Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 455 - Meeting in the Butterfly Residence

Chapter 455 – Meeting in the Butterfly Residence

These days, Yin Xinghan had been continuously divining Yan Tianhen’s life star because he had a premonition that some major event out of his control was about to occur.

He didn’t know how many times the tortoiseshell cracked, and he also couldn’t find out why. He didn’t expect that it was caused by the release of Yan Tianhen’s seal.

No, it shouldn’t be completely broken yet.

After all, Yin Xinghan was still a person who had seen much of the world, so he soon calmed down. After a pause, he said, “It’s not necessarily a bad thing for us that Yan Tianhen exposed his demonic lineage. The Five Continents’ hatred of Divine Devils is far deeper than that of the Nine Lands. If people in the Five Continents learn this news, they’ll inevitably attack in droves. At that time, we’ll have more help.”

Lu Tianhe pondered a little. “However, no matter how I look, the techniques that Yan Tianhen displayed all seem like the 《Eighteen Hells of the Underworld》that Demon Venerable You Ming used back then. Is it possible that Demon Venerable You Ming is also in the Five Continents?”

Yin Xinghan’s face turned cold. “It’s hard to tell. Originally, I could have divined You Ming’s destination, but Yan Zhonghua actually used a magic treasure capable of fooling heaven to cover up You Ming’s life star. When I came here, I initially suspected that Esteemed Huai Yu was You Ming, but I found that Huai Yu had already been in the Five Continents many years ago. At that time, You Ming was still causing chaos in the Nine Lands — but 《Eighteen Hells of the Underworld》is not something one can automatically inherit, so someone must have given Yan Tianhen this secret manual, and that person was certainly You Ming.”

Surprise flashed through Lu Tianhe’s eyes. He frowned. “If You Ming is here, I’m afraid he won’t be easy to deal with.”

“Hmph, what are you afraid of?” Yin Xinghan smiled coldly and moved the rotating pearl in his hand. “Master’s side has already responded. Before long, Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi won’t be able to act so wantonly anymore. Now, we only need to catch the rabbit by guarding the tree-stump and guard the exit to Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. When they come out, we will catch a turtle in a jar!”

Lu Tianhe was pleasantly surprised. “So we’ve actually heard back from Master already. Who will be sent over this time?”

“The transmission says it’s Lord Chuibi and Yue Suhua.”

Lu Tianhe couldn’t stop himself from feeling astonished. “Lord Chuibi and Lord Suhua — our Master actually sent two of the Heavenly Capital’s Four Generals at once! If they’re gone, who will rule over the Crow Guards?”

Yin Xinghan glanced at him. “The Crow Guards will still remain Crow Guards even without them. If we don’t completely eradicate Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi in the Five Continents, then I’m afraid that matters will no longer be so easily resolved once the Five Continents’ barrier is broken. When that happens, no one will be able to predict what changes will occur in the Nine Lands, so Master’s decision is extremely wise.”

In his opinion, it wasn’t an overkill even if Master dispatched more people to deal with those two.

Lu Tianhe was stunned for a moment, then nodded slowly. “Indeed wise, but once Yan Tianhen’s seal is broken, I’m afraid there will also be some movement on Yan Zhonghua’s side.”

Yin Xinghan gazed at overlapping mountain peaks in the distance. The shadows superimposed upon each other, looking mottled and unclear under the sunlight, as if the future was uncertain.

“Then it depends on who moves faster.”

Yan Zhonghua hadn’t left the palace for a long time. He’d always disliked noise and didn’t admire the vicissitudes and hardships of life. He was content with merely holding a small corner of the territory and living an idle life watching the clouds, admiring wild cranes and peach blossoms, and enjoying wine. It was exactly like what You Ming said back then: as soon as he saw Yan Zhonghua, he felt like he was watching beautiful scenery, with the sky clearing up to reveal the moon.

As usual, Yan Zhonghua came to the riverside with his fishing rod and gently threw the hook into the limpid waters, sitting there for an entire day.

