Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 411 - Method to Break the Array

Chapter 411 – Method to Break the Array

“The body of the exceptional Yin furnace constitution is certainly delicious. It’s a pity that it’s a little too small now. This young master won’t be able to enjoy it thoroughly. However, training this body for a couple more years should be sufficient enough,” Yan Chi said.

After watching the same plot twice, Yan Tianhen remembered it clearly. Afterwards, Yan Chi would only need to raise his hand and those crow guards would slaughter all the innocent people.

Yin Chongyue watched every detail coldly since they had already been carved into his very bones.

There was not even the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

He already knew the ending, even the process — for example, the first civilian to be killed was a girl who was not even seven years old yet.

No one knew how many times this had been repeated. Even if he had a heart, sooner or later, it would have already grown numb.

Yan Chi raised his hand.

However, just as he was about to make the hand gesture for the city to be slaughtered, all of a sudden, a cold light broke through the air and penetrated the chest of an executioner. Its speed did not decrease, as if a bolt of lightning had flashed by.

Due to the rapid speed of the sword, it became a green light that just whizzed past. The aura from the sword’s technique had actually swept across a large area of Black and White Crow Guards, killing them all.

Even Yin Chongyue could not catch the sound of the long sword breaking their bones.

It was as if he was in a trance, yet he also seemed to have blinked his eyes. Yan Chi, who was going to give an order, had his wicked right hand chopped off at the wrist. The bloody hand fell to the ground, then it was picked up and carried off by a tiger cub who came out of nowhere.

Yin Chongyue was stunned for a long time, as he watched the man, who was wearing a gilded black robe with gold edges and was carrying a sword, ride a majestic white tiger that passed over Yan Chi’s head. He took a turn at the city gate before standing in front of him and his father.

The man’s voice sounded like the broken jade of the Kun mountain, clear yet heavy. He held a long balsam green sword that had long returned to his hand. In his arms, he held a child dressed in red whom he had rescued from Yan Chi’s clutches. He then hooked his lips at Yan Chi. With three-tenths contempt, three-tenths pride, and four-tenths coldness, the man said, “The Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital, Xuan Jiuxiao.”

Yin Chongyue suddenly trembled all over, as if he had been provoked by something to the point where he could hardly stand.

Why did he return?

How was he able to make his cultivation skills tangible and could actually hurt the people in this city who did not even exist in the first place?

He was not Xuan Jiuxiao.

He was not Xuan Lou.

However, he was also him. It was “him” whom Yin Chongyue had imagined countless times in his heart.

Yin Chongyue suddenly buried his face in his palms and tears gushed out from his eyes like a spring. He looked at the warm teardrops on his palm and suddenly cried and laughed at the same time — Throughout all these years, this was the first tear drop he had ever shed.

It was transparent, colorless and tasted a little salty.

“Xuan Lou” was always hugging Yin Chongyue in his arms. Since he did not want the child to see this bloody scene, he buried his little face to his chest. Even so he still was not able to prevent Yin Chongyue from hearing his voice when he raised his sword to kill their enemies.

All the crow guards were annihilated.

“Xuan Lou” placed the child down from his arms, then stood in front of him and bent down to say, “I’m here.”

On this night, the cold moon was like frost.

The moon’s reflection in the pool of blood and the moon in the sky complemented each other.

In the Twin Moons City, a distinguished guest arrived. He had fulfilled the most important promise of his life and changed the lives of countless people.

Yin Chongyue raised his head and looked right into Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes.

He seemed to have seen that man in a distant memory.

The two people looked at each other, one with an upturned face while the other lowered his head. Just like a time from long ago, at this very moment, it seemed to have crossed the timeline and blended with their current images together.

The people in the city were laughing and City Lord Yin stood up with the help of his subordinates. Although some people had died, the lives of a lot more people were saved.

Twin Moons City had not been destroyed and Yin Chongyue still remained as Yin Chongyue.

A tremor could be heard resonating from beneath everyone’s feet. Twin Moons City began to fall to pieces from the outer city. Like a surge, it then continued to spread towards the center.

Yan Tianhen shouted “Dage” in a panic, but Leng Jixue comforted, “Don’t be afraid. This illusion array has been broken.”

Twin Moons City collapsed.

Like fireflies, rich displays of light and color poured into the entire place. It looked very beautiful.

It looked very beautiful.

These lights were reflected in Yin Chongyue’s pupils, twinkling mischievously. Even some of them had fallen on the tip of his nose, as if playing with him.

The City Lord’s mansion had also collapsed.

The ground beneath their feet was no longer tiled with cobblestone and the moon in the sky had also disappeared without a trace.

“Where is this?” Lin Xuanzhi asked in a low voice as he looked at the tall male figure in red whose face could not be seen clearly.

Yin Chongyue smiled gently and answered, “This is the center of the Great Demon-Sealing Array.”

This was a cave-like place with a wide view. Before them was an irregular lake wrapped around a jade-colored stone. The mountain tops were very high, which you would not be able to see even if you looked up.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes bore into Yin Chongyue and asked, “You’re the Young City Lord? You were so small before, how did you become so big all of a sudden?”

Yin Chongyue snorted softly and replied in a cool manner, “Brat, no matter when, you shouldn’t casually say a man is small.”

Yan Tianhen choked.

Duan Yuyang gaped at Yin Chongyue and asked, “You fucking actually talked dirty?”

