Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 452 - Unavoidable Confrontation

Chapter 452 – Unavoidable Confrontation

Why must Yan Tianhen be reminded of these things?

Why couldn’t he remain ignorant of his past memories all his life and just continue loving Lin Xuanzhi stupidly and wholeheartedly?

Why couldn’t Lin Xuanzhi stay far away from him after remembering the past, so that Yan Tianhen would have no chance to fall in love with him?

Why was Lin Xuanzhi still following him? Even if he followed a few steps, could that erase the previous mistakes he made?

Yan Tianhen suddenly remembered what Lin Zhan had said to him in his past life, “Ah Hen, not everything in this world can be forgiven.”

Not all love could endure being betrayed again and again.

Past life, he……

Yan Tianhen shook his head, erasing those cruel and tragic pictures from his mind, but he couldn’t help thinking about them again.

In fact, he had countless puzzles he’d yet to understand, the most important of which was why his life suddenly started all over again, and what opportunity made Lin Xuanzhi recall his past life. However, compared to his current mood, these unknowns seemed to be nothing now.

Yan Tianhen looked around, his eyes deep and profound. The Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land was very vast. However, when he looked up, it was all an unknown road. Where was his future?

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen’s dazed eyes and couldn’t help but worry. If he thought before that the reason these two people didn’t get along was because of those kinds of things or because Yan Tianhen lost his virginity and couldn’t accept it in such a short time, then now, when Feng Jingyu saw Yan Tianhen’s reaction, he knew it couldn’t possibly be this reason — Yan Tianhen was too eager to strip Lin Xuanzhi and eat him up. How could he be so reserved to cry that he was being taken advantage of?

Something terrible must have happened between Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi.

But… they did nothing more than roll around in the sheets under the heavens. Why did it suddenly become like this?

Feng Jingyu suddenly remembered the rumor that Yan Tianhen was born as a human furnace. His expression quickly changed, and he reverted back into his bird form. He flew to Yan Tianhen’s shoulder and asked, “Your Dage couldn’t have used you to do something bad, did he?”

Yan Tianhen grabbed Feng Jingyu. “Don’t try to guess. You won’t be able to guess it.”

He then said, “Maomao, if I part ways with him in the future, who will you follow?”

Feng Jingyu was immediately appalled. The way Yan Tianhen asked was like a husband and wife who wanted to divorce from each other and were now asking their child who he wanted to follow — of course, the child was more likely to follow his father.

For a moment, Feng Jingyu felt that he had become a little wretch whom no one wanted. He asked in a very meek tone, “Can’t… the two people not separate?”

Yan Tianhen shook his head. He thought of something but ultimately shook his head again. “No way. You don’t understand what happened between me and him, you clearly don’t. You weren’t involved, so don’t try to persuade me.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but feel bitter in his mouth.

Where did he abandon Lin Xuanzhi? Clearly, it was Lin Xuanzhi who broke his heart again and again. At last, he became dispirited and had nothing left to live for. He grieved, hated, and regretted everything so much that he didn’t even want his own soul.

Yan Tianhen suddenly recalled the agony of his soul scattering away and felt an impulse to shiver uncontrollably.

How could he continue to love Lin Xuanzhi and stay with him, as if nothing had happened?

Yan Tianhen pulled himself away from his memories. He was never indecisive, nor had he ever cared very much about the consequences of his actions. Just as he accepted Lin Xuanzhi in his previous life, he tried every means to hook Lin Xuanzhi into his bed, never considering whether the other party loved him or whether he was willing to marry him.

“You’ll come with me.” Yan Tianhen seemed to have made up his mind for Feng Jingyu, saying, “Ah Gu is my contracted corpse puppet. He is bound to follow me. I assume that you can’t bear to part with Ah Gu.”

Seeing this, Feng Jingyu stopped asking. He sighed. “You’ve made such a hasty decision. You must’ve wanted to break your Dage’s heart thoroughly.”

Yan Tianhen said as he walked, “If there is a cause in this world, then there will be an effect. The cause from the previous life has become this life’s effect.”

Feng Jingyu had rarely heard Yan Tianhen speak in such an age-old tone; even less did he hear such words with rich connotation and philosophy that people couldn’t quite understand coming from the youth who always ran his mouth.

It was as if overnight, Yan Tianhen was no longer the person he once knew.

Just like the so-called overnight growth.

Feng Jingyu sighed with emotion. “Ah Hen, what you just said is really unexpected and impressive. However, although I don’t know what you’ve experienced, my heart will always be biased towards you.”

Yan Tianhen laughed. “In fact, I shouldn’t let you follow me. You should go with my Dage. After all, he is slightly more powerful than me. The phoenix is born under the sun and gravitates towards it. If you’re around him, your cultivation will recover faster.”

Feng Jingyu was surprised. “Just now, you asked me to follow you. Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Yan Tianhen looked at Ling Chigu, who’d been following him silently. “Because one day, you’ll nevertheless be standing on his side.”

Feng Jingyu’s heart was full of stormy winds and rolling clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun, but nothing could be seen on his cute bird face.

The West Phoenix Monarch couldn’t help but think of Yan Tianhen’s identity and lineage. Did his words imply that he would embark on a different road in the future?