He caught a fish, took it off the hook, threw it back into the river, then caught another one, and the cycle repeated again and again.

Today was an ordinary day with moderate wind and beautiful sun. Black-naped orioles were chirping.

However, towards the evening, Yan Zhonghua fished out a very heavy fish. When he wanted to take it off the hook, the fish suddenly showed surprising strength and actually snapped the fishing line, then dived into the water again with a whoosh, creating a big splash.

The water droplets sprayed ten meters high, and just when they were about to splash onto Yan Zhonghua, the droplets suddenly seemed to be blocked by something, freezing in midair and falling back into the river with a crash.

Yan Zhonghua stood up, a gathering storm surging in his pair of starry eyes.

“Your Majesty.” A servant respectfully came to report, “The ruler of the East Lands has come to visit and has already reached Hunting Moon Terrace.”

Yan Zhonghua asked, “Are there others with him?”

That servant answered, “The Living Yama is also there.”

Yan Zhonghua waved his hand. “I will personally welcome them.”

Ten years, Yan Zhonghua thought.

It’s been ten years or even longer since I last saw Xuan Wushe.

In the Butterfly Residence, Yan Zhonghua met Xuan Wushe, who didn’t easily leave the East Lands.

He was still handsome and distinguished, with a flawlessly stunning face. He was dignified and imposing even without having to get angry, so much so that people didn’t dare to entertain even the slightest bit of blasphemous thoughts in his presence. Standing beside him was an elegant young man whose smile felt like a fresh spring breeze, but his smile always seemed to make people a little terrified.

“One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. I haven’t seen you for many years. Your smile and features still remain the same,” Yan Zhonghua lightly greeted.

“It’s only been over ten years. Even if you don’t see me for a hundred or even a thousand years, I will still be the same.” Xuan Wushe replied indifferently, then bluntly stated, “You’ve lived in seclusion amongst the mountains and forests during these years, closing your door and declining all visitors. Your cultivation has increased a lot.”

Yan Zhonghua wasn’t surprised that Xuan Wushe saw through his cultivation advancement at a glance. In any case, he had nothing to hide. “In these years, I’ve stayed away from the filth and unrest of the world and no one has disturbed me, so naturally, I am tranquil and even-tempered, which is extremely beneficial to cultivation.”

Yin Xingli, who was known as the Living Yama, smiled. “Once again, King Ye is further away from the date of his death, with a fate of wealth and longevity for ten thousand years to come.”

Yan Zhonghua looked at Yin Xingli with a faint smile on his face. “The last time we met, you said that this king was not far from his death.”

Yin Xingli bowed to Yan Zhonghua in deference. “Last time, it was because Prince’s condition was truly too frightening. Your servant mistakenly believed that Prince couldn’t survive that heavenly tribulation, so he spoke conceited nonsense. Your servant hopes that Prince will forgive him.”

“Don’t mind it. This king has no intention of pursuing this matter any further.” Yan Zhonghua raised his hand and motioned for Yin Xingli to stand up. He spoke quite magnanimously, “The Living Yama has always liked to judge people’s death dates. It’s not as though this king has only known you for a day or two.”

Otherwise, how could Yin Xingli be known as the Living Yama?

If King Yama wants you to die at the third watch, he will not leave you alive until the fifth watch.

Rumor had it that if Living Yama Yin Xingli predicted someone’s death date, that person wouldn’t be able to escape that time of death.

In the Nine Lands, not many people liked Yin Xingli, especially this mouth of his, which was good at jinxing people.

Yin Xingli smiled happily. “King Ye is indeed magnanimous. Others always dislike me for saying inauspicious remarks, but they don’t realize that, for the most part, life and death are in their own hands.”

Xuan Wushe looked at Yan Zhonghua’s beautiful and refined face. “Have you heard any news about your child these years?”

Yan Zhonghua replied, “When I was fishing just now, I sensed that half of the seal had been broken.”

