so powerful? At most, he’s only at Primary Realm. This… this is impossible!”

Lu Tianhe threw out a magic weapon at Yan Tianhen. A bloody glint flashed through Yan Tianhen’s eyes, and the whip instantly changed into the shape of a long blade. He held the blade in both hands and made a heavy chop toward the front. The magic weapon hadn’t even launched its attack yet when it was instantly burned to ashes.

Lu Tianhe was suddenly afraid.

What kind of cultivation method was this?

No, it wasn’t like those moves he’d seen before. He could clearly see that Yan Tianhen had transformed the whip into a blade. Although one couldn’t see the demonic Qi with their naked eyes, it was so tangible that the pressure could oppress someone to the point of trembling.

Didn’t they say that Yan Tianhen was taken away by You Ming only after his Divine Devil blood had been sealed?

Lu Tianhe took out a flying saucer and ran so fast that he disappeared without a trace.

Yan Tianhen snatched his hand back and looked at the empty front without interest. He eagerly said, “You run away when you can’t beat me. You’re like a turtle shrinking its head. How shameless.”

However, he didn’t really intend on killing Lu Tianhe. For one thing, Lu Tianhe’s cultivation was not lower than his, and he didn’t know how many magic treasures Lu Tianhen had on his body. The man was extremely cautious and afraid of death too. If he really wanted to escape, Yan Tianhen wouldn’t be able to catch up, so he decided not to waste energy without reason.

It was unknown how long Lin Xuanzhi had been standing behind him.

Yan Tianhen turned around and looked at Lin Xuanzhi. He bluntly demanded, “I want the Yin Ghost Banner.”

“En. To begin with, I prepared that for you.”

A surging storm flashed through Yan Tianhen’s eyes momentarily, but it had already disappeared in the next instant.

“Dage was really planning ahead,” Yan Tianhen noted.

Lin Xuanzhi took out the Yin Ghost Banner, and the surrounding temperature significantly dropped.

“The Yin Ghost Banner is suitable for demonic cultivators. I was originally keeping it for you.” Lin Xuanzhi handed the Yin Ghost Banner to Yan Tianhen. “Now it can be returned to its original owner.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt it was very boring. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll take this Yin Ghost Banner and kill Leng Jixue again?”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, “It’s up to you whether you want to kill him or keep him. Whomever you want to kill and whomever you want to keep all depend on your likes and dislikes.”

Yan Tianhen took the Yin Ghost Banner, raised his chin, and stared at Lin Xuanzhi. “Then stay away from me.”

Don’t follow me.

Stay away from me.

I don’t want to see you.

Yan Tianhen had said these many times today.

Lin Xuanzhi still looked indifferent. He said nonchalantly, “The world is so big that you can go anywhere you want, and so can I.”

Yan Tianhen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. “I never knew my Dage was so brazen. I’ve already started to drive you away, but you still have to follow me shamelessly. Do you know what this is?”

However, Lin Xuanzhi chuckled. “You can call me a lecher or shameless. I’ve had the complete you once, so how can I let you go so easily?”

Yan Tianhen stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a moment, then took the Yin Ghost Banner and turned to leave.

Before he left, he also controlled the Yin Ghost Banner to collect the souls of those corpses on the ground.

Feng Jingyu hurried to catch up.

Xia Xiaochan emerged from Yan Tianhen’s clothes and flew to Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder. He asked, “What happened between you two? How did you go from wearing the same pair of pants to becoming enemies?”

Lin Xuanzhi stared at Yan Tianhen’s back and head. “I hurt him, and he should be angry.”

Xia Xiaochan clicked his tongue twice. “Then, do you still want to stay in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land?”

“You should ask him about this kind of thing.”

“Aiya, you’re indulging him too much, aren’t you? This is the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land! If you’re careless, you’ll die. You can’t mess around.”

“Let him be happy,” said Lin Xuanzhi. “I’m afraid there are few people in this whole Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land who are his opponents.”

With the memories of his past life and half of his Divine Devil blood unsealed in the array of his body, Yan Tianhen could be said to have restored his previous life’s cultivation.