The Divine Devil tribe had always done whatever they wanted and was very overbearing.

For the next part of the journey, Yan Tianhen didn’t speak, and Feng Jingyu fell on Ling Chigu from time to time, pecking his collar sometimes and smoothing his hair at other times. He seemed to enjoy being awfully busy.

When they almost reached the end of the mirror lake, Xia Xiaochan suddenly dashed over.

Xia Xiaochan cried, “There are a lot of people outside who seem to be from Sky Peak Sect. You guys should quickly escape to somewhere else. Please don’t be caught by them.”

After finishing, there was a whoosh as Xia Xiaochan suddenly turned into a jade cicada the size of a finger and hid himself in Yan Tianhen’s clothes without another word, taking the phrase “scaredy-cat” to another level.

Feng Jingyu abruptly burst out a curse and scolded, “Fella, how can you be like this? You’re even worse than the mourning birds that announce someone’s death. At least a mourning bird can bite people once or twice, but you only know how to hide!”

Xia Xiaochan’s faint voice came from inside Yan Tianhen’s clothes.

“Each of us should perform our duties and be aware of our own limitations. If I go out, I will only hold you guys back.”

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes, then asked Yan Tianhen, “Do you want to disguise your face?”

Since he had come here to refine his body, Yan Tianhen had removed all his disguises. At this time, he was using his true appearance.

Yan Tianhen touched his face and coldly smirked. “There’s no need to go through such lengths.”

Feng Jingyu frowned. “It’s not good to be seen. They’re looking for you.”

Yan Tianhen didn’t care. “Just cut them off at the root and kill them all.”

Feng Jingyu, “…”

Xia Xiaochan was born with the ability to create barriers. From the outside, it seemed that there was no road ahead, but in reality, it was just a smokescreen.

The disciples of Sky Peak Sect couldn’t see through it. They wandered around in front of the rocks for a long time.

“Mr. Lu, is there really nothing wrong with this guide compass that Esteemed Shen Ji gave us?” Steward Cui, who had been following Ren Bulin for many years, couldn’t help but have some doubts.

Lu Tianhe glanced at Steward Cui and plucked the Incense Trail Guide Plate specially used for tracking people. He looked at the illuminated scale above it and said, “If you doubt it, you can leave by yourself.”

Steward Cui rolled his eyes and immediately replied, “How could I doubt it? Esteemed Shen Ji is erudite and knowledgeable, and he knows divination. I think there must be something strange about this forest, which makes it difficult for us to find that Jade Cicada King.”

The person Lu Tianhe was looking for was Xia Xiaochan.

Before he entered the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, he made a special trip to the Jade Cicada Palace and acquired an item related to Xia Xiaochan. He put them into the Incense Trail Guide Plate to locate Xia Xiaochan’s position.

The Incense Trail Guide Plate led them all the way here. However, there was no trace of Xia Xiaochan.

“The Jade Cicada King has the innate ability to find secret lands and grotto heavens,” Lu Tianhe said lightly. He suddenly stretched out his hand and poked at a brown bark in front of him.

Like soft cotton, the bark distorted, letting Lu Tianhe’s finger sink into it.

Lu Tianhe’s expression changed all of a sudden. This was obviously an illusory barrier before him.

Lu Tianhe quickly said, “There is a barrier here. Please step back and let me break it.”

“As if you need to break it.” A teenager’s voice suddenly rang out before cracking noises followed. The clumps of illusory trees in front of him all retreated swiftly, and in a flash, they turned into weeds, which only reached their knees.

The subtlety of the illusory barrier was hard to describe. Only those who witnessed it could be amazed.

Covered with red and black lines, a face that looked as if it had been cut by someone was revealed with a thin but not so slender figure, holding a flame whip in one hand……

“Yan Tianhen?” Lu Tianhe was taken aback. He had seen Yan Tianhen’s portrait. This person’s appearance was too special to forget.

Although he had thought that Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi might have entered Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, he was cautious and didn’t search for these two’s existences. Instead, he went directly to search for the Jade Cicada King.

After all, in the near future, these two people would be other people’s problems to handle. The most important thing for Lu Tianhe was to find the magic treasure using the Jade Cicada King.

He just didn’t expect that while the Jade Cicada King was missing, Yan Tianhen had jumped out on his own initiative.

The compass showed that this was where the Jade Cicada King was, but what came out was Yan Tianhen. Maybe… the Jade Cicada King was with Yan Tianhen?

This was the worst and most fortunate result.

“Mr. Lu.” Yan Tianhen narrowed his eyes as if he were both laughing and hiding his emotions. “The last time I saw you, you were still trapped in Sky Peak Sect’s Trapped Beasts Prison. I didn’t expect to meet you outside so soon.”

Lu Tianhe looked very wise, but he still didn’t understand what Yan Tianhen meant. He had never left Sky Peak Sect, let alone seen Yan Tianhen before. Although Sky Peak Sect had a Trapped Beast Prison, imprisoned inside were all ferocious beasts and criminals that couldn’t be killed yet for the time being despite their heavy crimes. He came from noble birth, so how could he ever descend into such a filthy place?

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