Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 412 - The Story’s Truth

Ch412 – The Story’s Truth

Xuan Jiuxiao said, “Since I was born, I have known that I’ll be the future emperor of the Nine Lands, bearing the honor and disgrace of the rise and fall of this realm. I must always take the safety of the Nine Lands as first priority, but I don’t agree with the prophecy of the Child of Twin Moons at all.”

Child of Twin Moons?

What is this thing?

That was just the drama the Heavenly Emperor in the past made up to coax the Empress to be happy. Even if he did become the emperor one day, he, Xuan Jiuxiao, would never rely on such a “child of the prophecy” to climb to his position.

“I, Xuan Jiuxiao, don’t need anyone to add color in my life.”

Xuan Jiuxiao was young, famous, arrogant, and wanton, but he didn’t know that his lighthearted words made a newborn baby become a joke in the hearts of the Nine Lands’ Divine Clans.

That’s right, ah. Originally, the legend of the Twin Moons City and the birth of Yin Chongyue were more than enough to make people in the Divine Clans, who wanted to marry into the Xuan family to consolidate their status, fear unceasingly. At this time, when they heard Xuan Jiuxiao’s words, they were reassured and grew bold enough to throw stones while someone was down.

For a while, the news that the City Lord of the Twin Moons City wanted to rely on his son to curry favor with the Xuan family’s young master and was severely slapped in the face by said young master, had spread throughout the Nine Lands.

However, Yin Chongyue’s growth was not affected at all.

He still had his father who loved him and his people who respected him and still regarded him as the light of the Twin Moons. No one had told him about the outside world. Moreover, the people of the Twin Moons City had never been partial to those unpleasant words. After all, there had been two Empresses that came from the Twin Moons City, each of whom was their pride. The citizens had deep-rooted respect for the children of the Twin Moons and unshakable faith in legends.

Yin Chongyue naturally knew that he was going to marry Xuan Jiuxiao in the future.

But he just didn’t know that Xuan Jiuxiao had never put this child who had several years of difference in age with him in his eyes.

After eight years, Xuan Jiuxiao stepped into the gates of the Twin Moons City for the first time.

Although he was extremely reluctant, he could not reject Emperor Xuan’s request.

Twin Moons City was, after all, the hometown of the Empress Dowager. Even if Xuan Jiuxiao was unwilling to give face to the Yin family, he needed to give it to those ancient Empresses.

Yin Chongyue first saw Xuan Jiuxiao on the tower of the City Lord’s mansion.

Every birthday, he would throw a wisteria ball from the tower to the people waiting for his blessing. It was a custom in the Twin Moons City that when the Child of Twin Moons threw the ball, the person who caught it would get good luck.

Xuan Jiuxiao was a distinguished guest. Naturally, he was respectfully invited into the City Lord’s mansion.

Xuan Jiuxiao put down the precious gift he brought. There were no emotions in his eyes as he looked at Yin Chongyue, who was wearing red, and only told him a word of blessing.

It was just that Xuan Jiuxiao hadn’t intended to come here to just attend Yin Chongyue’s birthday party. He also wanted to take the opportunity to completely dispel City Lord Yin’s idea of sending Yin Chongyue to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital as the future Empress after his birthday.

However, in order to take into account Yin Chongyue’s emotions, he told Yin Feng in private, “This king has no intention towards Yin Chongyue and already has someone else in his heart. This king is afraid that he can’t afford to receive City Lord Yin’s affections.”

In this world, how could there be an affection Xuan Jiuxiao couldn’t afford to receive?

It was just an excuse.

Yin Feng was shocked and started, “I don’t know who Your Highness admires …”

“I have a sweetheart whom I grew up with since childhood. Although I have yet to convey my feelings to her, I am bound to marry her in a few years.” Xuan Jiuxiao said faintly.

When he said these words, there were still no superfluous emotions on his face, but there was no doubt about it.

Yin Feng wanted to speak but said nothing. He hesitated for a long time and in the end didn’t say anything at all.

Although he didn’t want to go against his forefather’s wishes, even more so, he didn’t want his precious son to be the odd one out and be bullied. Yin Feng said, “In this case, it seems that my son has no fate with His Royal Highness, and love can’t be forced. The marriage contract decided by our ancestors will not count from now on.”

Xuan Jiuxiao didn’t expect that Yin Feng could agree so easily and simply. After all, in his mind, Yin Feng was a man who sold his son for glory.

However, since the matter could be solved so easily, Xuan Jiuxiao was naturally pleased, so he relaxed and promised, “I, Xuan Jiuxiao, owe your Yin family a favor.”

After leaving this sentence, Xuan Jiuxiao decided to leave the Twin Moons City.

By the door, he saw Yin Chongyue holding a wisteria ball and standing beside a pillar. It was unknown how many words he heard.

Xuan Jiuxiao carefully looked at Yin Chongyue for the second time.

Even with his cultivation, he had never realized there was such a person outside from beginning to end.

Yin Chongyue raised his head and looked at Xuan Jiuxiao as if he were a little adult. “Xuan Jiuxiao, all the Nine Lands know that I will become Dao companions with you when I grow up, yet you just turned me down like this. If anyone knew, it would make me lose face.”

Xuan Jiuxiao raised his eyebrows slightly. “This king has already made a deal with your father.”

