Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 413 - Three Days’ Gains

Ch413 – Three Days’ Gains

Yan Tianhen froze. He felt that Yin Chongyue was hinting at something in his words. Their fate was indeed somewhat similar to each other, but it only existed in the fact that they were both human furnaces. As for Yin Chongyue’s fate of being the Empress, he absolutely did not have it.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes flashed with a look of doubt and his eyes deepened.

The Yin family owed a lot to Yan Tianhen.

If Yin Feng hadn’t already died, Lin Xuanzhi would have grabbed his collar and made him swallow the rubbish he had said.

Afraid that Yin Chongyue would say something that shouldn’t be said again, Yan Tianhen quickly said, “Haha! Look at what you said, I will definitely become a great power in the future, punishing evil and promoting good, and eliminating all evil in the world!”

Yin Chongyue chuckled. “Young, but glib.”

Yan Tianhen felt wronged. “How can it be glib? I’m telling the truth.”

Regardless of whether Yan Tianhen was telling the truth or something else, Yin Chongyue had already assumed a distrustful outlook.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Senior Yin, now that the illusion has been broken, what other plans do you have next?”

Yin Chongyue narrowed his eyes and took a casual position while sitting on a stone. “Nothing. Do you think you guys can easily go out if the illusion is broken?”

Everyone’s faces changed. “What does that mean?”

Don’t tell them that after all this time, they would still be trapped in it.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly and said, “Senior Yin, although I am not skilled in illusion arrays, I also know something about it. The enchantment of this array has already become weaker with the increased cohesion and cultivation level of Senior’s soul. The only person who can continue to trap Senior is yourself. Now this Great Demon-Sealing Array is all under your control. If you want it to break, you can break it. If you want it to continue to exist, it will continue to exist.”

Yin Chongyue rolled his eyes and angrily said, “Who told you to expose me? No fun! Boring! Dull!”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

How is this boring?

The others breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Yin Chongyue got up and clapped his hands. On the white jade platform in the center of the lake, there was a magic treasure in the shape of a lotus flower. It gave off a bright milky blue light. From a distance, the lotus flower was light and transparent, lifelike and quiet.

Everyone could feel the spiritual Qi almost foaming at their mouths.

Everyone couldn’t help but show some excitement. If it wasn’t for the sake of maintaining an image, some people would have already sat cross-legged and started cultivating then and there.

“After three days, I will leave with it, and the Great Demon-Sealing Array will completely fall apart at that time. The boundary around the Myriad Demonic Beasts Forest will also dissipate completely. What kind of state you can cultivate to in these three days depends on your fortune!”

He pointed to Lin Xuanzhi and said, “Come with me.”Under suspicious eyes, Lin Xuanzhi walked towards the corner beside Yin Chongyue.

Yin Chongyue stood still and began, “You helped me break through the illusion array. In return, I will give you a small favor.”

Lin Xuanzhi was puzzled. “What small favor?”

Yin Chongyue chuckled. “I’m afraid you don’t know. The Twin Moons City is a place where spirits gather. If people with incomplete souls and strange eight-characters come in, it won’t be long before they can remember the past. Your little friend should have recovered his memories.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s face instantly changed.

He was careless and accidentally left such a dangerous thing behind.

Yin Chongyue smiled proudly. “But you don’t have to worry. I applied a small technique, and he may not remember it for the time being.”

Lin Xuanzhi said in confusion, “But how can you know such things?”

Yin Chongyue pretended to be mysterious. “You don’t have to think about it. This is the end of the story, and our debts are settled. We’ll meet again if there’s fate.”

After that, Yin Chongyue swung his sleeve and disappeared.

Lin Xuanzhi stood in place thoughtfully for a moment before turning away.

Everyone was originally talking about the City of Twin Moons, but with the Twin Lotus Lamp at present, they would not waste time.

Needless to say, several people in a line would find their own positions and start cultivating.

On the other side of the Great Demon-Sealing Array.

A white fox with nine tails came along.

“Devil, have you decided to stop sleeping?” Nine-Tailed Fox asked.

Yin Chongyue let out a sigh and said, “It’s a surprise that you have been here with me all this time. At first, you shouted at me, but you screamed the loudest about killing me.”

Nine-Tailed Fox gave him a blank look and turned into a human being. “There’s never a shortage of people who want to yell at you and kill you. However, I didn’t know that you had such an experience– if my master knew about it, he would probably be so angry that he comes back to life again.”

Yin Chongyue’s eyes darkened. After a few moments, he hooked up the corner of his lips and said, “Whether your master knows it or not has nothing to do with me. It is you who has suppressed me for thousands of years and should regain freedom too.”

The Nine-Tailed Fox shook his head, “Devil, you don’t know what my master has done for you.”

“No matter what he did or didn’t do later, it had nothing to do with me.” Yin Chongyue rolled a lock of hair and wrapped it around his fingertips. His voice was flat, “He stood on the opposite side of me and sealed me. This alone, I was destined to never be on the same path as him.”