Before, Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t be certain whether the past life’s Yan Tianhen had broken the seal inside his body, but now he could conclude with certainty–

After the first intercourse, the body of a heavenly human furnace could receive great benefits, which would enhance one’s senses, talent, and cultivation. However, the benefits brought by the first intercourse should be the greatest.

And along with the improvement in cultivation, half of that seal had also been unlocked.

The same was true in their previous lives.

That was why Yan Tianhen suddenly became so strong that soon after, he didn’t even pay much attention to Sky Peak Sect’s Sect Master.

Lin Xuanzhi sighed softly, and then released a jade butterfly. He followed it to find the missing Yan Tianhen.

Without hesitation, Lu Tianhe chose to run towards the exit of Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land.

Yan Tianhen’s cultivation had somehow broken through to the Profound Realm, and it was not suppressed. Although Lu Tianhe had cultivated to the Earth Realm, under the natural suppression of this Lower World, he could only stay at the peak of Profound Realm’s Return Origin Stage. However, he had always been cautious and deliberately avoided all unknown dangers.

Just like the demonic Yan Tianhen.

Steward Cui was still chattering and expressing dissatisfaction, “Immortal Lu, you are obviously so much stronger than that boy. You could have caught the man wanted by Sect Master Ren and the Jade Cicada King wanted by Esteemed Shen Ji. Why didn’t you even try and instead, ran away?”

Steward Cui was Ren Bulin’s number one steward, so he’d always thought highly of himself. Lu Tianhe didn’t want to talk too much with him, so he said flatly, “Things are not as simple as you think. The specific matters will be discussed after seeing your master.”

Steward Cui was somewhat discontented. “We have spent a lot of effort in entering this time. Now that we have found nothing to gain, Sect Master Ren will be dissatisfied.”

“I’ll take responsibility for everything.”

“Remember, you’re the one who said that.”

Lu Tianhe agreed once and no longer said anything more.

Although one couldn’t enter the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land any time they wanted, they could leave the place whenever they wanted.

Outside of Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, Lu Tianhe soon found Yin Xinghan, who was camping nearby and waiting for news.

In order to pursue Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen and get the magic treasure within Thousand Stars Island’s barrier, Yin Xinghan must definitely come in person.

The Twin Lotus Lamp in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest from the West Continent was lost when Yin Xinghan underestimated his opponent’s strength. He would never make the mistake of underestimating his enemy again, especially when the man who was competing with him was Lin Xuanzhi, the chosen son of Heaven and the first heir to the Qianyuan Dynasty based on the prophecy.

No, now that he had already been born, it was no longer just a prophecy.

Yin Xinghan’s face was gloomy, and nobody knew what he was thinking. His face had not been very pleasing lately.

He picked up a tortoise shell laid on the astrolabe, bit his finger, and shed a drop of blood in the center. Then he performed some incantations to divine the heavens.

The lines of different shades on the tortoise shells slowly climbed to the color of red blood, and the position moved without wind, forming seemingly loose but regular patterns.

Yin Xinghan made a hand seal and only heard a crisp sound as the tortoise shell broke into pieces.

“Damn it!” Yin Xinghan cursed and threw the tortoise shell to the ground.

During this period of time, he had divined and calculated Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi’s life stars more than once, but he still couldn’t find anything. He didn’t know what was stopping his divination. If it continued like this, the tortoise shells he brought would all be used up.

“Sir, Immortal Lu and Steward Cui are back,” Ren Bulin’s subordinates came in and reported.

Yin Xinghan had a bad premonition. It had only been more than a month. Why did they come out so quickly?

Yin Xinghan got out of the tent and faced the incoming Lu Tianhe and Steward Cui.

Lu Tianhe’s face looked rather grave as he revealed, “Sir, Yan Tianhen is with the Jade Cicada King at this time. For some reason, the seal in his body seems to have been broken. Although the moves he used could not be seen as demonic cultivation, they gave me the strong pressure of the Divine Devil tribe. I didn’t know his precise cultivation methods and cultivation level, so I withdrew from the mysterious land first and came to inform you.”

Yin Xinghan suddenly clenched his fist, his breathing tight inside the chest. It took a long time for it to sink in.

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