Yin Chongyue curled his lips. “You agreed with him, not with me. Xuan Jiuxiao, you owe me a favor.”

Xuan Jiuxiao didn’t expect such a small child to say such a shameless thing.

However, he naturally wouldn’t argue about anything with a child.

Xuan Jiuxiao asked, “What do you want? If it is not excessive, I can accept it.”

Yin Chongyue thought about it and said, “I am eight years old this year. Eight years later on this night, I want you to come to my birthday banquet.”

Xuan Jiuxiao only looked at him for a moment, then responded, “If I have nothing important at that time, I will come.”

Yin Chongyue smiled and raised his chin smartly, “You can leave now, Lou Gege.”

Xuan Jiuxiao was shocked by the address “Lou Gege”. However, he didn’t correct anything, only nodded gently, then turned to mount his horse and rode away.

With his black cape flying in the wind, this became Xuan Jiuxiao’s last appearance in Yin Chongyue’s memory.

“Eight years later, on the Night of the Twin Moons, Yan Chi led the Black and White Crow Guards to slaughter, and when the city gate was wide open, he broke into my Twin Moons City without hindrance.”

Yin Chongyue’s face had a look of sorrow and hate as he continued, “I don’t know how he learned that I had a furnace constitution, but he wanted to have sex with me in front of my father and all the people in the city. My father was so angry that he fought with him. However, Yan Chi was already half a step into the Divine Realm. My father was not his match and was quickly killed by him.”

“I had always been waiting for Xuan Lou to appear. His cultivation was already in the Divine Realm by then. As long as he appeared, Yan Chi would not only retreat, but also reveal his true colors.”

Yin Chongyue lowered his eyes. “It’s a pity that he didn’t come.”

Until the end, Xuan Jiuxiao didn’t come.

He had forgotten the previous agreement between them, or he remembered it, but never cared about it and never thought about fulfilling it.

“Twenty-eight thousand nine hundred and twelve people …” Yin Chongyue was weeping tears of blood and his voice was hoarse. “I was so unlucky that I didn’t even have the chance to commit suicide. Yan Chi forced me to watch him slaughter the city, watch him burn it down, and see how he arrogantly became a master who could command the clouds and rain with a mere wave of his hands, so that the City of Twin Moons became a city of death awash with blood. I couldn’t wait to eat his flesh, drink his blood, and bite him to death one bite at a time, but I couldn’t do anything in the end.”

There was no sound in the cave, and even the pool was quiet as a mirror.

“Finally, after he killed everyone, he discovered that I had ruined my own Dantian.” Yin Chongyue sneered, “A human furnace that had completely ruined its own cultivation was no different from a mortal. Yan Chi finally gave me an end with anger and hate. He used lingchi on me with thirty-three thousand cuts. I breathed my last only after three days and three nights, leaving only a skeleton behind.”

Yan Tianhen took in a chilling breath and couldn’t help but feel cold on his back.

It turned out that everything Yin Chongyue showed in that illusion was not a real and complete restoration of actual history.

“It’s just that Yan Chi never imagined that people born on the Night of the Twin Moons were not only people from the legends but also ghost babies.”

Yin Chongyue’s red clothes were like blood. He raised his lips and chuckled lightly. “Coupled with the rage of the vengeful ghosts and the special magnetic field on the Night of Twin Moons, I was reborn. First I became a ghost cultivator and wandered in the Twin Moons City. After a long time, the city had been completely buried in the dust by a sudden sandstorm, and disappeared without a trace.”

“What happened later?” Yan Tianhen asked nervously, clenching his fists.

“Later ah.” Yin Chongyue said leisurely, “My cultivation was high enough, so I left Twin Moons City. I snatched other people’s bodies, disguised as a living person, and tried every means to seek revenge against Yan Chi. However, those bodies were not easy to use, and they broke down in a few days. Later, I fought with a Divine Devil Venerable, and when he collapsed, I completely possessed his body. From then on, I was no longer a wandering soul, but a Divine Devil Venerable that everyone feared.”

Speaking of this, Yin Chongyue floated toward Lin Xuanzhi. “For so many years, no one has spoken to me. Therefore, when I saw you today, I felt that there was some fate, so I wanted to say more. You all can just forget about it as soon as you’ve heard it. I am also grateful to you guys for helping me get rid of the obsession in my heart.”

Unexpectedly, Yin Chongyue was still a very polite and grateful person.

Yan Tianhen hurriedly said, “Don’t be grateful to us. Anyway, we originally came for your magic treasure that could gather spiritual Qi. Moreover, if we didn’t save you, we wouldn’t have been able to save ourselves. So it should be ‘loving each other and benefiting from each other’.”

As soon as his words fell, a few pairs of eyes uniformly glared at Yan Tianhen.

Motherfucker, how could these kinds of words be said so openly?

Was this boy stupid?

However, after being stunned, Yin Chongyue laughed and looked to be in a good mood.

He smirked at Yan Tianhen, “Boy, I admire you very much. You are much more honest than I was back then.”

Yan Tianhen waved his hand and said modestly, “I can’t compare, I can’t compare.”

Yin Chongyue said with profound meaning, “Whether or not you can compare is not up to you. My words hold no weight, and yours do not either. You can wait and see… You are so similar to me. I’d like to see with my own eyes where you can go.”

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