Xuan Wushe’s eyebrows inched up slightly. “So suddenly?”

Yan Zhonghua nodded. “Since you took Living Yama with you and came to find me, you must have found something important, right?”

Xuan Wushe hadn’t even opened his mouth yet when Living Yama Yin Xingli spoke first, “Indeed, I found some incredibly serious matters. A few days ago, I vaguely sensed that there was a faint movement in a barrier in the East, and it seemed that traces of a small world appeared out of thin air. When I made another divination, that barrier seemed to have completely closed again, leaving no trace of the small world. Next, I learned that Yin Xinghan left the Nine Lands and went to an unknown small world, which I felt was a bit strange.”

Yin Xingli pinched his fingers and continued, “Yin Xinghan and I are identical twins. I took advantage of when he was sleeping to sneak into his mind and sea of knowledge, where I suddenly discovered that he had already found a place called the Five Continents. Moreover, he also found the burial grounds of Divine Devil Venerable Radiant Sky from thousands of years ago.”

Yan Zhonghua didn’t speak immediately. He thought about it for a moment before asking, “Isn’t the demon’s burial ground in the Nine Lands’ Demon Tomb?”

Yin Xingli curled his lips. “We’ve all been deceived. I’m afraid that besides those few people who personally sealed the demon back then, no one else knows where the real burial grounds are located. Twin Lotus Lamp, Yin Yang Umbrella, Heavenly Thunder Tripod, Four Directions Seal, and Five Elements Converging Soul Plate — all of these Divine Level magic treasures that had disappeared from the Nine Lands for a long time were actually hidden in the Five Continents’ demon burial sites. Yin Xinghan’s purpose in going there is to obtain these magic treasures and help Yan Zizhang win the throne. After learning this news, I could no longer restrain myself.”

Yan Zhonghua paid more attention to this time. “Five kinds of magic treasures were all buried in the demon-sealing sites. It seems that the Xuan family’s old ancestor did this deliberately.”

“He was indeed deliberate,” Xuan Wushe said flatly. “He sealed that Divine Devil Venerable, but he really hurt us terribly with that move. Originally, these magic treasures should belong to the five major families, but they all disappeared overnight, which resulted in an uneven distribution of power amongst the nine Divine Clans. This also caused the Yan family to become dominant in one fell swoop. Now that the five magic treasures have simultaneously appeared again, a difficult fight to snatch these treasures is bound to occur.”

Yan Zhonghua nodded. “The world hasn’t been peaceful for a long time. The demon clans are eager to move, and there is constant internal strife within the Divine Clans. I’m afraid that great chaos is right around the corner, should the opportunity present itself.”

“This is not what worries me the most,” Xuan Wushe changed the topic.

“The only matter that can make you more worried can only be about your wife.” Yan Zhonghua narrowed his eyes slightly. “Is it related to Lord Guangling?”

“Guangling is only half,” Xuan Wushe replied, “My son also accounts for half.”

Yan Zhonghua raised his eyebrows and looked at Xuan Wushe’s seemingly calm expression. “Your son? Since when did you have a son?”

“Do you still remember how that old bastard from the Yin family made a prediction about the first ranked successor more than 20 years ago?”

Although news of this prophecy had been suppressed by force so that even some people in the Divine Clans had never heard of it, that was only because they weren’t qualified enough.

Clearly, Yan Zhonghua was qualified enough.

As the former first ranked successor, he naturally had this ability and status.

Yan Zhonghua recalled, “He said that the Purple Emperor’s Star will appear in the East Lands, in the Lotus Sea Mirage, as the heir to the Xuan clan’s main branch; this gentleman is born with knowledge, possesses unsurpassed talent, cherishes the common people, and is a Star of Salvation.”

“Exactly this sentence.”

Yan Zhonghua pondered. “Back then, we always thought that the Yin family head deliberately released this prophecy in order to incite discord between me and you and to sabotage relations between the Yan and Xuan families. Is it possible that there’s some other variable involved?”

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