Nine-Tailed Fox looked at Yin Chongyue and said after a while, “Devil, I know you have resentment against my master, but there are some things I still want to tell you. Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital’s ruler changed surnames a thousand years ago. In order not to let you be killed by this Great Demon-Sealing Array, my master made a deal with Yan Chi by using the title of the Purple Emperor. He got the Twin Lotus Lamp from Yan Chi and raised the most important soul and spirit of your three souls and seven spirits very well, so you could stand here and talk to me now.”

Yin Chongyue gave an inexplicable smile. “What’s it to do with me?”

Nine-Tailed Fox stared at him and slowly said, “What if I told you that my master has already died?”

Yin Chongyue indifferently replied as if he were talking about strangers, “If he’s dead, then he’s dead. Since he’s dead, there is no one in the world who can seal this Venerable.”

With some disappointment, Nine-Tailed Fox changed back to his original form with nine tails drooping behind him, like a bullied puppy.

Seeing this, Yin Chongyue laughed. “Ah Jiu, would you like to go to the Nine Lands with me?”

Nine-Tailed Fox pricked up his ears and asked, “What are you going to do in the Nine Lands?”

Yin Chongyue answered, “Yan Chi is still alive.”

Nine-Tailed Fox almost slipped and suddenly looked up, “How did you know?”

Yin Chongyue said lightly, “At the beginning, I gave Yan Chi a thread and laid a trace of my soul in his body. If he died, I could feel it. On the contrary, I could also feel whether he was still alive.”

The Nine-Tailed Fox looked solemn and said, “If Yan Chi is still alive, then how powerful would his cultivation be?”

Yin Chongyue sneered. “How powerful? He will die sooner or later. His undefeatable rival is about to go to the Nine Lands to settle accounts with him.”

The Nine-Tailed Fox shook his head. “You can’t, devil. Your cultivation is far worse than his. When you were at your peak back then, you were no match for him. Now you’re –”

“When I was at my peak, I was sealed by the master of your family whose brain was kicked by a donkey.” Yin Chongyue hugged his arm coolly and continued, “Nine-Tailed Fox, you can speak clearly. When it comes to enemies, Xuan Lou and I also have deep hatred between us.”

“Do you have any conscience when you say such a thing?” Nine-Tailed Fox complained, “If it weren’t for you being unable to control yourself and suffering a Qi deviation when you were determined to destroy the Nine Lands’ orthodoxy, how could my master give up his life to seal you? West Phoenix Monarch Feng Jiushao’s soul scattered away. His family’s baby phoenix definitely wants to kill you. Back then, so many people died because of you, why don’t you look for the reasons in yourself?”

Yin Chongyue stiffened his neck and said, “Don’t fucking throw the blame of Feng Jiushao’s scattered soul on my head. If it wasn’t for Feng Jiushao’s partner using some tricks, how could Feng Jiushao fail to fly out of the Nine Lives Yin-Yang Mountain and get his soul scattered?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox was shocked and blurted out, “Feng Jiushao was tricked by his partner?”

“Ah, well, it should be.” Yin Chongyue said.

“How do you know?”

“I gave his partner some advice.”

Nine-Tailed Fox, “…”

Fucker, so you were the culprit!

The Nine-Tailed Fox said with a pained heart, “How good was Feng Jiushao to Jinghua at the beginning, how could Jinghua be so obstinate? If the West Phoenix Monarch dies, what good will that do for him? Why did he scheme to kill the West Phoenix Monarch?”

“How would I know?” Yin Chongyue rolled his eyes, “I guess it’s because Feng Jiushao’s bed skills were not good, and Jinghua couldn’t stand it.”

Nine-Tailed Fox, “…”

“Hey.” Yin Chongyue said, “Are you really not going to go back to the Nine Lands with me?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox angrily told him, “If you go back, I definitely will. The last thing my master told me was to not leave you alone. You have such a bad character that you can’t make friends, so I have to reluctantly take care of you.”

“I didn’t expect our Little Jiu to be so sentimental.” Yin Chongyue said with a smile, “However, if you follow me, your family’s Ji Yunwei will be separated from you forever, just like heaven and man.”

“Separated forever like heaven and man are? Is it used like this?” The Nine-Tailed Fox almost flipped the table and glared at Yin Chongyue. “How do you know about me and him?”

Yin Chongyue asked, “Who told you to talk in your sleep?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox turned and left.

Yin Chongyue smiled and pointed at the Nine-Tailed Fox’s tails that were cocked up. “I don’t plan to go back to the Nine Lands for the time being. I can’t go back even if I want to.”

The Nine-Tailed Fox stopped and turned to look at Yin Chongyue, “No revenge?”

Yin Chongyue smirked. “Revenge still needs to be avenged. However, I’m afraid the combined forces of Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen are more suitable to destroy Yan Chi than me. After all…”

Yan Tianhen was an exceptional human furnace that Yan Chi had gone crazy for ah.

He looked back and saw the two children who were cultivating, and their respective qualifications and talents were taken in at a glance by the discerning Divine Devil Venerable.

He didn’t know whether it’d be Lin Xuanzhi or the Xuan Lou back then who was more powerful. But at least Xuan Lou couldn’t craft tools, could he?

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