“Why the fuck can’t I talk dirty?” Yin Chongyue’s temperament seemed to be completely different from that in the illusion of Twin Moons City.

Yeah, why could he not talk dirty… yeah right!

Was this the real problem though?

Lin Xuanzhi asked faintly, “Is the Twin Moons boundary broken?”

Yin Chongyue gazed at him with complicated eyes, “The illusion is gone, so naturally it is broken.”

He asked again, “Boy, how did you come up with this trick?”

Lin Xuanzhi continued, “That illusion was the result of your obsession, so I kept wondering what your obsession actually was. Originally, I thought it was just your hatred for Yan Chi and those people, as well as your guilt for the people in Twin Moons City. However, when we couldn’t do any harm to those invaders, I knew I was wrong — at least, your obsession was not entirely all these.”

“Right from the start, when you saw us, you’ve mentioned that you were waiting for someone. On that Night of Twin Moons, you went to the city gate and also said that you wanted to wait for that person. After you left, when the night closed in, a palace maid came to the city gate specially and instructed them to close the door slightly later that night. When Yan Chi went to the City Lord’s mansion to clamor, he also mentioned Xuan Lou many times-“

For someone who had never appeared in Twin Moons City, he had been mentioned many times.

If someone were to say that there was not any deep meaning, Lin Xuanzhi would not believe it.

During that time, he had yet to realize that there was this layer to Yin Chongyue’s obsession.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help pondering whether Yin Chongyue’s obsession was only related to the Twin Moons City. If that was so, then why did they have to wait for three days after the massacre, before they could return to the starting point again?

What did those three days imply?

Three days after he watched the massacre for the second time, a handsome man in a black robe broke through the city on horseback with a sword in hand, he was suddenly enlightened.

Yin Chongyue’s obsession was this man.

Xuan Jiuxiao, Xuan Lou.

Lin Xuanzhi caught a brief glimpse of that man’s face, so he remembered that Yin Chongyue had once said both of them were very similar.

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi then had this idea.

“Your obsession lies with a man who had never appeared at your birthday banquet on time.” Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yin Chongyue and continued, “You have also thought more than once, if he hadn’t broken his promise and appeared in Twin Moons City before midnight, would you not have died? Would the innocent people in this city not have died? Would the Twin Moons City not have disappeared from history? Therefore, your obsession was Xuan Lou, and the fact that Xuan Lou never kept his promise.”

“So, you fulfilled the promise on his behalf?” Yin Chongyue laughed and gradually began to sob, as if he was lamenting about something.

“Xuan Jiuxiao is really bad.” Yan Tianhen sighed, “If only he had kept his promise and arrived on time, then everything else would probably not have happened.”

“From the start, it was never related to him.” Yin Chongyue smiled with dimples on his cheeks. He explained calmly, “All these things, just like the Twin Moons City that you have seen before, are actually my fantasy world that emerged when I had completely gone mad. At that time, Xuan Lou didn’t know Yin Chongyue at all and he had never made him any promises. Naturally, it was even more impossible for him to hurriedly fulfill a promise for someone whom he had never cared about. It had never existed in the first place.”

Yin Chongyue really wished that he could have known Xuan Lou earlier on and also wished that Xuan Lou would have liked him as much as he liked Xuan Lou. Heck, he even wished Xuan Lou would be like Yan Chi, a “black-hearted” person who had strong desires to possess Yin Chongyue because of his exceptional furnace constitution and also obtain the identity of the ruler of the Nine Lands through him.

Unfortunately, Xuan Jiuxiao had always been as bright as the sun and moon reigning supreme over the Nine Heavens, shining brilliantly and not stained with a speck of dust.

He had his own pride and dignity. His birth, his upbringing, and his talent made it impossible for him to ever consider obtaining everything he wanted through unorthodox or improper means.

Even after thousands of years, Yin Chongyue would still remember clearly.

When he was born, it was the third Night of Twin Moons in the history of Twin Moons City.

He was also prophesied to be the third person in the history of the cultivation world destined to become the Empress of the Royal Heavenly Capital. This prophecy of the Twin Moons City was personally ordained by the first Emperor of the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital and that Emperor’s Empress was born precisely on the Night of Twin Moons.

Before Yin Chongyue, nobody else had been born on the Night of Twin Moons in the Twin Moons City for ten thousand years.

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From the moment he was born, he had attracted everyone’s attention.

This event created a sensation throughout the Nine Lands and naturally it had immediately spread to the Xuan family in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.

At that time, the only heir of the Xuan Emperor was Xuan Jiuxiao, the crown prince who was about to come of age.

When Emperor Xuan heard about this, he was naturally pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the birth of every Child of Twin Moons would be accompanied by the arrival of a new prosperous era in the realm of immortal cultivation. If his son married Yin Chongyue, he might be able to take the Nine Lands and solve the numerous problems that the Xuan Emperor was currently facing and giving him headaches. This way, the realm of the cultivation world would continue to flourish.

The Child of Twin Moons was the lucky star of the Royal Heavenly Capital.

Secondly, Xuan Jiuxiao was indifferent by nature. Apart from cultivation, there seemed to be nothing in the world that could attract him. Emperor Xuan secretly thought that his son was apathetic and refused to love. He did not expect to see this twist coming and be pitied by Heaven, as a Dao companion was pointed out for his son.

Emperor Xuan planned to visit Twin Moons City and make the marriage happen himself.

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